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Today we are chillin with Jewelz, Born and raised in Jerzee, this 27 year old MC, has had a long journey thru the hip hop World.

HipHopLEAD: Coming from New Jersey, where most music is grimy and gutter, your style matches that. Why is it most Jersey artists have that signature street sound?

Jewelz: I can’t speak on everybody else but my sound is inspired by the way I was raised. I come from the streets, I been in many different situations where I could have lost my life or been behind bars facing life. I’m just telling my story. The streets gravitate to me and vice versa. Thru my voice you can feel the pain of what’s going on in our communities. My life is far from the Jersey Shore. I don’t know that life. I know the life of running the streets in Newark and Irvington “makin nuffin outta something“.

HipHopLEAD: Your resume boasts alot of big collabos such as Az, Shyheim, Stack Bundles, and Max B. How come no big Jersey artists?

Jewelz: It’s not like I haven’t reached out to a couple of Mc’s who I consider Legends in Jersey. Down South is killing the game because of the Unity. There’s no Unity in Jersey. That’s what Jerzee Deep plans on bringing to the state. But I do have Shawn Lov a OG of this hiphop shit and Runtdawg on the album. I just spoke to DU from Tha Outsidaz to also be featured so just stay tuned. My albums gonna be a classic. This aint no Jersey Shore Bullshit that u see on TV this is real life. I got Don P, Spunk and Smash on the album and they are very talented upcoming Jersey Mc’s. Its a new movement. Out with the old and in with the new.

HipHopLEAD: You spit “Every night before I go to sleep I’m an alcoholic”. How true would you say that line is to your life?

Jewelz: At that time in my life that was very realistic. It was a time where people close to me were being incarcerated or dying. K-Rock my brother from another mother had just been hit with a bid, my big homey Stack Bundles god bless the dead had just been murdered, my sister Candy had passed away, my friend who got me to start spitting Haze had died and then the last straw was when Max B was convicted. These were people who I was close to whether it was business or on a street level. It was a hard time for me and the liquor hid the pain. You can hear it in the music. Grand Cru and a pad and a pen was my therapy.

HipHopLEAD: Do you think most artists nowadays should spit more vulnerable real lines like what you said above?

Jewelz: I think artists need to just keep it real and spit about the life they know. The truth is what’s missing from the music. People ain’t doing it for the love no more. Everyone’s chasing a check. The labels are telling the artists what to do. It’s not about the lyrics nomore its all about a catchy beat and a catchy chorus. Every radio station plays the same 30 songs everyday over and over. The local artists barely have a outlet.

That’s why people gravitated to 2Pac so much cuz of the realness and his passion for the art. People get in the booth and become tough guys but in the streets they surrounded by the police. My life is real you can reach out and touch me. Im in everyone’s hood from Newark, Elizabeth, Madison all thru New York in Farrock to Harlem to Brooklyn, BadNewz, Hampton, Chesapeake. I ain’t to find.

HipHopLEAD: When did you decide “This is what I want to do”?

Jewelz: I knew pretty much knew around 1996 this was what I wanted to pursue. I’ve always had a passion for poetry since a early age and after I figured out how to flip my skills of writing poetry into writing bars its been my dream ever since. I don’t do this for the money, I do this for the love of the music, for my passion of writing. I’m a artist I love to create. I have hundreds of songs that no one has heard but me. Im always creating different flows and ideas. Im just coming into my zone as a artist.

HipHopLEAD: Let the people know what you have dropped as far as mixtapes or albums is concerned?

Jewelz: Back in 2002 as a part of the group Triple H we dropped the HHH compilation album thru O’Henry Ent. But more recently I have dropped Crack Muzik 1 & 2, Tha Lost Tapes, Body Bagz and New Jersey Drive all hosted by DJ Relic as part of the group Jerzee Deep.

HipHopLEAD: The new album with DJ Relic is on the way. Its titled “Prince Of NJ”.. where did the title come from?

Jewelz: It comes from the streets and how I feel. I’m the heir to the throne. Just like when T.I said he’s he’s The King Of Da South, I’m The Prince Of NJ. I just feel like in my heart I’m the next thing. Point Blank. Jerzee Deep is a movement and I’m leading this Generation.

HipHopLEAD: How come not the “King Of NJ”?

Jewelz: Joe Budden is the King Of NJ. He is the best MC in the history of Jersey to me, hands down. Joe is a real artist not just sum bubblegum rapper a label put together. To me he is the total package of what a MC is meant to be. He’s a beast.

