Jane Nithrow – Putting Rhode Island On The Map

Jane Nithrow

Jane Nithrow has been in the industry for over ten years now. She has fought long and hard; and she is not giving up any time soon. She went from having so much faith in record labels and A&Rs and having barely any faith left in herself when she was shipped from office to office only to be told the same lies, sold the same false dreams and misled and misguided but most importantly misunderstood and underestimated.

She politely thanked them and declined. She said proudly, “I am no longer chasing a major deal, I am just chasing my dream and that is music.” Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island – this lady soldier is not one to be messed with. I rap fast, slow, sexy, hard… I deliver a message. Sometimes, I just say ignorant sh**. I am a story teller and can punch line rhyme. My voice is my trademark!” At a young age, Jane fell in love with music. She started out exploiting her writing talents through stories and poetry, making people fall in love with her words. She blessed Missy Elliot’s “Hot Boy” beat with her rhymes.

Jane Nithrow has support from music artists such as Alicia Keys who pulled her over at her album release party and said “You got it, don’t let no one tell you different, you just gotta do it.” That alone should tell you that she is extremely talented but she displays her writing skills on her first official release called “10 Paces.” Shortly after she is slated to release her first street album, sarcastically name A&R (Art & Reality).

HipHopLead- Is Jane Nithrow your actual name or is it made up for music?

Jane Nithrow – Jane Nithrow is not my actual name, it is made up for music, comes from the fact that I couldn’t find a name for music, so I was going the name Jane Doe. One day I was looking at some money and saw Mary Ellen Withrow, US treasurer at the time, so I took the last name “Withrow”, replaced the W with a N (negro)…so it was like Black Money (laughs)..Jane Nithrow.

HipHopLead- Like many artists it seemed you endured a rough path to stardom and are now blazing your own trail. What exact event was it that made you say you were going to follow your own dreams without any corporate interference?

Jane Nithrow – When I realized that industry had changed from the old model of needed to be signed to a major label, due to the growth of the internet played a part in the recognition of artists to label record companies. Once I realized that I can control my own brand, and not be micro managed and controlled by anyone, that was perfect for me. Look at artists like Trinidad James, Soulja boy etc. No major pushed them out, The PEOPLE decided that for them, then they got signed. I can control my company and how I want to distribute my music, so the only person I can blame is ME.

HipHopLead- Are you still interested in signing to a major label or is an indy label better suited for you?

Jane Nithrow – I would take on a partnership with a Major, as for marketing, distribution, but I will want to still have creative control. I wouldn’t want to be another artist just signed to the label on the shelf. That shelf life is the worst thing ever. (laughs) You have more power and control as a partner, and that is what I am looking for.

HipHopLead- It seems that in Hip Hop there can’t be more then one popping female rapper at a time. Same thing with a white rapper. And anyone who comes into play already gets compared to the current leading artist. How do you think we in the hip hop culture can condition ourselves to accept more then one at a time?

Jane Nithrow – I don’t think we need to condition ourselves at all. I think the industry needs to allow more than one quality rapper at the same time, whether it’s a white rapper or a woman. I think there are plenty of female rappers that can compete, but the industry won’t allow those other female rappers to be heard without them having a gimmick. Think about it the best period of hip hop for women was when Lil Kim, Foxy, Da Brat, and Mc Lyte were all out and making music at the same time. Without the comparisons then came Eve, and Missy and they moved units without beef…competition was there but no beef. You will never see a record like “Ladies Night” ever again. (laughs)

HipHopLead – Who are you favorite rappers of all time?

Jane Nithrow:

Jay Z
Joe Budden
Lil Wayne

HipHopLead- How bout your top 5 female rappers of all time?

Jane Nithrow:

Foxy Brown – her delivery is AMAZING, “ Broken Silence”, is one of my favorite records.
Missy Elliot- because if her RnB writing ability.
Lil Kim – her energy and legacy, I respect that . She made it ok to talk sexual.
Eve- “Love Is Blind”, the combo of the Rnb and Rap was amazing and she addressed major issues like domestic violence.
Jane Nithrow- Myself.

HipHopLead- When did you realize making music was your calling?

Jane Nithrow – The minute I knew this is what I wanted to do for life was when I performed my first show at an arena in Providence, RI …It was a natural high for me, It was where I needed to be. Gave me a feeling, that nothing could replace.

HipHopLead- We see you dropped a mixtape titled “A & R (Art and Reality) with Mr. Peter Parker. For one what inspired that title?

Jane Nithrow – Is really my niche, that’s what I give out, Reality artistically, My gimmick was that I was real and my music is real. It’s also a play on words and FUCK YOU to AnR’s ..I believe their position will be obsolete in the future, because they are turning into a scout. Because they are not grooming and developing talent anymore. I’m sure they will say different, but just look at the quality of music that is out.

HipHopLead- Is this your first mixtape, or have you dropped any other albums or mixtapes?

Jane Nithrow – This is my first project.

HipHopLead- One song that really stood out to us was “Whiskey Lullaby”. That seemed like a stand out and really branded you as an artist. For starts how did that song come about?

