Graffiti Gang – Graffiti Gang EP

Graffit Gang – Graffit Gang EP

Low riders, khaki’s, tattoos, palm trees, Cali kush, gang life, dope spitting and street talk are all infused in the new, self titled, EP mixtape from the Graffiti Gang. The group consists of 6 left coast spitters that go by the name of T-Bone, Jack Nickels, Tommy Gunnz, Double Gunnz, Nine and Nest. Some of you may recognize T-Bone from his solo features here on This time around he brought the whole crew.

Upon clicking play the mixtape gets down to business quick. The first track, “Graffiti Gang”, is a bouncy, hard hitting, intro to this groups dynamic. Even tho every member doesn’t spit on this track you can hear the hunger with lines like, “Graffiti Gang from 70’s, I been real/ One shot will spin ya ass around like a wind mill”.

The guys find time to make the Watts Club’s bounce with the trancy anthem titled, “Shake That”, while still being able to calm the bravado down for the heart felt, “Take My Hand”. At times the hook is a little cringe worthy with the vocal demonstration from the unknown singer, but still it’s a relatable concept.
One of the project stand outs is the cunning,”We Live For This Shit”, which finds Graffit Gang throwing some sharp darts like, “I’m trying to go to heaven so I over repent/ if he don’t let me in the gate I’m jumping over the fence/ I learn every day but the older I get/ never fall in love or fight over a bitch/”. The remainder of tracks are equally satisfying (Fresh Kicks, Capri Pants, Certified) and keep us yearning for more.

There is no doubt the Graffit Gang is busy with their solo efforts and this group endeavor. The EP was a great appetizer, now we are ready for the main entree. Right now this Cali collective is giving away the mixtape for free here: & Make sure you show some love and follow them & download the latest project.

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