Fists Of The North Star (Mixtape Review)


The “Fists of the North Star” is a Self Titled Promo CD full of gems. Reppin that 907, AK (Alaska), this is just a taste of what’s to come from Boone Pratt and Main Adrenaline. FOTNS is hosted by Boone Pratt and Main Adrenaline who are in the group Fists Of the North Star. Known for showing love to other artists, FOTNS showed loved to others by featuring them on the self titled mixtape.

Some of the Artists that are featured are 5Live, Trig and Semi, Bigg Body, AK Reign, ND Music group, and New Jersey’s very own, Tha Advocate. Also both Main Adrenaline and Boone Pratt have hosted Cyphers on Youtube (i.e. Water Cypher and War Cypher). Now it was time to put this all on disc and show the world Alaska is making some serious hip hop noise.

The mixtape gets down to business right away and opens with Boone Pratt spitting with a concentrated flow accapella. Pratt states, “Emcees scatter when facing the truth/ and it’s proof they should never be up in my booth/ now study how I wreck this and study my focus/ gonna set the mic to blaze now watch how I stoke this.” Then the beat kicks in and Boone starts letting the world know why he is “the black Sub Zero” and truly a “Beast On The Mic”. We first heard of Boone Pratt and his team on Digital Dynasty 19 (Hosted by Sticky Fingaz) and knew he wasn’t a slouch then.

These guys have studied hip hop mechanics and deliver songs that are anti cliche. Main Adrenaline lets us get a little familiar with his style on “Plasma”, and delivers a trancy record that makes you visualize every last word. MA makes poetic references to the ills of society with phrases like the “river of life” and “hypodermically injected hugs.” Poetic rap like that has been absent from the game in the modern day except from Killah Priest and a chosen few, but it’s great to hear new talent delivering a message with imagination.

Tha Advocate delivers an interlude shouting out Boone Pratt and Main Adrenaline and drops his infectious “Infliction”, and if by any chance you didn’t hear this song yet, then now is the chance. It’s a constant reminder of how dope and underated Advo is an emcee and he brings forth a track that inspires an aggressive to never give up on your goals.

Just when you think all the music is vintage 90’s sounding nostalgia Trigga and Semi deliver a dirty south sounding “Round n Round” and get the speakers bouncing. Both artists deliver a stand out record on this project with a great beat, solid verses and catchy hook. Another stand out is the flute sampled “Verbal Threat” from the Fists Of The North Star. This record shows what type of calibur these artists are as a team. Every member delivers an ill display of verbal dart throwing and it leaves us wanting more from the group. Hopefully an album or mixtape is in the works.

Boone Pratt stated that, “FOTNS are about lyrics, and the movement of hip hop. Trying to keep that the focus of the music, listen you’ll see that there will always be something new and different. If you’re tired of the same ol same ol, check out the CD coming soon.” When most artists speak like this they don’t keep there promise. FOTNS kept there promise and then some. When people hear of Alaska they think of Snow and Sarah Palin, now you can associate the state with dope artists labeled “The Fists Of The North Star”. Download this mixtape asap! Links are below


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