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Ok lets get right down to it, we’ve seen The Flowtronics grinding out for a little while now. We also had a first chance to listen to their “49TH Equation” EP (read review here- http://www.hiphoplead.com/spotlight/the-flowtronics-49th-equation/).  It was packed with original sounds and content. So now this is the part where we picked their brains and got to know them a little better as an artist. Kick back and chillax, the interview went a little something like this.

HipHopLead- So lets start with the basics…how did you guys come up with your names Boone Pratt and Rizzle P??

Boone Pratt- I used to rock a lot of Boone Caps in the army, during a freestyle somehow the name came up.  It stuck, I felt that it stood out from the other names. So no Lil or Big, just Boone Pratt.

Rizzle P- Well it’s actually quite simple the Rizzle is for my First name Ronald and the P is for Panama because that’s where I was born.

HipHopLead- How did you guys come up with the group name, The Flowtronics?

Rizzle P- It was derived in the cold depths of a dungeon that was actually really hot. Like electrons that flow naturally, we knew that with our witty rhymes and above standard delivery, we had something to kill the game with, like a flowtron bug zapper, but bigger!

Boone Pratt-If you ever watch the transformers sometimes they come together to form a bigger and stronger one.  That’s what you have here.


HipHopLead- We know you guys rep the 907, Alaska, hard body. Were you guys born there??

Boone Pratt- No I was born in Boulder, CO another mountainous area. All I know is Alaska.  My mom drove her Voltswagon Rabbit from Colorado all the way to Alaska. I lived in Juneau, Anchorage, and Eagle River, Alaska. So it’s home to me.

Rizzle P- No I was born in Central America in ancon Panama, then at a young age ended up moving all around due to my father being in the army in the end settling to retire after 22 years of military service in the last frontier Alaska, where I’m glad to say I have been since 1993.

HipHopLead- Each area in the lower 48 have their own type of Hip Hop sound, how would you describe Alaskan Hip Hop??

Boone Pratt-  Man that right there is a hard one.  I believe that Alaska doesn’t really have a sound yet.  I feel Alaska is at that point that Flowtronics can help build that sound.  I would like Alaska to be known for the rugged lyrical sound.  It should have a little of everything in it.  Sounds of each coast.  Most people in Alaska are from other places.  So the sound should reflect that.  I would like to bring that lyrical part for Alaska.  I’m not a big club person, and I feel with the music industry the way it is now. We need lyrics back in music.

Rizzle P- The Flowtronics Are Alaskan hip-hop to the core, cold bars mixed with furious beats that make for and extraterrestrial sound of our own.

HipHopLead- With this new EP about to drop on 4/20, where do you think you have gone artistically you haven’t before?

Boone Pratt-  This EP is just a step into the game.  I believe this EP will showcase our talent for music.  I haven’t put out an EP before so this is a first.  But I as far as going somewhere artistically different that’s what this EP is about.  Working with others (Collabs) I always want to bring something different.  I know this will let people see a fuller picture of Boone Pratt.  I want to be know as a well rounded MC.  I want to bring fast, slow, club, street and hard.  As Flowtronics, we did that on this EP.

Rizzle P- To be really real with it I think we have taken this EP project to a whole new place, I’m just happy to see myself investing in my craft because without that I’ve learned you truly have nothing. Boone has instilled in me that if you dont spend money to showcase your talents you pretty much will never set yourself apart from other local acts, before it was more of a low budget thing to where we would find beats online use fruity loops double XXl producer edition to record and then just rap to them but with the project at hand we tracked beats from a local producer who we hooked up with equipment, verbal shout outs and free promotion to gather beats. With that being said after recording the mulitple tracks you will find in our new EP “The 49th Equation’ we sent them out to Gf2 studios for Mix down and mastering in New York City. We got stickers pressed up, websites to run, raw music, art work and visuals to come so be on the look out because we are just gaining wind.

HipHopLead- The 1st video to the project is for the track “Message To Raven”, performed by Boone Pratt. That video had a lot of mysterious elements going on and showed different views into the Alaskan culture. Can you explain some more about the detail of the video and what the track actually meant, culturally speaking?

Boone Pratt- I love this song.  It’s so different from most songs out.  It’s my twist on the Legend of the Raven.  The Raven has been in many stories from different cultures.  As for me the Raven helps me with my pilgrimage to the Hip Hop Mecca. It’s like an echo back. Letting the hip hop culture know that Hip Hop is in Alaska.  Lyrics still live.  I was lucky enough to have Pauline Mitchell (Fitness Model) who has lived in both NY and Alaska be in the video.  She really added something new and fresh to the video.  It was great working with Monstar Films, Devin Gibson, Cat Torres and George Stuboer on this video also. They always seem to bring the music to life.

