J-Mill – Get Money Money

J. Mill_hhl

Artist Name : J-Mill
Genre : Hip Hop/Rap
Year formed : 1994
Hometown : Frederick, Maryland
Website : J-Mill.com
Myspace : myspace.com/therealjmill
Label Type : Indie
Featured Track : Get Money Money Ft. Big Fase

Trying to make it in rap isn’t a task for the unfocused or easily defeated. With literally thousands upon thousands of signed and unsigned MCs trying to get on, originality is a must and a key factor for succeeding. Fortunately for Maryland rapper J. Mill a/k/a Jamaal Makin It Livin Large, he had a unique plan.

Like so many greats before him, he knew he had to do something to stand out from the crowd. Where Hip Hop impresarios like Russell Simmons and Master P made their marks by carving out niches through clothes, poetry, hood movies and Nickelodeon, J-Mill stepped up and came up with his own unique entryway – teaching others how to rap.

Already confident in his own ability to master rapping, he knew that he could take his own techniques and use them as a tool to not only distinguish himself as an entrepreneur but also share his gift doing what he loves to do.

“I’ve always felt a connection to the world through music,” J-Mill says of his longstanding passion.

Upon graduating high school, J-Mill decided to focus entirely on his music and began his ongoing ascent in the game. Despite his best intentions, his path wasn’t without roadblocks.

In 2001 he signed to an independent label in Baltimore with dreams of music as a full-time career. Unfortunately a combination of business complications and poor management caused the deal to fall through. Despite the disillusion that came with the unsuccessful deal and a brief hiatus, J-Mill took it as a tough lesson and returned to rap even more determined to create his own brand. This time he wasn’t looking to only break through as an artist, but also as an author and CEO.

With the publishing of his book “The Official How To Rap Manual” and a website to accompany it (www.How2Rap.com), as well as his own Streetz Certified Records label, he expanded his talents across the board.

One of his most notable recent accomplishments was the placement of his music on the next Midnight Club LA racing game from video game heavyweight Rockstar Games Inc.

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