Grimez – Finding Hope At The End Of His Rope


Peace readers. We have done a lot of interviews since the start of this website but one person takes the cake when it comes to pure shock value, and that person is, North Carolina’s very own, Grimez. We talked with him about a year ago and what seemed like more of a confessional for the Charlotte wild boy. The interview turned into a staple of pure modesty with a dark twist to it.

Grimez has since released his debut mixtape, and a brand new music video, and is steady on the grind to complete his debut studio album, “Indigo Child”. If you didn’t get a chance to check out the first interview we did with Grimez check it out here ( ), and get ready for the epic part two. Lets go!

Hip Hop Lead- What’s good Grimez? We heard since our last interview you have had a lot happen. You ready to let the world know?

Grimez-  Let’s go. Ask away, I’m an open book.

Hip Hop Lead- Ok for starts is it true you were locked up for calling 9-1-1 to order a pizza?!?!?

Grimez-  Technically yes, that’s true, ha ha! Let’s just say I needed a 2 week vacation paid for by the government. They had lots of questions for me, and I had lots of questions for them. You’ll have to wait till my autobiography comes out post mortem to get the full details of my stay (laughs) but let me just say I slept about 6 hours total in the 2 weeks I was there, plus the 2 nights they shot me up with sedatives or tranquilizers to knock me out, and I remember every second of what happened. It was very eye opening to say the least.

Hip Hop Lead- What type of recreational drugs were you on to do that (laughs)??

Grimez-  None, that was the problem. I was broke, jobless, my car was broke down and I was a day away from being homeless again. I was at a breaking point and was fed up with some of the things going on around me. I had been on meds for bipolar disorder for a few years and I decided I didn’t want to live my life like a zombie anymore, so I quit taking them cold turkey, which I don’t advise to anyone. This was a few months prior, right before I went to New York to shoot “Raise Em Up”. And if you read my last interview with you guys you’ll know how I was living at the time.(Read 1st interview here) In retrospect it was a horrible idea to stop taking my meds the way I did, you have to slowly ween off of them. But now that I’ve been off of them for over a year it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Hip Hop Lead- Speaking of drugs in our last interview you told us about your battle with addiction throughout the years, since then have you relapsed?

Grimez-  No, not even close. I’m coming up on two years clean. Hell I haven’t even had a beer in like 6 months. I stick to medical marijuana and Newports now.

Hip Hop Lead- Is it tempting on a daily basis to go back to your old ways?

Grimez-  Not at all. I rarely even think about it. Will I ever stop smoking weed? Hell no. I have no desire to. It’s about quality of life, and marijuana gives me more joy and peace of mind then any drug ever could, prescription or otherwise.

Hip Hop Lead- So we saw you shot the impressive music video for “End Of My Rope”, which features Tha Advocate, Shawn Blayze and J.D. Artist. In that song you really seemed to speak from your heart. Was that verse written 100 percent from experience?

Grimez-  That verse is definitely 100 percent real. I was literally sitting in my car crying as I was writing that verse.

Hip Hop Lead- That’s deep. In the video, without giving too much away for those who haven’t seen it, you were basically contemplating ending it all. Did the video actually mirror what you went through in real life, at one point or another?

Grimez-  As we talked about last time, suicide is a subject that’s weighed heavy on my mind for some time now. Going on and off numerous types of prescription meds during that time certainly didn’t help. Anti-Psychotics, mood stabilizers, you name it I’ve been prescribed it. Zyprexa, Seroquil, Depocoate, Lithium, Abilify, Lamictal and  Saphris to name a few. I had just gotten back from New York, kicked out of my place, just under a lot of stress in general, you know, the usual for me, and I was starting to direct my anger and aggression at others who didn’t deserve it.

I lashed out at someone who was very close to me at the time, and it caused someone I cared about deeply to walk out of my life for good. I called her from jail actually and spoke to her for a minute, but besides that I’ve had no contact with her. I haunts me still to this day, and at the time that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Hip Hop Lead- How did that collabo song come about?

Grimez-  Advo had sent me this beat from Sinima, and I’m sitting in my car in total duress, just at the point where I had given up, no family, fewer friends, no money, just listening to this beat. The words started to flow on to the paper. I wrote the verse as a straight 16, no mistakes, no scratch outs, no rearranging bars, nothing. Easiest verse I ever wrote honestly.

The instant I finished writing it felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. Which is the reason I started writing music in the first place, for it’s therapeutic value. I sent the verse to Advo and he was floored, he said it was so vivid and real, and a couple hours later he had his sick verse ready. Jd wrote the hook off my verse, and Shawn Blayze finished it off with his own take on suicide.

Hip Hop Lead- Is it true that you gave a 48 hour notice to shoot the video and spontaneously drove up from North Carolina to New York to shoot the video?