Rizzle P- My boy Boone went in on that track, sure to be an Alaskan classic for decades to come.

HipHopLead- Which is your favorite songs off of “49th Equation” and why?

Boone Pratt-  I’m going with the track Titled “Splash”. It started out as just us playing with new music and vibing on the track.  Next thing you know we’re putting down a track that’s hot.  A lot of classics come like that. This track will catch people off guard.

Rizzle P- Daaammnnn that’s a toughy, all of the joints on the EP are fire, but if I had to pick one to make the gods happy “Up all Night” would be her. That track just embodies the way I feel 24/7,  “no planes involved, but we always in flight, never know when we gonna get it poppin so we always write, pen in hand not a hobby this is our life, what you expect from ill spittas who been up all night.”

HipHopLead- How did you guys come up with the title for the EP?

Rizzle P-It was actually quite simple I knew I wanted something to do with Alaska in the title and with Alaska being the 49th state naturally. The 49th equation seemed to work, it’s kind of like A squared + B squared = C squared except in this case its  RP + BP = 49th Equation if you wanna get technical.

Boone Pratt-  Flowtronics is the formula.  If you’re trying to figure out what the 49th state is about Flowtronics can help with that.

HipHopLead- We first got a glimpse of Boone Pratt, and current Alaskan Hip Hop, on the video for “The Evolution”. We know you came all the way to NYC to shoot the video. What was it like coming from Alaska to the most popular city in the world to make that song come to life?

Boone Pratt- It was CRAZY!!  I ate so much, and met a lot of good people.  But I got that fever being down there.  To see so many people out trying to hustle that music just gave me drive to push.  It was very energizing!  Plus the video was so different from anything coming from Alaska.

Rizzle P- I have fam in Brooklyn and been to the city a number of times, I also lived upstate in Watertown, and Ft. Drum, NY while attending high school. It’s a blessing that my boy got to make it out to the big apple to shoot some high quality videos because high quality is what is lacking in the local hip-hop movement.

HipHopLead- Do you guys think being from Alaska helps or hurts your group in getting world wide recognition?

Boone Pratt- I think both.  It hurts us when we have people calling for shows and they look up a ticket from or to Alaska (laughs). But I think it helps us also. Alaska is different from most states.  Most people still don’t know where Alaska is or how big Alaska is. So I’m always happy to let some know about this Alaska sound.

Rizzle P- I’d say it definitely hurts us because we have zero exposure, the only avenue or lane we have is the internet, but with the internet a lot can be done just look at Soulja Boy and Chief Keef. 2 guys who got big off the internet so I’m not making any excuses, I’m just saying it hurts us but it also makes us work harder.

HipHopLead- What are Flowtronics ultimate goals for the Hip Hop Game?

Boone Pratt- I want for Flowtronics to make a mark on this Hip Hop.  We have something different that no one is doing. I want to help lead in a new era of music. To be game changers.

Rizzle P- To smash all the baddest video hoes, smoke the best flowers and cons, rock the best gear, drive the flyest rides and live in the biggest cribs!!! (Laughs) duh aint that what we are all in it for at the end of the day? In the mean time I stay humble in anticipation of making all mine and my families dreams come true. I have a girl who I been with for 2 and some change so ixnay on the big booty hoes but I was for real on everything else.

HipHopLead- Where can the Hip Hop Lead viewers purchase your new EP?

Boone Pratt-We’re trying to put this EP as many places as possible.  iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, Amazon, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google us if those aren’t places you shop.

Here at HipHopLead.com we like to ask questions a bit out the norm to give our readers a broader view on yourselves. So with that said..fasten your seat belts!

HipHopLead- Do Alaskans watch Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch?

Boone Pratt- Oh damn!  Here we go! I try to watch both, but I don’t watch it all the time.  Maybe to see what other people are getting pumped up for.

Rizzle P- (Laughs) I knew this was coming, Ice Road Truckers is lame as hell, I mean I’ve seen it once or twice but watching people drive on ice roads gets boring after the first time you see it done I guess if people were getting into accidents and dying I’d watch more. As for “Deadliest Catch”, I got nothing but respect for those guys, they brave some of the worst elements just so we can eat crab meat!

HipHopLead- Are you guys going to put a Moose in the next video?

Boone Pratt- (Laughs) I would love to!!  The Moose means a lot up here in Alaska.  So I wouldn’t mind.  I see them all the time.

Rizzle P- I might just have to shoot a bbq scene in a video and grill up some moose meat burgers, that’s probably the only way moose will make it in the video.

