Fatty Soprano – Breaking Bad EP

Fatty Soprano – Breaking Bad EP

It’s been almost 3 years to the exact day since we interviewed, Canada’s very own, Fatty Soprano (see interview here).

Since that time he has been steady on the grind working on new material, being featured on MTV.com and dropping new videos on the internet. Now as the fall starts to creep up on us in 2013, DPC Movements and Fatty Soprano, unleash a brand new EP called, “Breaking Bad“.

The EP kicks off with self titled, “Breaking Bad”. Alex Lustig provides a cinemaic platform for Fatty to flip words like, “I bring the gun you bring the knife, not really a fair fight/ Like Simon Cowel vs. Suge Knight”. Fatty also follows up with a catchy hook regarding his plans in his “last 24″. The formula stays the same while Lustig keeps the production savvy for the next track, “Gun Slinger”.

This record finds Fatty crooning his own hook about a female who “put a bullet right thru his heart”. The tale of two hearts continues to unravel while Soprano continues his story for the masses to hear. Fatty continues venting on “The Storm”, where he makes it clear that if you “Take a look around/ the best rappers are underground”. Soprano continues bar after bar providing personal testimony in one of the EP’s most vivid cuts.

On top of all the relationship, back packer and real life tracks Fatty still keeps the clubs in Canada bumping with the radio friendly “Shots” and the bouncy “Human Calculator”. The remaining tracks, all equally dope, respectively, are bump worthy, and combined makes this project unskipworthy. Especially the Beastie Boy sounding EP gem, “Parked In The Dark”.

Fatty Soprano - Breaking Bad EP - back cover

This EP has a little bit of everything and is Fatty’s best work to date. He is getting in touch with his inner artistry and making music from the soul while continuing to build his core fan base along side of DPC Movements. This EP will have you looking for the full album and demonstrates the growth Soprano has endured. Make sure you download the EP for free here — http://www.sendspace.com/file/iwi7ab and follow Fatty Soprano on twitter ( https://twitter.com/FattySoprano ) and FB (https://www.facebook.com/fattysoprano).

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