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Get20 Union is a diverse Group located in the DMV (DC-MD-VA) and housed by ND Music Group ( ). Much like Voltron Get20 is made up of 4 elements lets meet the artist of Get20 Union: The Straight G from P.G. County- JMD (Jodi-Mack), The Young Go Getter from P.G. County-Money $tack$, The Combo (producer with a serious flow) From Street of PA-SKN (Serious Kinda Noise) and then The HNIC 1 aka The Swag Flu From Kalamazoo, MI/Indianapolis, In-LOC 300.
The team stresses the name Get20 means you get the picture clearly (20/20 vision) just like their album “What’s That?”. Get20 Union-“What’s that The Album” is full of variety and features 2 songs off of Tha Advocates-Digital Dynasty 20 ( Hosted by Cormega) mixtape (Addin’ Up and Get Away).

The album starts off “Bonified- Certified”, and it finds the group setting the tone with an aggressive tracked aimed at making the listeners respect there grind. Get20 shows us that they are paving their way by any means necessary and anyone that gets in the way might be casualty. With lines like “Then bag him and trash him/ and leave him in the dumpster where his music got mastered”, you can see the fellas are in game mode. Another album stand out is “Addin Up” and keeps the aggressive content in tact while flexing muscle on a brighter beat.

This track finds Get20 in their prime and demonstrates the intentions of hungry emcees on the grind. If the recorded song is this intense the live show must be very Onyx like. The group calms down the boasting and banter and express more feeling on the laid back “Relapse”. The reverbed piano and ripping guitar riffs make for a dreamy addition to this project. The album title track “What’s That” has the Get20 boys in cypher mode and they trade bars like they are a swap meet while still finding room to make a Splash Waterfalls sounding “Right Away”.

Diversity is the key for the Get20 Union. Simply making non topical songs is not on the agenda for these new comers. They are delivering a project the DMV should get behind and we look forward to hearing more as the group evolves. One thing that should be addressed is the mixing and recording quality of some of the album songs. Nowerdays everyone wants to be a rapper and staying one step ahead is the key.

Something as simple as better studio quality to cut a demo can go a long way in this game. Most execs don’t even want to hear anything that doesn’t sound crystal clear as well as the listeners. The music on this project is still audible and enjoyable. We just hope for the next record the Get20 union gets in another lab and showcases their talent in the proper outlet. Make sure you support and get this project in the future on itunes. If you want Get20 for shows or if you want a SKN Track? Contact them at
@Loc300 on twitter
Loc Negatron ThreeHun on Facebook
Get20 Union(G2U) on reverbnation

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