Jah Ora & KD Assassin – The Messengers


St. Louis emcee’s Jah Orah and KD Assassin have been on the grind for a while now and it’s only a matter of time before they will be filtrating the air waves and stages, with their brand of what KD has dubbed “Street Hop”, with the release of their brand new full length LP entitled “Used To Be Bobby and Darrick”, released on indie label Systematic Muzick Presents.

They come out swinging immediately with some seriously infectious boom bap on the DJ Reminise produced title track! From there the soundscape gets real flavorful from the bass heavy ‘Anti Trap Muzick’ to the banging, blog buzzing Tony Baines produced single ‘BruisHer’ featuring 106 & Park freestyle champ Tef Poe! No cliche women dissing tracks here with the soulfully funky ‘Real G’ and unintended “manthem” ‘It’s Not The Same’ which spawned the video shot by Prince Ea and was featured on the popular weekly web series Snoop Dogg’s Underground Heat. The wave continues from the West Coast vibe of ‘Stay’ featuring Aceyalone to the reggae infused signature production of InStrumenTaL on ‘No Way’.

Fellow Skinny Gorilla and partner in “krhyme”, MC923, shows up & out throughout the album along with the likes of Black Spade, Bo Dean, and Dharma Jean. Now on a warm August day Hiphoplead had a chance to catch up with the fellas in the middle of their promo run and it went a little something like this.

HipHopLead- Ok for starts how did you guys get your stage names?

Orah: I acquried my name thru being a Rastafarian thru the years and because my name reflects the culture, and my culture is reflected in my music and life style…so I chose to keep it.

KD: KD is from my grand pops and the Assassin if from the neighborhood, lunchroom, underground cyphers because I had what they called those “go get’em barz”!

HipHopLead-There hasn’t really been an artist from St. Louis to blaze the trail since Nelly stormed onto the scene in the late 90’s. So for starts do you feel it’s a gift or a curse being from the mid west trying to get put on?  

Orah: I’m not from the midwest. I’m actually from LA.

KD: I think it’s both because I’m expected to sound one way but I always flip a surprise on’em!

HipHopLead- What projects have you guys released before “Used To Be Bobby And Darrick”?  

Orah: The music that I did with X-Clan… a song called Atonement and another called Return From Mecca and featured on Aceyalones Lightening Strike. As well as many other’s….Google me!

KD: I was the featured artist on InStrumenTaL Presents Beats and Rhymes Vol. 1 compilation and I have 2 solo projects of my own Nothin To Me and Walk It Like I Talk It …and also a mixtape I did called F.U. The Mixtape Vol.1. Bing me!

Hiphoplead- With your new album you guys were shooting some serious darts. All the lyrics seemed to say something (which seems like a far fetched thing nowerdays) and a lot of your beats had that gritty boom bap feel to it. How do you feel you guys evolved on this project from anything previous you released?

Orah: Clarity and maturity has been my evolution, as well as proper conveyance of the message felt from the energy of the universe.

KD: Every project is a reflection of elevation and growth.

HipHopLead- Which was your favorite track on there and why?  

Orah: I love them all. I have no favorite at the moment and even when I thought that I did, that changed as soon as we recorded the next song.

KD:  N.O.T (Target Practice) because of the old school grimy feel of it. Performing it’s fun too….salute KRS ONE btw!

Hiphoplead- You guys went in on “Anti-Trap Musik”. For starts .. is it safe to say you guys aren’t a fan of trap music?

Orah: I only like beats. Trap beats are cool but the lyrics don’t quite grab me because they don’t reflect my life style and are quite contrary to it [to put it nicely].

KD: Personally I like a lil trap music…but having been there and done that for real, I have no tolerance for the industry fakery! And in the rare instances where real recognize real, only part of the story’s being told.

HipHopLead- Any new projects coming out after this? Any features? 

Orah: Yep! But that’s for the next interview with you.

KD: I’m working on “F.U. The Mixtape Vol. 2” and the “Skinny Gorilla” project with MC923.

Hiphoplead- We found tons and tons of live performances from you guys. The energy was on point. When you guys get on the stage what type of mind state are you guys in?ì

Orah: I am an instrument of the almighty life giver! Time to conquer the wicked and uplift minds! I gotta use the restroom! I cant wait for my children to see this! Time to make my momma proud! They gone love this one! KD! Calm down! 9! Not right now! Damn this mic stinks! Water! I hope InStrumenTaL has charged his phone battery/video camera!

