Grimez – Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Hosted By Tha Advocate)

Grimez – Actions Speak Louder Than Words (Hosted By Tha Advocate)

In this current music landscape finding a story to latch onto in music is hard to find. A decade or two ago hearing about an artists hard ships, come ups, addictions or love life was a must have. Those days are long gone and now every once in a while an artist might shine thru with a captivating story. One of those artists goes by the name of Grimez. He represents Charlotte, North Carolina and has no problem letting us into his dark world. We also conducted an interview with Grimez before this initial review and hearing what he had to say goes hand in hand with this project.

Grimez kicks off the project with his raspy voice and country accent bursting thru the speakers. The introduction track “Let The Reign Begin” finds Grimez delivering a message to his first time listeners by saying “Got to teach a lesson bitch/ when you fucking with this click/ wanna be get off my dick/ thinking that I’m some dumb hick/ rapping shit about my nitch/ careful now my head is sick/ in my brain must be a glitch, insane genious just don’t know it/. Grimez shows us the dark corridors he walks in his mind on a alot of tracks. That was just the tip of the ice berg. “In The Gutta” is a self intervention and an emcees cry for help in audio format. That’s when you can hear an artist at rock bottom spewing every thought that comes across his mind. Grimez pleads for the audience to understand this chapter of his life while emotionally spewing bars like, “thinking life is rough now listen to what I got to say/ don’t know what the fuck to do, aint got no job or place to stay/ down here in the gutta I’m just trying to see another day”. You can’t ask for more transparency in an artist then that. None the less it keeps you asking for more from this under dog. It’s sort of like watching the come up on Rocky 1.

Grimez addresses an overlaying issue in hip hop. The fact that most artists consider him a gimmick because he is white. I guess Eminem didn’t open the door enough for Grimez and on “White Boy”, Grimez and Trez describe the industry downfalls and the black balling because of their skin color. Grimez also expresses a distaste for the gimmicky “White Rapper Show”, that aired on VH1, and expresses that on the song “White Rappa Show”.
Grimez delivers a stand out collaberation on “All I Know” with a slew of other artists. They flip the Luniz “Got 5 On It” instrumental and kick their own street knowledge and flavor on this track. The hook, provided by Ben Freezy, is a sure shot to make this track cross over and takes it up a notch. Topics don’t fall short for Grimez. He expresses his excitement for the Jets newest pick on “Tebow” and makes the speakers jump on the NC anthem “Raise Em Up”.

One thing we took away from this project was hearing a story that is in intriguing and sad at the same time. Grimez made it clear in his interview he is an open book but hearing it in rhyme format takes it to another level. The question a listener will receive after check this out is the question of accomplishment or downfall. It seems like Grimez putting together this material and dropping this mixtape shows a growth in not just artisty but as a human being. Staying focused and true to ones craft can give you that release therapy that nothing else can. One word to sum up this project is “Intriguing”. Make sure you download “Actions Speak Louder Than Words” here –

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