G.C. – Don’t Sleep On Him

G.C. – Don’t Sleep On Him

His stage name is G.C. (Godz Chyld). He currently lives in the Bronx but is originally from Washington heights. G.C.’s main influences in music were 2pac, Bob Marley, WuTang, Nas & Jay Z. G.C. also wants to make it clear he is a fan of some of the new breed of emcees out there too. His newest project is called, “Don’t Sleep On Me”, and the whole concept was Chyld feeling like people sleeping on his music and him just straight beasting over beats and showing them he’s nothing to be slept on. This project alone boasts production from Jordan River Banks, St. Peter and Bronze Nazareth. The current project has11 tracks and is for free on bandcamp. This is the follow up to his “Forever” project with JRB last year. You can get that here- https://jordanrivers.bandcamp.com/album/godz-chyld-forever-ep

HIPHOPLEAD- It’s just a little over a year since we last chopped it up with you and you seem busy as ever. Hows things?

G.C.- Things are going good, I started working on this project since the last time we spoke & I’ve grown and matured a bit, switched some stuff up I’m making a lil different style of music this time around and I’m going by GC now.

HIPHOPLEAD- The last project you dropped was solid. It might be hard to top the last one (laughs). What’s the difference in “Don’t Sleep On Me” compared to 2014’s “Forever”?

G.C.- The first difference is this one isn’t solely produced by Jordan River Banks it only has two tracks from him I also have production from Bronze Nazareth & St. Peter & some other dudes I personally know, also this project isn’t as deep as the last one. I’m really just experimenting with flows being creative & having fun with this one & letting my personality shine as opposed to spitting complex rhymes. This whole project was based on me feeling like people were sleeping on my music & me so every song was directed towards making people realize how I can spazz out on a beat, make songs too & I have interesting things to say so most of the songs is just me going in and wildin out on a beat.

HIPHOPLEAD- We notice you like to work with a lot of Killah Priest’s producers. How did you link with all of them and what’s the chemistry like?

G.C.- Honestly I just hit these guys up and see what their rates are and what we can work out. I hit up a lot of other guys too but it might not be something that’ll be beneficial for me so that’s why you won’t hear me on their stuff right now, I was introduced to the producers i have worked with through artists like Killah Priest & Hell Razah’s music though I’m probably one of their biggest fans & I’ve actually done 2 verses for Hell Razah. I don’t know if they’ll actually come out but their out there, the chemistry is good on my side as soon as I hear any beat that’s fire I get hype and start thinking of ways to kill it, so it works together great.

HIPHOPLEAD – Keep it real, out of all of them, which is your favorite and why (laughs)?

On some real real shit Jordan River Banks is the illest (laughs). His level of beats is out there, just check out my don’t sleep on me track, that beat is like an anthem. As soon as I heard that I knew what kind of energy that beat needed and that’s what made it come out like that. Plus this other track I got with him on the on project, I’m going even harder on that and getting real creative with the flow on it. So it’s easy for me to vibe with his beats.

HIPHOPLEAD- Bro speaking of that ..the title track “Don’t Sleep On Me” is pure fire! How did this one come about?

G.C.- Thank you! That track came about because I had already recorded a couple songs for this project and I knew i needed something powerful so I hit up Jordan & told him what i needed & he sent that banger, as soon as I heard it I knew what it needed to be and went to the studio right away lit something up and just started going in, that joint was fun to record I was experimenting with the flow and really feeling it so much that it became the title track to my project because I realized that that was exactly what everything I was doing was about, getting people to stop sleeping on me!

HIPHOPLEAD- Which is your favorite track off the new project and why?