KD: All I’m thinkin about is KILL’EM!!!

HipHopLead- You have worked with a slew of underground legends and established artists. How did those collaborations come about?

Orah: I grew up around all of my legend emcee’s and thru them I’ve met and collaborated with my legends from afar.    

KD: being in the right place at the right time and established mutual respect.

HipHopLead- On your video for “It’s Not The Same” it really brought the track to life and showcased a dope visual to your music. For starts props on such a dope record. What video is next for you guys?      

Orah: Give thanks! And again, that’s a convo for the next interview with you guys.

HipHopLead- What is a typical day like for you guys? 

Orah: Morning rising, give thanks for life, clean up, bathe, create, do some miles on my Fixie Track Bike, LDG, LZ Labs, MK2, fast, hustle hard, create, talk to family/friends, create, give thanks for life, create!

KD: Drop the brat off at school then get to the money! Pick the brat up from school then back to the money…finish up with a honey.

HipHopLead- Other than music what do you guys do to make that paper?  

Orah: I’m an artist so I make money off of drawings, logos, paintings….just finished a childrens book that I was paid to illustrate called Nina’s Magnificent Mane, written by Brook Wade, the same sistah on the comedic album skits. It will be featured on Kindle and we’re also working on a coloring book to help preserve young creative minds in the raw sense, keeping it organic.

KD: (laughs) …next!

Here at HipHopLead.com we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm. We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you.  So lets get it cracking ….

HipHopLead- Are the Police ever gonna stop with excessive force??  

Orah: No! They are agents of evil and they represent the devil! Next question!

KD: (more laughs) No…they haven’t yet!

HipHopLead- When you first heard of Christopher Dorner going to war with the police in Cali, what were your thoughts?  

Orah: I felt like he had enough of government conditioning and lies and he did what he felt needed to be done and no one could do it but he himself and he was victorious because he didn’t die at the hands of the police.

KD: I was thinking dude must be crazy!

HipHopLead- Are you happy with Obama as a President?

Orah:  I have a king and a queen. I don’t follow presidents! RAAAAAS TA FARI!!!!

KD: (laughs) He has the worst job in the world…next question!

HipHopLead- Football season is about to start up, who’s gonna be in the Superbowl in 2015?

Orah: I dont follow sports too tuff…I’m outside with life, biking!

KD: As long as it’s the 49ers I could care less who else makes it!

HipHopLead- Ciroc Or Henny?   

Orah: Pops drank Henny so I’m drinkin Henny. He’d be so proud (laughs)

KD: Mos def Henny!

HipHopLead- Best diss song of all time in your opinion?

Orah: Ether!

KD: Ether!

Back To The Norm..

Hiphoplead- After listening to you guys for a while you def. have a message to say. Do you guys think this new era of artists is missing that?

Orah: Yes they are, a large majority, I feel, are missing the conveyance of positivity and are attaching themselves to the wrong message as a result. Which is one of the things stagnating their progression, therefore we are here to changed that up for the betterment of our future, starting at home with our own children.

KD: Yep, because every ones living up to industry standards. It appears to be more about how many records you can sell.

HipHopLead- Do you think we will reach an era where the internet is censored and music like yours would be hidden from the masses? 

Orah: Yes. All ready happening on radio so it seems only natural that it hits the net as well. 

KD: It does seem like it.

HipHopLead- We checked out your album and we co-sign it all day. It’s refreshing to say the least and look forward to hearing more. Plug some links where the HHL viewers can pick it up.


HipHopLead- Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the HipHopLead.com viewers hooked!?   

Orah: “It’s Not The Same”, because it’s the most intimate and relatable song on the album to me.

KD: I think “N.O.T”. or “No Way”!

HipHopLead- Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever

Orah: Shouts out to my momma Camille Warren, my bother Thedjewel, my daughter Yahnaijah, my son Yashua and their patient moms. Cop the and check the credits! Salute Prince Ea for directing It’s Not The Same and the lovely ladies of the video, especially River.

KD: Thank you to the Most High for the word power! Shout out Systematic Muzick, the OESC, my loved ones and everybody who had anything to do with my progression and this project! Peace!

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