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Artist Name : Fev Eligante’
Genre : Hip Hop
Year formed : 2007
Hometown : Coatesville, Pennsylvania
Youtube : youtube.com/feveligante
Myspace : myspace.com/dudesoundlike
Label Type : Indie
Featured Track : Whats Popular (Prod. By SAP Da Beatman)

Fev Eligante‘ is the epitome of charisma. Prior to ever touching the MIC, Fev has always possessed the intangibles that make a star. Whether it’s the instant attraction from women or the overwhelming support from the streets, it’s very evident that there is something unique about Fev.

With a glow in his eyes, and a rigorous work ethic, the evolution of Fev Eligante’ has put him in a position to see his dreams come to fruition.

Those who know him can attest that he is true to his goals, his word, and to those around him. As a songwriter, artist, and engineer, one of those goals is staying ahead of every artist in the game.

Today’s market is oversaturated with the allure of a vanilla lifestyle but the very artist who perpetuate this way of living lack talent. Not only is Fev a talent, he focuses on the quality of a record rather than quantity.

As an early teen his childhood friends became fascinated with the streets, but Eligante’ gravitated towards music. Growing up in Coatesville, he was exposed to everything from the local success stories to the downfalls of some the areas most notorious hustlers. Rather than just learning from his own mistakes, he learned from others mistakes as well. Ultimately, each experience caused him to strive to be a perfectionist.

Although he was exposed to the streets, you rarely hear it in his music. Fev uses a strategy that he refers to as a “corner the market approach”. This marketing scheme simply caters to a mass audience, by using commercial appeal, without loosing credibility. Instead of making trendy dances songs and exaggerated streets records, Fev creates music that suits his lifestyle and who he is.

Recently Fev has released his first mix-album titled “Every A&R’s Dream” – The Diary (Hosted by Shadyville/G-Unit’s DJ Woogie), which contains production from world renowned producers such as Neo Da Matrix, Don Cannon, Kane Beatz, & J.Cardim.

Personal accolades and accomplishments including but are not limited to the following:

– 2008 (UMA’s) Underground Music Awards Most Promising Male Rapper Nominee

– YoRaps.com Next To Blow Spotlight

– 215hiphop.com Mp3 of the Week – In Your Eyes (Produced by Don Cannon)

– WearYourCity.com Featured Artist of the Week (November 2008)

– Hate Money Radio (Bronx, NY 2008)

– 1.Fm Jamz on iTunes

– UnsignedHypeMusic.com’s Countdown (Western New York and Southern Ontario)

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