G.C.- My fav. track is “Awake” now just because of the way I attacked it. The aggressiveness on it, the flow and attitude, I spazzed on it and had alotta fun making that one. Another fav. of mine is 100 bars, I’m literally rhyming for 100 bars and not one is boring. I’ve played that for people and seen them bug out because the energy and intensity of it starts getting more crazy the more it goes on, towards the middle to the end of that song people start losing their minds and forget its 100 bars & just start enjoying it of what it is & the experience so that one is a favorite because of what I see it do to people

HIPHOPLEAD- When you spit you are NY to the core. It must bug you seeing the current climate of Hiphop and East Coast artists copying the South?

G.C.- Nah, honestly that doesn’t bother me at all. I actually like a lot of that music if its executed right because I’m a fan of music not even just hip hop but music in general so I’m into a lot of stuff people probably wouldn’t think I’d be into. I don’t understand why people get so mad about it, it’s just a style of music & honestly. I think NY needs a new sound, a reinvention, maybe having elements of the original sound, people wanna hear something fresh and new from NY, but I think a lot of the artists think they have to stay true to an old sound and it ends up sounding like a reenactment of something we’ve heard a bunch of times before. You have to be original & different.

HIPHOPLEAD- On the St. Peter produced, “G.C.”, you spit, “Step up your game/ I’m trying to make my own lane/ these niggas sound the same/ they should really be ashame”. To piggy back off that last question..why is originality so hard to find nowerdays? Back in the 90’s you would hear a Wutang, Bone Thugs and 2Pac all in the same half hour. Now everything is carbon copy. Why?

G.C.- I think it’s because they made people feel they have to be the same to be heard, it’s money, it’s easier to sell a formula than to take a chance on something and see if it’s the next thing. Obviously no corporation or business wants to take a chance when it comes to money, they wanna be as close to a sure thing as possible, which makes absolute sense. They look for, and only promote, a certain formula that’s been known to sell, eventually people realize that and only create that formula to be recognized by these corporations. It’s wack because sometimes the music lacks because of it but I think who really dropped the ball was the older artists. It was their game and they let it go, and this is what my generation inherited. Even with all that being said I don’t really have many complaints about hip hop today, even mainstream hip hop, because there are a lot of great artists coming out with music. Just this year alone there’s been a lot of good albums.

HIPHOPLEAD- So a year later what is your long term goal for the game?

G.C.- I’m trying to get people to stop sleeping on me now because i know with my hunger I’d destroy any beat somebody sent me. On the real I just wanna elevate and make great music. I’m doing all of this stuff right now on my own so just imagine what I could do with some kind of backing and support. I’m limited to what I’m able to do right now but even what I’m able to do I make ill, so I wanna be in a position where I have more things at my disposal and more opportunities, because I know I’ll be a problem out here. My hunger & drive can’t be contained, I know I’d make an impact that would have to be acknowledged, my long term goal would be to be a legend, fuck having just one hit or something if you aint doing it to be tone of the best you aint really doing nothing.

HIPHOPLEAD- Would you consider a major label or do you think they would try to change you too much?

G.C.- I would definitely consider a major label, why not? That would make it easier for me to reach more people and that’s what I’m all about. I said it in the last project, I’m trying to live forever, when I say names like Da Vinci or Shakespeare, or more recent Tupac, you automatically know who I’m talking about because those names can’t die and won’t die. What better way to get my ideas out there and accomplish my goals than to be with a machine that can reach millions of people, plus I’m sure there’s a lot to be learned in being on a label I’m doing everything now on my own knowledge & common sense with advice I’d be a problem! Nobody can change me for the worst, I’ll only allow you to change me for the better, there’s nothing wrong with change it’s a natural part of the universe you can’t avoid. You’re going to change, you just have to make sure you change for the better.

HIPHOPLEAD- It was good chopping it up with you again and your new album is fire! Make sure you guys download it below and support real emceeing. Before we head out the floor is yours. Plug any links, give any shouts..

G.C.- Shout out to all the producers on my project and anybody who reads this or hears my music or supports me in any kind of way, if you ride with me i ride for you other than that y’all can check me on twitter @G_Cee_ & check out my project & don’t sleep on me!

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