D’NME – Guns & Roses (Hosted by DJ Whiteowl)

DNME – Guns & Roses (Hosted by DJ Whiteowl)_back

Newcomer D’NME is on a mission to make Canada more recognized then just for good bacon and Drake. This new artist is setting the foundation for his audience and grinding to an extreme. From shooting his debut music video all the way in Hollywood to debuting a mixtape that currently boasts 33,000 mixtape downloads on Datpiff.com to date. D’NME is bringing a formula of various styles, sounds and feelings on “Guns and Roses”. Having DJ White Owl presenting your tape isn’t too shabby either.

Upon listening to the mixtape the first song, “Against The Wall”, kicks off with thunderous intensisty. D’NME spews bar after bar of elite word play while boasting “Until my first court date, hombre/ this urine will spray on top of your corn flakes/ you’re on a stage where you’re not really all safe/ make no mistake homie, Ima stay blowing on tape!/. D’NME flexes a fast paced Busta Rhyme’s style verse on the Shade 45 freestyle and then slows it back down and switches formats on the radio friendly, “Bitter Sweet”. After spitting about the ills of a fallen relationship and explaining the karma and vapors the un lucky lady catches D’NME pridefully gets closure while enjoying a bit of revenge. King Klutch makes an appearance on the hypnotic club record “Bad Bitch” and then Dwaine keeps the radio friendly vibe going with while delivering another catchy hook on “Love Is Overrated”.

Just when you think D’NME might be getting his Flo Rida on a little too much he redeems his rapper card with the “DJ Drama Freestyle”. D’NME brings out his inner emcee and takes it to the limit while cueing that trade mark double time flow he delivers so well. The highlight of the mixtape in a pop sense has to be the smash “The Stars” and the highlight for all the hip hop heads out there would probobally be one of the freestyles or “Out In The Morning”.

While D’NME proves that he can spit with different styles and flows and bring a range of feels to the masses it might be harder to stabilize a more hip hop core fan base with all the pop records. Most mixtapes are for the streets and the pop cross over records are usually left for the album cuts. But with over 33k downloads in a short time we are sure D’NME is doing something right.

As an artist constantly evolves they will either lose touch with the fans or grow more admiration. D’NME, unlike so many other artists, he has mastered the craft of diversity and is able to rock on your local hip hop station and pop station. One thing we hope for the next mixtape from the Toronto artist is more original production and a better recording quality with better mixes. At times the clarity was a little too crunchy and it was hard to understand the verses. With that said this is an impressive debut from the new comer and we look forward to hearing more. Make sure you check out the exclusive interview we did with D’NME on the front page and make sure you download the mixtape below.

Download the mixtape on D’NME’s personal website http://dnmemusic.com/

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