ELCI Chyll

ELCI Chyll

Today we are chilling with a new up and coming rapper named ELCI Chyll. His story is quite inspiring, and interesting, and on a cool fall day we got to connect with the homie. We had a lot of questions for him. Some personal and some about his music… but none the less this is how it went.

HipHopLead- ELCI Chyll is an interesting name. Can you explain how you chose your rap name?

ELCI Chyll- This name came up in early years of high school. It started off as Easy LC Chyll, because I was into Eazy E’s music , the LC for my identity and the Chyll because I was and still remain cool calm, collected and not panicking even in precarious situations .It has proved to be a winning formula for me. I later removed the Easy to be more original.

HipHopLead- A lot of people may not know but were born in Mhangura, Zimbabwe. Now you reside in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since a youth it’s a known fact that hip hop reached all the way across the world and effected you in your life’s struggles. For one we have to know what was it about Hip Hop music from the 80’s and 90’s that touched you so much?

ELCI Chyll- The rebelliousness, be it against poverty and failure in life, against the the system, adversaries and so on. I adopted that unconsciously and consciously, I refused to take the easy way out. After Nursing school and a failed music career, I would have chosen crime and declared that school wasn’t for me. Hip hop from the 80 & 90’s taught me to fight and stand for what I believe in, to hustle but get an education, 2pac in 2pacalypse said, “the most dangerous weapon, an educated black man”.

With that in my psyche, I refused to give up after college when I couldn’t get a job ,and refused to settle for a mediocre job .It wasn’t easy in real life because the community was talking, went back to a country were I failed to get a job initially and started all over again.

HipHopLead- Alot of people say the era of music you are talking about was the “Golden Age”of Hip Hop. What do you think of the music that the mainstream Hip Hop artists are making now? (For ex. Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross)?

ELCI Chyll- Some of it rocks some of it doesn’t. But I respect most these guys for holding it down for hip hop. I believe a hip hop artist should be able to balance different styles because you can’t always rap about struggle and the streets in your music. It becomes monotonous and boring. Also a problem arises when a rapper always talks about one unimportant topic in all his songs for example, how rich he is. Coming from where I come I don’t relate to half of the things they talk about in mainstream rap.

HipHopLead- When you were a kid and your Father went away to jail you told us that financially your family was in shambles. In fact you and your siblings sold fruit on the side of the road to make ends meet. Do you think that struggle made you relate to Hip Hop more?

ELCI Chyll- No doubt, especially later during teenage years. There are many times when the only thing I had in this world was my music. Even when times were hard I’d stay up late and play my hip hop vinyl records ,I’d learn the lyrics and rap along. Later as a teenager I understood more because I could quickly pick up rhymes about struggle and the streets and realized we also went through almost the same things.

HipHopLead- Do you feel your up bringing made you the emcee that you are today?

ELCI Chyll- Yes indeed, that’s why on my upcoming album I started recording conscious tracks first. It’s through these songs that I’ll be able to touch hearts,stimulate thought, inspire and hopefully save lives. If you remove these songs I’d rather not have an album at all.

HipHopLead- How does it make you feel when you see kids from the United States committing suicide off of minor problems when a person like yourself over came so many real life struggles?

ELCI Chyll- I don’t mean to judge anyone but I blame the parents and guardians for letting kids get to the tragic point of committing suicide off of minor problems. Parents should provide for these kids talking to them and providing emotional support. Parents/guardians are not guiding kids anymore, kids are busy guiding themselves with the help of the internet.

I feel that kids should be taught and shown the way from an early age, undesired behavior rebuked on the spot, warnings given, parents should be firm but approachable, positive and negative reinforcements used including spanking. Speaking of spanking we got a lot of that growing up, even a neighbor had the right to whoop your ass if got out of line and if your parents heard about it they’d whoop you some more.

I miss that kind of community discipline growing up. Kids lack that these days, they’re like lost sheep wandering around with no shepard in hyena infested bushes .In such a case you don’t blame the sheep you blame the shepard.

HipHopLead- When you went to school for Nursing and ended up dropping out to focus music you referred too as not being a wise decision. When did you realize that music should be a side thing while you pursue other avenues?

ELCI Chyll- When I was back at moms house, stuck with no job or education. I began see things from a different angle. The terms ‘back up plan’ and ‘fall back plan’ began to make sense to me.

I think it’s every artist’s dream to focus on music alone or their chosen area of focus  and make a living off that .Well it’s not as easy as that. If you’re like me, in the early days you have spend your own money to record etc and be out there.