Jane Nithrow – The record was a challenge. They played the track for me and said that it would be impossible for me to write to this, I laughed and WROTE THE RECORD…they didn’t know my writing capabilities!! (laughs)

HipHopLead- In “Whiskey Lullaby” you wrote, “he watched home videos and flipped through her pictures/ he wrote letter after letter and became more afflicted/ seperated from his friends, socially he drifted/ family tried to help him out, quickly he dismissed it”. As we listened to the song you as the artist made it so easy to visualize your story coming to life. Do you feel like the story telling element in Hip Hop is missing?

Jane Nithrow – From the marketplace, Yes. You don’t hear story telling records on the radio or on MTV enough. The consumer dosen’t get it on the radio, we have to use other media channels like youtube, or other websites to hear that desired music.

HipHopLead- Quick question … was that you on the hook?

Jane Nithrow – Yes, that was me.

HipHopLead- In that track you were dealing with real life issues. How do you feel in reality when you hear of a person taking their own life because of something like a former relationship?

Jane Nithrow – I feel like that is very unfortunate, suicide is so final, more issues needed to be dealt with other than a relationship. It’s a heavy loss for a family and its sad indeed, with family support and clinical help, it can be avoided to some degree.

HipHopLead- Why in your opinion is suicide higher in a 1st world country like America over a place like Africa or some where most people are born into hardship and poverty?

Jane Nithrow – I think culturally we are taught to depict happiness through material things where as in other countries they only have fundamental values like family. Culturally we put the pressures on ourselves because we have the opportunity to do whatever we want to obtain whatever we want…3rd world countries don’t have those options.

HipHopLead- On your song “Ten Paces” you were basically stating that you reached that boiling point and you are leaving a relationship and your former love you “can never kill you again”. Was this song made from a personal experience?

Jane Nithrow – Absolutely!!! Writing that record gave me the therapy to move on and make that change.

HipHopLead- In your video for “Ten Paces” the visual was almost like a modern day “Waiting To Exhale”. How involved in the actual video treatment were you in making this song come to life?

Jane Nithrow – Yes I had my hands in throughout the process, the director Will Millions brought it to life..

HipHopLead- Ok I don’t want to give a spoiler to anyone who didn’t watch the video yet… (click play above HHL FAM! ^). But with the ending that happened .. who would be more wrong in that matter … the one you were with or the one you would have least expected out of your circle?

Jane Nithrow – (sighs)…They both aint SHIT!!!

HipHopLead- If Jane was faced with that type of scenario in real life how would you play it?

Jane Nithrow – I’m walking away. She wouldn’t no longer have my friendship and he is out! And they probably should be together, they aint SHIT! (laughs)

HipHopLead- Ok lets switch topics … it’s not often you hear of any rappers repping Rhode Island. Is it easier or harder for you to brand your self being tucked away in New England?

Jane Nithrow – Originally it was hard, there was a fear of having a stigma from coming from a small place. In reality is doesn’t matter where you’re from.Hot music is hot music!!

HipHopLead- Do you think if you were in LA or NY the process would be easier?

Jane Nithrow – No, the process wouldn’t be easier because I was found in Rhode Island, same process, you still have to go out and network and make connections no matter your location.

Here at HipHopLead.com we like to ask some questions a bit out the norm to give our readers a broader outlook on you. So fasten your seat belts… here we go..

HipHopLead- What’s your favorite food?

Jane Nithrow – Alcohol (laughs)

HipHopLead- Tell me one of the craziest things you ever did?

Jane Nithrow – Uh.. (Laughs)..No comment.

HipHopLead- Is Nicki Minaj in her prime a better female emcee then Lil Kim in her prime?

Jane Nithrow – YES, absolutely!!

HipHopLead- If you could go on a dream vacation anywhere in the world where would it be?

Jane Nithrow – Japan, I’m a fan of the culture !

HipHopLead- What are the pros and cons of Providence, Rhode Island?

Jane Nithrow – We were recently ranked one of best city to visit. We have some of the schools in the country Brown University, Bryant University and Rigsby University. It’s small so everyone knows everyone!

HipHopLead- Tell us a hidden talent Jane Nithrow has?

Jane Nithrow – I was good at basketball back in the day…(laughs)…I did win 5 championships in high school, 3 state championships and 2 regionals.

HipHopLead- If you could abolish any rappers music career in the game that annoys the hell out of you who would it be?

N Jane Nithrow – o one at this point, I respect everyone’s grind.

Back to the norm ..

HipHopLead- After listening to you for a while it’s apparent that lyrics are important to you. How do you feel about the lyrical element of the game kind of drifting off over the years?

Jane Nithrow – I do feel like it has drifted off and lost quality, I just hope we bring it back. Now I just go off on the energy of the record more than the lyrics!

HipHopLead- Any new albums or mixtapes in the works?

Jane Nithrow – Yes. I may have something for the summer 2013…we shall see!!!

HipHopLead- Any features worth mentioning?

Jane Nithrow – I hope to work with Rochelle Jordan, she is dope!

HipHopLead- Name one song of yours that will have the HHL viewers hooked?

Jane Nithrow – “Petal to Medal”…let’s you know off rip that I’m not a game!

HipHopLead- With that said it was great chopping it up with you. This is the part where the floor is yours .. so give any plugs, shout outs, F.U.’s .. whatevers clever….

Jane Nithrow – I would like to thank HHL for the opportunity, Shout Out to Seven Series, if you are a Hater…GO FUCK YOURSELF…Thank You and Good Nite…

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