Dough The Freshkid – No More Dreams (Mixtape Review)


One thing about having dreams is reaching for the sky until that ultimate goal is accomplished. The grind in itself, well that is for an artist, is an even rougher road to travel in 2012 being everyone wants to rap nower days. Sometimes you reach that milestone and realize this is reality and there are “No More Dreams”. Dough the Freshkid took us on a journey with his new project “No More Dreams (Tuxedos & Champagne), which is his second official release and hosted by D.J. Xtreme. Upon vibing with the mixtape we noticed a few things.

Dough kicks off the tape with “They Don’t Care”. This particular record finds the Freshkid explaining the industry woes and fake friends that come with the platform of an aspiring rapper. Dough explains, “My Granny said the closest people to you always hurt you/ you give them a job and they still trying to work you.” Dough gets in hustle mode when spitting on the trancy, “Every Penny Counts”, and channels his inner drive while laying bar after bar like ” and I aint gonna speak about them niggas who hated/ but fuck em anyway cuz a nigga still made it.”

You have to admire the intensity and confidence from DTFK. The title track, “No More Dreams”, finds DTFK rhyming over a production layer that could have been a selection for the Life After Death album. This particular record is in tune with The late great BIG’s “Your Nobody Till Somebody Kills You”, but is conceptually a more arrogant outlook on the road to success.

If Dough can get a sample clearance on the dreamy, “There You Go” record, then this might catipult this artist to more mainstream attention. The song is begging for radio play as is. DTFK prooves he is ready to cross over without losing any integrity.The skits on this mixtape were clever and accented it well. Every time an artist delivers a well rounded skit it shows a key note in there personality and we are beginning to understand what DTFK is about.

Another great addition to this project is “Not My Style”. The message Fresh delivers is that of rapper maturity and a growth that most artists may never experience. Dough rips this beat to shreds with honesty while spitting “I’m more with that tuxedo style/ paparrazi taking pictures, give em a tuxedo smile/ wowwww, we been hustling for a while/ so this money river is stretching longer then the Nile.”

Report card wise this is an A minus. The minus you ask? Well … ever heard that expression “less is more”? Well a track that could have been left off the project was “Put It On You.” Nothing about this song is pleasant for the listener. The strange production samples all the way up to the repitious, basic, hook made it much easier to find the skip button. Now with that said nothing else seemed skip worthy on “No More Dreams”. This mixtape is a must have and with over 1500 downloads on datpiff already you can see what all the fuss is about. We look forward to hearing more from the young gunner. So download the mixtape and spread the word.

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