Grimez-  That’s just how I roll. I go off my gut and intuition and when I feel the time is right I act.

Hip Hop Lead- That’s wild (laughs). Speaking of wild, is it true you also drove to Tennessee once to meet 3-6 Mafia and it never happened (laughs loud)?

Grimez-  Yes, this is true as well. We all know I have a massive hard on for 3 6 mafia (laughs loud), DJ Paul kept retweeting me on twitter, and I had been in contact with a couple of their artists and managers.  So I took this as a sign to drive 12 hours to Memphis with some other rapper I had just met who was going to meet up with Project Pat.

Now remember this is 2 days before I’m supposed to drive to New York to shoot the video for “Raise Em Up”. So I drive to Memphis for a 10 minute conference call that I could have done from home. But the little money I had was for the video so I took back off for Charlotte, NC to pack for New York. This is what I think they call growing pains in the business. Live and learn. But it’s all good because in October I got a 45 minute meeting with Lil Wyte and Miscellaneous when their tour with Twiztid came to Charlotte. We talked about the hip hop scene in general, and where it’s headed. I even sent them back on the road with some of Charlotte’s finest medical.(laughs) What a great night. And then a week later I was in jail!

Hip Hop Lead- Damn .. you have plenty to rap about, that’s for sure. Back to the music. We saw that you have a new album in the works, “Indigo Child”. What type of music can we expect from Grimez on there?

Grimez-  I definitely feel it’s going to be a growth album, definitely more spiritual, more of an awakening. I’m not going to try to explain what an Indigo Child is, but we have our own Wikipedia page if you’re interested in more info.(laughs) It’s something I’ve identified with for several years, and reflects my choice to focus on the positive aspects of my so-called psychopathy.

Hip Hop Lead- How far along are you in the album creation process?

Grimez-  As far as completed songs, not very far.  But the album has been in the creative stages of development in my mind for several years. I’ve got a few beats for it and a couple songs written and formatted already, so it’s slowly coming together. I’ve also discovered a lot of new bands I’m into right now, kind of a new age reggae movement heavily influenced by Bob Marley of course. Not going all Snoop Lion here, but I expect this to have a bit of an impact to the overall sound of “Indigo Child”, as  I’ve been vibing heavy to a lot of Stick Figure, Rebelution, Tribal Seeds and Slightly Stoopid. In fact I’m going to see the latter 2 in concert this weekend in Charlotte. I’m hoping to have the album out sometime in 2014, but I’m not rushing it. I’ve had more happen in the past year and a half than I did the previous 10 so who knows what the foreseeable future has in store. I’m just riding the wave right now.

Hip Hop Lead- What do you think will be the difference in this album is compared to your last mixtape, “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” ??

Grimez-  I expect it to be totally different. Less pure aggression and unbridled anger, and more thought provoking. I’ve learned the hard way over time that passion doesn’t always equal persuasion. Maybe my greatest epiphany I had a few years back may explain it best. “Having an understanding of things that others lack does not make one a genius. Being able to explain said things in terms that others can comprehend, that is truly genius.” Pretty much sums up the conflict inside my head that drives me to keep pushing forward. I’ll never abandon my roots though. My first mixtape is almost a documentary of a very dark but important part of my life. It made me who I am today. And I wouldn’t go back and change it, even if I could.

Check it out here

Hip Hop Lead- So we know you are research a lot of conspiracy theories .. I am going to bring up some big events that happened and tell me if if it is a “conspiracy or not” and give some insight into what brought you to that decision.

Grimez-  If you insist.(shakes head) Here we go..

9/11 –This is the event that really started it all for me, my spiritual awakening to the bigger picture of what’s really going on in this world and what direction it could be headed. I believe criminal elements inside our own government allowed it to happen. Did a member of Congress fly a plane into the World Trade Towers? Of course not. Did every member of the CIA know it was going to happen? No. But it only takes a few in the right position with their own agendas to effect the masses. I feel this was one of the first dominos to fall that has led us to where we stand today.

1st Moon Landing –In my opinion this it’s the lamest of the big conspiracy theories. Yes, I believe we landed on the moon. Were there some effects or editing for television because we were in a race with Russia? Sure, but that’s the status quo for our government throughout our history.
Michael Hasting’s Death –Ding Ding Ding!! I think this one shows how blatant and arrogant the powers that be are becoming. But it also shows they’re more worried about the masses finding out the truth and waking up to what’s really going on around them besides who’s going to be on “Dancing with Stars” next season or the next episode of “Love and Hip Hop”. No doubt in my mind he was taken out because he had intel on the CIA in Benghazi and God knows what else. They had just lost Snowden, who is making them look like fools, no way in hell they were letting Hastings out of their crosshairs.
JFK –Mafia hit no doubt. Of course it was allowed by the real Mafia, the global banking elite.