HipHopLead- Rate Sarah Palin 1-10 as a potential President or VP candidate?

Boone Pratt- Since I have to give her a 1-10 I’ll give her a 1. I would’ve gave less but it wasn’t aN option.  Now if she was running for hottest a 10 out of the women I see that might run for President or VP.  But if Michelle Obama runs that’s different.  I would like to sit down and have lunch with Sarah and ask some questions.  She might be able to change my mind, but she would have to wear that red dress. (Laughs)

Rizzle P- Negative 2, I hear she can see Russia from her back yard!

HipHopLead- Why are rappers wearing dresses now?

Boone Pratt- I don’t know.  I guess it’s the new fashion drive.  It started with the kilts, but dresses I’m not sure of.  I can say this Boone Pratt won’t wear a dress.  Someone asked if I would wear a kilt?  If my family tree ever did maybe because it would be part of my culture. I would wear one of those Lava Lava. (laughs) But a dress? No sir!

Rizzle P- Because they see cats doing it in other countries and think it’s cool or maybe they are gay or maybe they just dig skirts, either way Rizzle P would wear a skirt if the money was right we talking 6 figures tho!

HipHopLead- Best TV show ever?!

Boone Pratt- I’m not sure I guess I’ll go with the Simpsons. (laughs)

Rizzle P- Lock up Raw.

HipHopLead- Who is the sexiest chick in the game right now?

Boone Pratt- Can I go with MC Lyte?  She’s still hot to me.  Very beautiful, and how she carries herself is so classy.  I’m feeling that grown and sexy look.

Rizzle P- Iggy Azalea is that baddest in the game god damn she fly.

HipHopLead- Is HAARP controlling weather from Alaska?

Boone Pratt- Yes!  Everyday someone different gets to pick the weather for you guys down there.

Rizzle P- I’ve been asked not to discuss that (laughs).

HipHopLead- Serious question .. did the movie “The 4th Kind” scare the hell out of you?!

Boone Pratt-I have the movie and no it didn’t. I guess living in Alaska and seeing what people think Alaska looks like takes away from the movie for me.  But it was good, put extra butter on my popcorn for that one. (laughs)

Rizzle P- I’ve seen bits and pieces, never front to back, and naw it aint scary, it takes a lot to scare me like jail and poverty.

Back to the norm..

HipHopLead- We saw the hard hitting video for “War Torn”, which was Boone Pratt and, Jersey Emcee/Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate. Is that song going to be on a Flowtronics project, or was it just released as a single?

Boone Pratt- War Torn goes hard.  Shout out to Joey Loax for the beat and making the trip to get in the video.  But it was a stand alone project.  I would like to see Tha Advocate on a Flowtronic track.  That would be hot.  Hot MC’s only!! Maybe that could be a title right there.

HipHopLead- Do you guys have any plans to drop any more visuals for this project?

Boone Pratt- I would like to. Just need the right team to make that video happen. Something that we are looking into already.

Rizzle P- If time, money and the opportunity presents itself, then hell yes!

HipHoplead- Last but not least… name one song of yours that will have the HipHopLead viewers hooked?!

Rizzle P- “So EZ” it’s not on the EP but that track is fire and I know the fans are gonna love that track once they get a taste.

Boone Pratt- “Up All Night” the last track on the EP. It finishes the EP off nice.  The lyrics are on point and the hook will hook you.

HipHopLead-  The floor is yours fellas, plug any links, itunes, cdbaby, facebook and twitter accounts, give shouts outs, give F.U.’s, whatevers clever!….

Boone Pratt- If you want something different get this EP!! Nothing sounds like it.  It’s on iTunes and cdbaby.  If you want to hit me up check me out on Facebook, youtube, twitter, soundcloud, reverberation.  I got a video Vlog coming on my youtube channel so check for it. shout out my Fam Main Adrenaline from Fist of The North Star, LOC 300, ND Music Group, Tha Advocate, Monstar Films, the Eternal Cowboys because they show love so I’m showing some back, Eddie P for playing my videos, Enter 907 Live for playing our Music, Darian Lawson, Ameha Jackson, James Jackson, Trinity Bryant, Gabriel Martinez, everyone that has supported me and this music.  Laryssa McNeil I see you!!  AK Stand Up, the rest of you, you’re welcome. https://www.facebook.com/154056044649358

Rizzle P- I wanna give a shout out to myself, my mom and my production team. From the beat makers to the masterers and everybody in between #salute!!! You can find all of our music online at soundcloud, youtube, reverbnation, facebook and instagram.





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