HipHopLead- Eventually after going back to college you became a teacher. What is it you teach now? And how is it working with the students?

ELCI Chyll- Yeah ,but I’m not teaching now, I started off as a trainee logistics personnel and now I’m a logistics personnel. If I was a teacher i guess i’d be a Music ,Science or English teacher.

HipHopLead- Have you ever been to the United States before?

ELCI Chyll- Nope never been there.

HipHopLead- We heard that your album is almost completed. Can you tell us the title?

ELCI Chyll- Yeah my album is in it’s final stages. Most likely is gonna be called ‘The Kill.’
If I don’t decide to change it.

HipHopLead- What type of tracks can we expect from it?

ELCI Chyll- It’s gonna be like a trip to the Jungle and back with crazy fast ones, social and politically conscious ones, battle rhymes to move to, a few mellow ones too.

HipHopLead- Any features on there? Or Producers worth mentioning?

ELCI Chyll- Jaun-Claude Pienaar and me will be playing the instruments .I’m featuring a few unknown guys from SA and mostly emcees from Zimbabwe.

HipHopLead- This year alone you appeared on Digital Dynasty 22 (Hosted by Freeway) and now you are doing an interview with us. We can clearly see you are grinding out to get some major recognition. Is your goal to be an indy artist or getting signed to a major label?

ELCI Chyll- It’s a blessing to get this interview and be on Digital Dynasty 22 and I’m thankful. I just wanna use the talent that God gave me to the best of my ability and see where it takes me .I hope for my music to be out there, to be able to entertain, bless and inspire people and they should be able buy my shit online world wide. If it takes getting signed to do that then signed I will get, if not indy I’ll be.

HipHopLead- Which music scene intrigues you more … U.S. or Africa?

ELCI Chyll- The U.S music scene intrigues me more when it comes to Hip Hop because it’s the reason I’m doing this in the first place..Need I say more. TheAfrican music scene intrigues me more when it comes to traditional music, that’s the reason why I play the ‘mbira’, and you will find a lot of traditional African elements in my music too.

HipHopLead- Who are the most popular rappers in South Africa right now?

ELCI Chyll- Slikour ,Prokid ,HHP,Tumi,Proverb ,Tear Gas etc

HipHopLead- Who were your personal influences to get into music?

ELCI Chyll- No one, it’s just my passion. I’m the first in the family to do music.

HipHopLead- Hit me with some of your favorite bars you ever spit…

what’s the meaning of life?/
sometimes i wish I wasn’t born/
been through so much terror
now my soul is torn/
I hope the earth is just a purgatory/
maybe my afterlife can be a different story/
where the ending is sort of like a fairy tale/
where the main character goes through hell/
only to live happily ever after at last/
it’s the biggest dream that every poor man has/
or maybe fantasy, what if heaven and hell is on earth/
and life is prescribed from birth/
a child is born with nothing/
goes through hell and die with nothing /
born in misery living in misery dying in misery/
dreaming about happiness and luxury/
it’s a classic example of hell on earth/
imagine having to face another hell after death
living in hell/

(Taken off a track called ‘Livin In Hell’)

Here at HipHopLead.com we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm. We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you. So lets get it cracking ….

HipHopLead- Other then music what do you do with your time?

ELCI Chyll- Get lost in very old music African or some Beethhoven, Bach etc old shit. Watch stand up comedy, watch a movie, or wrestling or boxing, draw or write a little.

HipHopLead- Tell us a hidden talent you have?

ELCI Chyll- I can draw pretty well. I’m pretty good at writing especially stories.

HipHopLead- What were you thoughts on that viral video about KONY that went up earlier this year? Was it real or blown out of proportion by the film makers?

ELCI Chyll- I thought it was real, I also think it’s good for stories like that to come out in the open because they’re just the tip of the iceberg .The majority of similar and related incidences happen in vain.

HipHopLead- If you were able to do a song with any music artist dead or alive… who would it be and why??

ELCI Chyll- Ice Cube-he’s the epitome of a legend. He’s got sick flows ,he is a great emcee, writer, actor, movie producer who’s still relevant today.

Back To The Norm…….

HipHopLead- Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the HipHopLead.com viewers hooked!?

ELCI Chyll- An untitled track from the upcoming album called ,’The Kill’!

HipHopLead- Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites… anything you feel the public should know?

ELCI Chyll- Shout out to Tha Advocate, Jean-Claude Pienaar & my dawgs Willard Garawiro & Josphat Bamhare let’s do this!

Dowload my track on Digital Dynasty 22 hosted by Freeway.
Holla at me on facebook, twitter or my gmail

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