Get20 Union – The 1st Ones Free (Loud Sessions Vol. 1)


They have been grinding out real heavy lately. From their internet presence, there highly rated mixtape appearances and even dropping works of their own. Now we came across an EP style mixtape from the group repping the DMV and it’s titled, “The 1st Ones Free (Loud Sessions Vol. 1)“. Marketing 101 or Drug Dealing 101 would tell you get the first one for free, then it gets them hooked and come back for more. That’s Get 20’s agenda and with this mixtape, that’s presented by DJ J Boogie, they have no problem getting the fans coming back for more.

The mixtape opens up with “High”, a trippy Sade vocal sounding sample that sounds like Alchemist cooked it up himself for a Mobb Deep type of nostalgia. The boys bring there flavor over this record while demanding the crowd doesn’t “ask if they’re high/ you can see it in their eye.” Then right after that Get 20 gets back in there trademark cypher mode and starts killing the beat on “Wreckless”.

This track shows that when it comes to bar to bar spit game the Get 20 Union is nothing to be played with. The Get 20 Union shows some hood retrospect on “No Peace” as they spit lines like “my only hope’s to make it in this ghetto union/ and bring the hood back to a movement/ if this a war we losing, most our brothers ruined/ losing out on watching their seeds blooming.”

If that’s not real hip hop, then what is??! The boys get on a dirty south tip with the smash “Talkin Hard”. This song has wild written all over it. It’s a Bone Crusher sounding anthem that the Get 20 Union need to do a video for. This record can easily catapult the Get 20 Union to a more mainstream plat form.

The Get 20 Union is making record after record that will satisfy the listener. While bridging the gap between aggresssive content with catchy hooks this formula is a sure shot. This is the best mixtape we have heard from the Get20 Union and we look forward to hearing more. Make sure you download this mixtape below and show it some love and book mark their label’s website

Download here:

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