Gates – Cookup Season 2 (Mixtape Review)


Artist: Gates

Mixtape: Cookup Season 2 (We Reloaded) Hosted by Tha Advocate

Ever since the 90’s people have resorted back to calling it the “classic” mixtape and album era. Maybe even the Golden Ages of rap. Well, a new rapper named, Gates must feel the same way.

Gates new mixtape, “Cook Up Season 2” has the recipe for a real hiphop dish. Not to mention this project is hosted by Digital Dynasty’s, Tha Advocate. The product is solid and finding a flaw on this record is like finding a Craig Mack on the cover of GQ.

It’s rare to find a quality product from an unsigned artist. The only minor set back is some of the mixtape recording quality. It isn’t horrible, but a proper studio can easily catapult Gates voice texture to another level.

On this project prepare to hear Gates go through every bar like it was his last. He spits gritty on Jay’s Can I Live instrumental, “Cooks Up” something mean for the “Banned From TV” freestyle, and spits a Hov Like Testament on “Gladiator“. Some might say why all the popular beats?

We say its to pay homage. After hearing Gates its no secret that his influence is from hiphop’s elite. One of the mixtape stand outs is “Love Drunk”. Not to be confused with the Masspike Miles record, this is totally original and different. It has cross over appeal and might be a leak from Gates future album. On “Love Drunk” Gates shows a more playful vulnerable side that most studio gangsters are scared to touch into nower days.

After hearing “President’s Day“, we know why Advo put his stamp on this project. Gates spits,”That’s a condradiction the goverment sells it too/ they just put a tax on it and tell you they thru/ this is presidents day, and I aint put on a suit/ But I be at the podieum and just tell them the truth!.. wow!

Another honorable mention is “Trafficking“. Can you say Summer Time banger? Top Low, windows open (with the A.C. on) and speakers blasting.

Make sure you download “Cookup Season 2″ asap. It’s a sure shot! Check out for constant updates and the release of the mixtape!!

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