Illstrator – Hood


Artist Name : Illstrator
Genre : Hip Hop
Year formed : 2006
Hometown : Bronx, NY
Website :
Myspace :
Label Type : Indie
Featured Track : Hood

The sky is the limit for Around The Clock’s Illstrator, the next Hip Hop Artist to blow from New York City.

When you listen to his music, you will hear a skilled lyricist with a style and a way with words that will impress both hip hop connoisseurs as well as the average music fan. Since the late Big Pun, the world has not heard an MC as versatile and lyrically inclined as Illstrator. As an artist, Illstrator places emphasis engaging listeners with his dynamic lyrics and on being real. “I play on words, I’m not afraid to do my own thing, and I don’t have to follow to be accepted,” says the Bronx-born Puerto Rican.

“Hip Hop has always been in my life, I can remember being in junior high spittin’ with my friends and being praised for it.” Hip Hop is innate for Illstrator. You will hear it in his music. With songs paying homage to Hip Hop’s origins such as “South South Bronx” and “That’s What’s Up” and the Hip Hop anthem, “Boom Box”, you will discover that Illstrator is not only in a class of his own, but also has much respect and love for Hip Hop as a culture and way of life.

Illstrator has powerful stage presence; he commands his audience’s attention, not only with his sound but also with his swagger. When you experience Illstrator live on stage, you will immerse yourself in his performance and capture the true essence of what hip hop is all about.

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