Dro Pesci – When I Blow Up Don’t Show Up 2 (Mixtape Review)


We had the pleasure of picking Staten Island’s, Dro Pesci‘s brain in an exclusive extensive interview months back. Now we had his new mixtape, “When I Blow Up Don’t Show Up (Part 2),” come across our desk. Before getting into specifics this is one of the best, most gritty, lyrical mixtapes we had the chance to critique all year.

The mixtape kicks off with “Rep,” and it brings in alot of rapid strings and a hard kick and snare. The anticipation builds and then just like that Dro starts with an arsenal of lyrics. We are talking every half bar in consistent mimicked rhyme format.

That’s one thing that seperarates the elite from the rest of these cat in the hat rhymers. Alot of other songs follow suit with that. Records like “Tuff Shit”, “Cold Street”, and “Crack” will have you feeling like you are living in the golden era of hiphop again. Dro brings that sound that reminiscent of The Firm, Bootkamp, Mobb Deep and Wu, all while keeping his own identity. This is real gritty east coast underground hip hop at it’s finest.

Dro not only keeps his spit game in constant format, but he does so while showing a more introspective side. Dro opens his heart and spits with tenacity, “Now I walk thru the valley of death/ I pray to god every day that he carries my breathe/ Give me the strength to overstand shit, we aint holding hands/ It’s just me against the world wit two holsters, fam! Dro makes you scratch your temple on the “Angels Face” record when he spits “God works in mysterious ways/ mysterious days/ niggas getting locked for a year and a day/. That is the makings of a true emcee.

It shows how the modern man tries to keep his faith while questioning why God would let his children be thrown into the prison system in an unjustified manner. Some more super repeat worthy songs are “Rite Hea”, and of course “Attention All Cars.”

When I Blow Up Don’t Show Up” is a 21 track collection of gritty, raw, underground, introspective, anti Gucci Mane records at there finest. It was refreshing listening to this project. Almost every song was a stand out in itself. We COULD NOT FIND a weak link worth mentioning in this whole tape. We urge you to download this mixtape below. It will fill the void for what is going on in the main stream. Check it out here: hulkshare.com/3ve551ade6au

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