Godz Chyld – Forever

Godz Chyld – Forever

If you like that spiritual, WU-influenced, style of rap then look no further. We recently were able to check out a new EP titled, “Forever”, by Godz Chyld and this EP was nostalgic and dope to say the least. Anyone who has been following Killah Priest may have heard of super Producer Jordan River Banks, if not get your google on, regardless, he is the one who layed the foundation and provided the production on this EP. As usual he never dissapoints with his beats and his new found alliance with Godz Chyld is a match made in Hip Hop heaven.

The project kicks off with the mesmorizing “Here I Come” and Godz Chyld spews his east coast dillect all over Banks smooth production. Chyld has a message in every bar and wastes no time influencing the masses to recognize his grind while throwing darts like, “an up hill battle I’m made to climb/ it’s sort of like an eclipse the way I played your shine”. The opener,”Here I Come”, is the perfect track to kick this EP off with and set the tone well. Chyld flexes his muscles on the self titled emcee anthem, “Forever”. This is classic hip hop for anyone interested in a dope pen game. It takes you back to the mid 90’s when the substance, lyrics and production were the fuel you needed to take off in this game. Despite todays watered down climate Godz Chyld stays in his lane and keeps all essential elements in tack.

One of the stand out tracks is the very relevant “Last Days”. In this digital era where everyone wants the quick fix the jewels from Godz Chyld are a blue print for survival. This particular track was on repeat for a few times. Chyld closes out the project on a strong note. He keeps the bars of fury flowing over the mellow smooth arrangement that Banks beats provided. This time the spit game was up a notch. GC was kicking lines like, “Send you Heaven like a lightning bolt/ drop a verse powerful enough to tighten throats/ I walked in the dark room and all the lights was broke/ but envisioned light in my self, my whole life was hope/ I never gave up, I never give up/ the music don’t die down, I gotta live up/.

This EP is hot from front to back. The combination of Jordan River Banks behind the boards and Godz Chyld on the mic is a formula worth supporting. Right now GC is selling the EP for only 4.49 and that is under priced for this type of record. Show some love and listen to this project and make your contribution to some real hiphop. Link with Godz Chyld on fb right here — https://www.facebook.com/wizeone.scribez and purchase the EP right here- https://jordanrivers.bandcamp.com/album/godz-chyld-forever-ep

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