Jaysta Mack – 90’s Baby (Hosted by Tha Advocate)

Jaysta Mack – 90’s Baby (Hosted by Tha Advocate)

Lets face it, everyone and their Mother is a rapper nowerdays. In this race for notarity only a chosen few can make it to the top of the mountain. A lot of emcees just flatline while copying the most current trend, while those who think outside the box find a chance to flourish in this market of over saturation. For example, as we go through a stockpile of submissions we have a title with “swag”, “turn up or die” and “Molly” in the title, then as we scroll down we see “90’s Baby”. I’m sure you can guess which caught our attention. The “90’s Baby” mixtape is by an on the come up artist who goes by the name of Jaysta Mack. We have heard drips and drabs of him on the last few Digital Dynasty’s but now we had a chance to hear the whole, Advocate hosted, project.

Upon listening to the first track, Advo comes blaring through our speakers and lets the spectators know that, “you are now about to listen to the sounds of Jaysta Mack”, and “welcome to the 90’s baby!”. Then like a strike of lightning in the dead of the night Jaysta starts to go in over a classic Busta Rhymes instrumental while spitting rapid fire bars like “I’m glad I got this muthaf**ka digitalized/ back in 98 I had to visualize/ and Busta Rhymes had rap all on my mind”. The evolution of Jaysta from boy to emcee is now in full swing in this homage on wax, verbally and literally.  Jaysta also keeps up the quick flow on the catchy “Monsters” while slowing it down on the grimy sounding “Killa”.

Its not just all go in records for the up and coming California emcee, Jaysta shows off his story telling abilities and admiration for a certain “little mama” on modestly titled “Love” and has no problem wearing his heart on his sleeve while delivering his story. Mr. Mack continues running through beats like toilet paper but really sounds at home on the gully 50 Cent sounding, “Mashin”. When we heard this track we realize Jaysta’s full potential when alligning his vocals with the right production.

Jaysta delivers a debut for the summer while continuing to grind out the pavement and internet. Jaysta shows us with some seasoning he can really bring a lot of potential to the game. One thing Mack should focus on is better graphic artist. In this day and age, and over crowded market, people will skip over your music just because the cover looks amateur. Also some of Jay’s record mixes were a bit crunchy, a better studio can make things even more enjoyable. All in all we enjoyed the project and we are urging you to follow Jaysta Mack at – https://twitter.com/IsDatJaystaMack and download his mixtape below. We look forward to hearing more from the young emcee. Show him some love and get ya download on!

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