Isaiah A Ware – Undadog Chapter 2 (Album Review)

isaiah undadog 2

Detroit rapper Isaiah A Ware brings an element to the mid west that has been lacking lately. Strong coinscence rhymes about social change, corporate monopolies, politics and the everyday struggle. IAW is every mans union representitive on “Undadog Part 2″ for all his listeners. This album is definatley a soundtrack to the recession.

IAW kicks it off with “Da Warriors” with heavy intensity. “If the beat can talk it screams Underdog”, shouts IAW. “This is for the little people, this is for the have nots/ this is for the under dogs, this is for the long shots/”, spits IAW. Lines like these set the tone for the album. One of the best cuts on the album has to be “Real One” (that song was also featured on Digital Dynasty – The Album).

The words of the hook and IAW’s vocal presentation blend so well the strings in the hook production. IAW spits “If I write it it’s real, If I spit it it’s Ill/ I aint never been afraid to tell you how I feel/ Cause I’m a Real One/. A few more stand outs are “I Thought” and “If I Could”. They are packed full of more social and political content that some artists might consider too taboo to rap about. Detroit is one of the worst hit (if not the worst) city effected by this 3rd year recession and IAW gives you a manual for survival of the fittest on “Step By Step”.

This album is bling free, swaggerless, and honest as hell. Substance is abundant on this project. Dumbing it down is not a option for IAW, nor would it be for any “Undadog” clawing there way to the top. Even tho IAW brings tons of social, political and emotional content, the listener might want a few different records to change the mood up.

Some of the best artists in the game are versatile and have different feels and moods too add to there recipe. Even tho every song matched the title of the album, a few story telling records or a “love” record wouldn’t hurt either. Dispite that minor set back IAW proves he is a force to be wreckoned with and one of Motor Cities biggest rising stars. Make sure you get the album here. –

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