OkTayne – Unsigned Exclusive Interview


Hip Hop Lead caught up with Oktayne, emerging artist from Carlifonia, from his Dad’s DJ equipments to demo tapes.

HipHopLead: Whats gud Oktayne?
Oktayne: Nothing Much Just Working Hard And Living Life, I’m Blessed

HipHopLead: And how’s your music going too?
Oktayne: I’s going alright just networking locally and regionally, the album is almost out. The album is going to be crazy, it will sound nice thanks to the hard workers at 17 Hertz Studio.

HipHopLead: So at your age what motivates you to make music?
Oktayne: The music that I bump constantly up in my IPOD is what motivates me. I got a range of music for the world to hear when I drop my products for the people to hear.

HipHopLead: And when did this started?
Oktayne: When I was 13, I used to freestyle only. The reason was because my lyrical abilities didn’t exist yet. I been practicing for so many years. Now that I am 21 even I’m in the best shape of my life in this music world.

HipHopLead: Is there any track you have recorded which means a lot to you?
Oktayne: I recorded this song called The Dreamer, and I love that track because its about a guy chasing his dream no matter what.

HipHopLead: Can you tell us someting about that track?
Oktayne: It’s on the new album Self-Explanations dropping late next month. You can peep it on the myspace page myspace.com/therealoktaynepage

HipHopLead: What are the feed backs you got for this tracks?
Oktayne: So far a handful of people said it was dope anyways I guess they are tryna pay attention to my single Hat Game, which isn’t as good as it, but still tight in many peoples opinion.

HipHopLead: So what are your future plans?
Oktayne: Well I’m going to be a business man, I run my own record company called Chozen Swag Entertainment. I got plans to make a filming company, writing books of poems, clothing and shoe lines, and pursuing some acting, I will be auditioning real soon.

HipHopLead: Now lets talk about what you think about the new fan base of hiphop?
Oktayne: It’s a lot different from where it was five years ago. We got too many gimmick artists being exposed to the fans. It’s crazy how lyrics got dumbed down so much that the amount of real artist in mainstream has decreased. It’s like the wack artist get more attention because they know how to market their music. Now everything is basically net oriented. People be on myspace, facebook, and many other social sites to promote their music.

HipHopLead: I mean, since you are from California, do you think the West could ever overcome the Dirtysouth?
Oktayne: The problem with the west coast is simply this; there is too much beef between west coast artist. I’m talking about the whole coast. That includes the most overlooked spot in Hip-hop, the bay area. I talking about street beef with rap artist, not just rap beef. I see rap beef as part of music until it gets to a personal street level. It’s all about unity, and not just the LA cities. Blackwall Street get at me.

HipHopLead: Which artists inspire you the most?
Oktayne: Jay-z because he is a businessman, he is an example of a Rags To Riches story.
Tupac because he was a leader in much of his music and what he said meant something
Nas because no artist I seen in my opinion matches his lyrically abilities.

HipHopLead: What about producers and DJ’s?
Oktayne: Timbaland is the best I got say I need to work with him. 9th Wonder is easily one of the best producers I ever heard. DJ SKEE is one of my favourite mixtape DJS. DJ-L GEE is another mixtape DJ. He will host my upcoming mixtape that I am currently working on.

HipHopLead: Nice talking with you Oktayne, is there anything you would like to tell the readers out here?
Oktayne: Hit up the space
Or Email Me

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