New Town Massacre –This one I’m chopping up to anti-psychotic medications. Believe me when I tell you, they do more harm than good.  But I’ve heard some interesting tidbits about the shooting and town, and our government definitely used the event to push their anti-gun legislation. I don’t think they were prepared for the backlash they got for trying to strip us of our right to bear arms, which I think led directly to the Boston Marathon attack and the days that followed.

Since you mentioned it, Boston Marathon Bombing–

This is the one where I went from having a small glimmer of hope that I was crazy and all this conspiracy talk was a load of bullshit to now knowing without a doubt in my heart that my intuition all these years is right on. The world is run by a shadow government with criminal elements infiltrated across the globe.

The day after the bombing I’m listening to Alex Jones on the radio while watching CNN in amazement as Alex is explaining what’s going on behind the scenes and how they’re going to portray it. Sure enough right on cue everything Alex mentioned appeared on CNN like clockwork. Probably the biggest eye opening day of my life, even more than 911. Definitely the day my mind was made up and my reason for still being here was realized.

Hip Hop Lead- How do you feel about President Obama personally?

Grimez-  No comment

Hip Hop Lead- What are your thoughts on the Zimmerman Trial?

Grimez-  Distraction, disinformation, and race baiting. Standard procedure from our media.

Hip Hop Lead- Are you planning on doing any music to reflect your thoughts on these conspiracies?

Grimez-  I think “Indigo Child” will definitely touch on the bigger picture of these subjects. As we move into a more spiritual, less religious time on this planet. But I realize that it’s most likely to fall on deaf ears

Hip Hop Lead- What do you think of Alex Jones over all? Do you think he has great points or is way to out there?

Grimez-  I think Alex’s track record over the past 15 years speaks for itself. It’s funny how every few months something he’s been harping on for years becomes headline news. And the more he’s right the more the mainstream media tries to discredit him. You have to listen to Alex for a while to really understand his brilliance, his sarcasm, his intuition and his passion. Does he exaggerate and take somethings to the extreme to make his point? Yes, but I’m guilty of the same things. I understand his plight and frustration with the ignorance and complacency of the masses.

But I think the thing that frustrates Alex and myself the most is that the majority of the public doesn’t even want to hear or contemplate the possibility that this shit is really going down right in front of our faces, in real time, no matter how many facts or evidence you present to them. Or how others realize what’s happening but choose to do nothing. 

Hip Hop Lead- Are we being watched or monitored right now?!?

Grimez-  Is there some guy sitting in a room listening to this phone call right now? Probably not. But down the road could it be accessed because it’s been recorded and stored? Much more likely. The technology and capability is already there and in place. And I don’t think it was implemented not to be utiliized effectively. I suggest you look into the data mining and storage facility in Utah and the amount of data it’s capable of storing.

Hip Hop Lead- What do you think is the agenda of the so called elite who pull the strings behind the curtain?

Grimez-  First and foremost is control. Their goal is to create a society who can’t think for themselves and depend on the government for basic necessities to survive. You have to realize that those at the very top of the pyramid have more money than they could ever spend. It’s a game to them. It’s all about power. These narcissists have a God complex and look to instill their agendas by any means necessary to stay on top and keep the game going. Basically I feel were headed to a one world economy in fact it’s pretty much already here.

I consider America to be a facist state with the highest population in the world of it’s citizens currently behind bars. In layman’s terms what’s going on it’s the erosion of the middle class, and there’s way more room at the bottom than the top. It’s easier to control someone if they’re dependent on you for their survival and standard of living. Do we still have time to wake up a critical mass of the population to what’s going on and turn it around? I’m honestly not sure and right now I wouldn’t bet on it, although I would love to be proven wrong

Hip Hop Lead- It’s been slightly over a year since you dropped your debut music video for “Raise Em Up”, do you like the response you have received from that video?

Grimez-  It definitely elicits quite a reaction out of people, which was it’s intention.

Hip Hop Lead- Which song really showcases Grimez as an artist more, “Raise Em Up” or “End Of My Rope”?

Grimez-  I think “Raise Em Up” shows where I’ve been and “End of My Rope” is where I’m headed as an artist.

Hip Hop Lead- Man it was great chopping it up with you again. Let the HHL readers know where to get your music and check you out. Let them plugs fly! If you got a few FU’s to any haters, let em ring. The floor is yours….

Grimez-  No F.U.s this time. All I’m going to say if you read this interview and question my sanity I implore you to do your own research. Take 5 minutes to investigate what’s really going on around the world. There’s this thing called google on the internet, I suggest everyone look into it.

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