J. Blakk – Catch Up

J. Blakk

Artist Name : J. Blakk
Genre : Hip Hop
Year formed : 2008
Hometown : Apalachicola, FL
Myspace : myspace.com/jblakk4203
Twitter : twitter.com/jblakk4203
Label Type : Unsigned
Featured Track : Catch Up Ft. T. Pleyza


J Blakk born and raised in Apalachicola (Franklin County), Florida, J.Blakk grew up in the projects, surrounded by poverty and drugs. Raised in a single parent home, J.Blakk always knew she wanted to be a DJ, but never thought it possible since her mother did not have the money and could not afford the equipment.

J Blakk moved to Tallahassee, Florida in 1998 with her mother and brothers. Still with the love and passion for music in her heart, in 2008, J.Blakk began hanging out with close friend, Sacred, and cousin, G2, and began learning the ins and outs of the music world.

She also began to learn and understand the business side of the music industry as well as learned how to do standard verse. In the summer of 2008, J.Blakk began working on her mixtape. J Blakk dropped a single called GET ON DA FLOOR which caught Joe Anan, Uptown Europe Entertainment, attention and J Blakk signed a Management deal with U.E.E. January 30, 2009.

J Blakk also has been feature on at least 17 blogs and 2 magazine websites. J Blakk features this year has been on mixtapes such as R&B Track Pack, a DJ from Belarus, Minsk, DJ One, Groove Hiphop Vol 2, DJ Ruckus, Wonda Wed Mix Series, DJ Slick, Built On Hate, and Dreatraxx and DJ Mika “Female Rap Of The Game”.

J Blakk also just got word of Hosting DJ Case, from Germany to host his up coming mixtape. All of this is happing within a 4 weeks period since J Blakk new single Catch Up dropped.

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