Frank Fetti – Cloud 9

Frank Fetti – Cloud 9

Frank Fetti is not looking back on his newest album, “Cloud 9″. In fact he’s meshing several sounds and genre’s to make his own concoction for the New Year. Frank finds his identity with a new age electronic persona while still finding time to kick flows reminiscent of Hip Hop’s Golden Era.

The album kicks off with the self titled “Cloud 9″ record and it has a light hearted airy feel to it as the emcee lets us know what’s in store on this project. Frank explains to us about his “legendary status/ on his Larry Bird shit/ Niggas sleep on me, MJ was the 3rd pick”. After that the album does a complete 180 on the 90’s sounding “Socks and Sandals”. The boom bap drums laced with smooth west coast sounding melody makes this smokers anthem so fresh. Frank effortlessy flows over this track like childs play while spitting slick lines like “wake and back in socks and sandals/ as yet to brush my teeth but I’m still in my pajamas/ I’m West Coast smoking, East Coast chilling/ feeling so sway in my polo linens/. Another album stand out is the dreamy “Blue Hill Ave”. Frank Fetti channels Nas a bit on this banger as he explains his surroundings ever so vividly while repping his hood like no other.

Fetti knows there is a formula for success and making songs that appeal to the masses is in his blood. The love birds get their taste on the radio ready “True Romance”. Frank continues to spill his guts on this soul driven gem. From the trials and tribulations in a relationship to the intimate moments, Fetti finds time to spit about it. The album features a few stand outs like the inspirational pop sounding “Now Or Never” and the equally celebritory “Know My Name”.

Frank Fetti is making feel good music with substance. He has a current sound, but still finds a way to bridge the gap for the real Hip Hop heads looking for some lyrics and content. Frank covers a wide range of topics so the moment never gets dull and trully shows us he is on “Cloud 9″. Show from some support and link with him on fb ( and check out his album below.

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