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In 1985 J Martyr was born and raised in Sturgis, Kentucky. At age 16 he recorded his first song but never made it public. After high school J Martyr decided to attend Western Kentucky University to obtain a bachelors in psychology, sociology, and a minor in criminology.

He then dropped out of graduate school to pursue his dream to be one of the greatest artists ever and to obtain a Grammy.

J Martyr has a very funny personality and that can be heard throughout his music, all the fun he is having and his love for music can be witnessed in his work.

Currently J Martyr is performing in college venues in Kentucky, making a name for himself in Tennessee, Cincinnati, and expanding in Jacksonville Florida & eventually nationwide & internationally.

HipHopLEAD: Today we are chilling with a new up and coming rapper named J Martyr. Lets get this cracking right away. Usually rappers are concerned with street talk and are anti establishment. What makes you want to take a stand and talk about your college experience?

J Martyr : Well I believe that my college experience opened my eyes to the world. It was a opportunity that was available to me so I jumped on it. Everybody does not get the same chances in life, but I try to take advantage of every opportunity I am given. I dont want to be one of those people who look back at their life and say “I wish I would’ve done this or done that.” I wanna be a positive role model, to show kids that you can be cool and still handle your business.

HipHopLEAD: We understand your background has had you in Kentucky. Kentucky has yet to be put on the hiphop map. How would you describe your sound and the overall hiphop sound of Kentucky???

J Martyr : Unique! I’m going to put Kentucky on the map!! When people think of Kentucky, I want them to think of J Martyr! My style is totally different from anyone in the game right now.

HipHopLEAD: What made you wanna get into HipHop?

J Martyr : Its always been a dream of mine. I’ve always loved music, not just hip hop, a lil bit of everything! Its the best way to express yourself. I have an artistic and creative personality, and I’m sort of a smoove talker. I always felt like I was built for the music industry!

HipHopLEAD: Who were your influences to get into music?

J Martyr : There’s way too many influences to name, (laughs) It’s a very wide variety of talent that motivated me from Prince to 2pac, from erykah badu to the beatles, (laughs)! Im serious, everybody has influenced me!!

HipHopLEAD: What projects have you released to date?

J Martyr : So far I have released my first mixtape which was titled “When College Meets the Streets which is available on datpiff.comm,” its fire!! I currently have my official album available on itunes which is called “When College Meets The Streets.”

HipHopLEAD: Are you on a label?

J Martyr : I’m currently under my own record label, Kurrupt Kommonwealth! We have our own publishing company, Kurrupt Kommonwealth Music Group. So, I guess I signed myself (laughs)!!

HipHopLEAD: Any new projects coming out? Any features?

J Martyr : I’m working on my newest project that will be titled “J Martyr: The Voice of the College Hustler,” it will be my next album, and it is expected to drop the middle of 2011!!

HipHopLEAD: Hit me with 8 of your favorite bars you ever spit…

J Martyr : “Wanna hate on me/well good luck/ Get it off your chest like perfect push ups/ J Martyrs the name and I’m next up/ I hit this rap game hard like I’m justin tuck/ baby ima giant/ no baby im a dog/ call me martin lawrence/ Im just a wild hog/ no ima stallion, the black marlon brando ima wild one/100 miles per hour in the shoulder lane/ this flow you gotta feel or you numb like novacaine/ I’m so out my brain/ …from “We Dont Save Em'”

HipHopLEAD: Who does Kentucky lean towards for more inspiration … the Nas and Jay z’s or the Snoops and Dre’s ?

J Martyr : I would have to say the Kentucky leans more toward the Nas and Jayz, or southern rappers category.

HipHopLEAD: Here at HipHopLead.com we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm.We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you.So lets get it cracking …. Do you like Eminems new album?

J Martyr : I haven’t heard Em’s new album. Its prolly hot! I dont really get to listen to other peoples music anymore because I’m always bumpin my stuff, I’m always trying to perfect my craft. I listen to myself!! I’m trying to see what I can do to make myself better!!

HipHopLEAD: Other then music what do you do with your time?

J Martyr : I’m a big sports fan!! And I love to play NBA live, Madden, stuff like that! And I love the ladies lol!!

HipHopLEAD: Tell us a hidden talent J Martyr has?

J Martyr : I can write poetry, and I’m currently putting together ideas for a childrens book i’m going to write..

HipHopLEAD: What is gonna happen in 12-2012??

J Martyr : J Martyr is going platinum!!!!!!!!!! Thats whats going down in 2012!! Alright!!

HipHopLEAD: Back To The Norm…. Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the HipHopLead.com viewers hooked!?

J Martyr : Golpher Wood!! Available on Itunes!

HipHopLEAD: Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatevers clever

J Martyr : myspace.com/kurruptkommonwealth, facebook.com/Jmartyr, When College Meets The Streets available on itunes.

When College Meets The Streets Mixtape hosted by Dj Dceezy available on datpiff.comm, twitter.com/jmartyr15

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