Jodi Mack – Makin Poor Decisions Tryin To Get Rich

JODI MACK Makin Poor Decisions Tryin To Get Rich Mixtape back

If there is one thing every human being has in common it’s that some point in your life you made a wrong choice. Maryland emcee, Jodi Mack, takes us on a personal journey while “Makin Poor Decisions Tryin To Get Rich”. This is a glimpse into the life of Jodi Mack and an evolution since this artist dropped his first mixtape almost a decade ago. On this mixtape Jodi teams up with Get20 Union affialiates, SKN Productions, as well as ig Ziek, Dfyant, Mars, and Shorttay.

The mixtape gets right down to business and the first official track has Jodi exercising his lyrical ability while freestyling over the “Niggas In Paris” instrumental on the track “Niggaz In PG”. Jodi spits some ill while stating “Can’t go to Paris got to turn in my passport/ they done caught me with the burna in my jansport/. Jodi seems the most comfortable on “Leanin” while bobbing and weaving the beat like a boxer on fight night. Mack’s in play mode as he boasts “straight shots of liquor, time to take a couple pictures/ JMD, I’m not a doctor but BABY I deliver.”

Another mixtape stand out is “Small World”. It finds Jodi on a more hood reflective type of narrative. The reggae sampled hook sets the feel just right while the whiny keyboard patches provide a solid foundation. Jodi continues to spew darts while claiming he “rides in the rarest cars/ spit my fair share of bars/ fucked my fair share of broads/ Jodi Mack the Super star.” Jodi gets his Rick Ross on “Round and Round” and shows his diversity while sharing a thugs intamacy on “So Soft”.

Jodi Mack is about his spitting that real. That real ills of life along with the joys that most people can’t reach in the hood. One thing about Jodi Mack that comes to mind when we hear his mixtape is Certified G. Not because he beat a pistol charge and was locked up it’s because the verses seem simply genuine. On another note one huge set back for the DMV artist is the recording quality and some of the production. Jodi needs to find a real studio asap and get to cutting new records because the place he recorded “M.B.D.T.T.G.R.” is not doing him, or any artist that records there, justice. Some of the production was minor in the landscape of the project too. JM should start to broaden his horizons while looking for new beats to flip and new more professional producers to work with.

Jodi still delivers a project that is an open journal and a window to the soul. Make sure you check out Jodi on the links below and download the project as well. DMV stand up!

Twitter: @JodiMizzle

Download this mixtape here:

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