HipHopLEAD: What type of material can we expect from this album?

Jewelz: The album will be geared toward pure Hip Hop. Real lyrics not that cookie cutter bullshit. I do have sum radio friendly joints on there as well. The first single is out on I-tunes now it is titled “I Just Wanna Make Music” produced by DJ Relic, I’m currently in the process of shooting a video for it thru Lightz Out Ent. The next single is titled “I Never Dreamed feat. Na’tee from New Orleans also produced by DJ Relic.

Na’Tee is a very talented artist and you will hear her and Shawn Lov another very talented MC from Trenton sprinkled all over the album. I have my Lightz Out Fam reppin Va the 757 on here T-Dubb and Allurey it’s just a movement. This album displays Unity we all coming together from various groups and camps and its all good.

HipHopLEAD: Any features or producers worth mention?

Jewelz: I got Joints with AZ, Stack Bundles, Max B, DU of the Outsidaz, Shyheim, Na’tee, Ju-Rock Shawn Lov, Allurey, T-Dubb and Runtdawg. The album is 90% produced by DJ Relic, I got Preim of TNT on a few tracks as well. I kept the production in house. Jerzee Deep, SFR,NGC,TNT we are all one unit and we are all riding together.

HipHopLEAD: What is your main goal in the music industry?

Jewelz: I aint in it for the record sells honestly. I’ve had major labels offering deals but the money aint add up and we had different goals of where to take my career. I do this for the love of the music and I’ma be here for years to come. The ultimate goal is to put Jersey on top and open doors for the next generation after me like Shawn Lov, Tha Outsidaz, Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah and The Artifacts did for me. Without their hard work I wouldn’t be here today. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what I can do musically.

HipHopLEAD: What were your inspirations coming up?

Jewelz: My inspirations coming up were the hustler’s. I fell in love with the glamour and the glitz. The dope dealers had the nice jewelry, the sexiest women, the baddest cars and respect in the streets and I wanted it and achieved it. 2Pac also had a great impact on me as well. Thug life is a part of every black male coming up how and where I did. My passion for 2Pac made me who I am today as far as the part of me keeping it real.

When I get in the booth I’m spitting from my soul, I still have it I didn’t sell it. Im bringing you into my world and my life as I see it and no matter how harsh some of the music is its just reality of what I’ve living with. I’m a reporter. You don’t get mad at the News when they report what’s going on in the world so don’t get mad or judge what I say thru the music.

HipHopLEAD: Your bio on says you “used to serve coke in the bricks”. Do you think it’s really necessary as a HipHop artist to display that type of information? Because in any other occupation or career that is something you wouldn’t want to mention.

Jewelz: I’m just keeping it a hunned with the people. Its in the music its in the streets. I’ve sold drugs with some of ya favorite rappers. Catch me on Avon or South 17th. We got our own pharmacy. Fuck wit us. Niggaz know what it is with us.

HipHopLEAD: Can you let us know who is in Jerzee deep as of March 2011?

Jewelz: As far as the rap group Jerzee Deep is DJ Relic and Jewelz Tha Rockstar. But Jerzee Deep is more than a rap group it is a way of life, it’s a movement. SFR, NGC, TNT, Lightz Out Ent. are all part of the movement and with each project that comes and goes the picture will be more clear to the fans.

HipHopLEAD: What events had happened that Haze and Tito (original members of Jerzee Deep) were killed?

Jewelz: Tito was gunned down in Newark in 07 by some crips it was a drug deal gone bad, more like a setup. But we still here repping doing what we doing to keep the name alive. Jerzee Deep 4 Life. I don’t speak on Haze out of respect of his family and because I still haven’t come to grips with his death yet. It’s all on the album just cop it and all your questions will be answered from Haze & Tito to the Cause & Knowledge, to niggaz shooting my car up. All that is on the album and more.

HipHopLEAD: For someone that never has heard a song by Jewelz, name one that will make them an instant fan?

Jewelz: “I Just Wanna Make Music” its on I-tunes just go search Jerzee Deep and after you purchase it I guarantee if you a real hip hop fan you will appreciate the material from the beat to the lyrics.

HipHopLEAD: Here at we like to ask questions out of the norm so the fans can get a broader understanding on you…so here we go ……What do you think about the US being involved in the situation that is happening in Libya?

Jewelz: I aint fucking with the US government. This nigga Obama needs to get the fucking Gas prices down before I even think about what’s going on outside of the US. There’s a war going on right here in our own country. In our own communities. Ni**az tried to shoot my fucking head off. My brother Stack Bundles got killed, the illuminati is silencing every voice before it has chance to be heard, so until shit changes here in the US I aint worried bout Libya.

We be sending money to other countries like we balling and shit. If we got paper to send over there why is there homeless here in the US? Tell Obama to scream at me. The President aint shit but a Puppet, he’s just a mouthpiece he don’t control shit. Bush knocked down the Buildings and I’m still pissed about that shit cuz he fucked up the coc prices in the city.

HipHopLEAD: What is the best year for hiphop in your opinion?

Jewelz: Oh shit well 1994 was a crazy year for hip hop but in my opinion I would roll with 1996. 2Pac had just been released from prison and had signed with Deathrow the whole game was waiting for that release. Alot of great classic albums dropped that year. Jay-Z Reasonable Doubt, 2Pac All Eyez On Me, Lil Kim and Foxxy Brown dropped albums that year, The Fugees Tha Score (Thanks to Tha Outsidaz), Nas It Was Written, Mobb Deep Hell On Earth, GhostFace Killah Ironman, Outkast Elevators, and one of my favorite underrated albums ever Lost Boyz Legal Drug Money. Damn what a great time for the music. The golden years.

HipHopLEAD: How played out are the T pain vocoders people are using?

Jewelz: I never liked that shit. Kanye West silly ass went a wasted a whole album on that shit. Kanye go H.A.M to on the mic and after that Graduation dropped I was just waiting for the next album then he came out with that 808 heartbreak bullshit. Niggaz need to stop dickryding and stay in they own lanes.

HipHopLEAD: What is the best vacation spot you have ever been too?

Jewelz: France is the dopest place ever but Dubai got the baddest bitches on earth. They got girls from all over the globe. France is the shit though the bars and clubs are insane over there. And the food is Wavy. It’s a toss up between Dubai and France if I had to choose one I’d go with France.

HipHopLEAD: Back to the norm.. Where can the viewers check yall out on the web?

Jewelz: We are in the process of flooding the internet and having a digital takeover. Just Google Jerzee Deep, Jewelz Tha Rockstar, or DJ Relic. We can also be found on, I-tunes, Amalgam, Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Reverb Nation, We everywhere on the net.

HipHopLEAD: Any shows coming up?

Jewelz: Yea we got shows coming up just stay tuned the best way is to follow us on twitter to get the show info. @JerzeeDeep and @RelicBeats. Anybody looking for collabs or to book us for shows can also contact us at twitter.

HipHopLEAD: And last but not least … WHY THE F*&k SHOULD ANYONE READING THIS COP YA ALBUM? (laughs)

Jewelz: Anybody who is about Unity and loves real hip hop music should cop the album cause we bringing that old shit back. I describe my music as Soul Music cuz its coming from my soul. We got joints on here for everyone street tales and commercial appealing tracks. The Track that will surprise a lot of people is the track with Na’tee “I Never Dreamed”. We got a lot of Great collabs on here and the beats and lyrics r straight piff. We got AZ, Stack Bundles, Max B, Shyheim, Na’tee, Shawn Lov, DU of Tha Outsidaz, T-Dubb, Allurey and a lot of talented artists featured on the album with great Production from DJ Relic and Preim from TNT Productions.

HipHopLEAD: It was good kicking it with you of luck in the future. In closing give us any shouts outs, plugs, links or FU’s …

Jewelz: I wanna shout out my producer and my brother DJ Relic for bringing this album to life. Shout out to all my supporters, The whole state of Jersey especially Madison, Newark and Irvington, the 7 cities of Virginia 757, Farrockaway Queens, Lakeland Florida. Free Max B, Free K-Rock. Rip Stack Bundles, Rip 2Pac. Defo whats good? Its still No Goodz Crew for life. Much love to my TNT Family Allurey and TDubb.

Follow The Movement Jersey we doing this for yall. There can be Unity in NJ lets make it happen, Real niggaz lets unite and put Jersey where we belong. On Top!!! Na’tee thanks for the love and we ryding with chu. Shout out to my fam and friends and everyone who contributed to this album. Prince Of NJ in stores this summer, SSSSquad da Fuck up!!!!!!

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