DJ K Law – If You Aint Know Now You Do (Vol. 12) (Hosted By Hussein Fatal)

DJ K Law – If You Aint Know Now You Do (Vol. 12) (Hosted By Hussein Fatal)

It’s been a while but guess who’s back? The homie DJ K Law. This time around he took his time and hand crafted an epic mixtape that is bordering on the line of a DJ album. This mixtape is laced with tons of original tracks and collaborations that DJ K Law put together himself. This time around K Law enlisted, one of our former Hip Hop Lead mixtape hosts, Hussein Fatal (of The Outlawz). This mixtape is high energy and has a universal sound from coast to coast, north to south.

The mixtape kicks off with a Pac’ish sounding piano patch that builds anticipation for the Makaveli comrade to give his opening statement. Then just like that, Hussein Fatal speaks and lets us know Advo aligned him with DJ K Law and that they are about to put some serious work in. He wasn’t lieing either. The first original song is “Nothing To Lose” and it’s one hell of a kick start. High energy, blaring kicks and snares and rapid fire verse after verse. First up to bat was mixtape feature Jay-Oh and he delivers a Bone Thugs N Harmony type of blow to the beat.

Every emcee, including DJ K Law himself, follows thru with some insane verses. Hussein Fatal also shows he is far from rusty and in tip top shape on “All Audio No Video”. Fatal bounces off the 808’s like he drank 100 red bulls and hits us with some serious quotable’s like “you kind of loose homie tighten up/ go and find you a white girl and lighten up.” Fatal seems comfortable and in his own zone in these newer songs. Not saying that he is better or worse in the Pac era, but now he seems a bit more seasoned, respectively.

K Law gets introspective on the modest “Press Rewind” and enlists King Corleone, Sus, Jordan Boyle and Shawn Blayze for one of the mixtape highlights. All emcees on this banger open up their notebooks and start the hood testimony. Following that is the addictive “Get My Mind Right”, where K Law takes over the hook duties. Oneman, Sus and Tha Advocate deliver some insane real life 16’s to make the recipe complete. At one point Tha Advocate spits “great odds is against us but we take them face on/ while the haters want to see us cuffed in back of state cars/ I got to get my mind right, my grind tight, my rhymes like 5 mics/ so bring the lime light or I might../ wait chill.. got to keep my temper in check.” Fuego!!

Hussein Fatal verbally blacks out on “Fukk You”. This is Fatal at his best. Line after line gets more brutal. Fatal is in clean up mode as he destroys haters with lines like “nah you aint a boss you a bitch/ take a loss you a trick/ I’m gonna cross you up quick”. K Law continues to flex his muscles as a song writer on “Lights Out” with another super catchy hook. The substance on this mixtape is just oozing out of each track and on this particular song each featured emcee spits about what they want to accomplish in this rap game and life before it’s “lights out”. Kilo spits “It’s the love for the art that keeps me going, its the drive/ but sometimes you just got to take it one day at a time”, while Boone Pratt poetically lets us know that “days after the last days I’m still climbing mountains/ blood sweat and tears fills my empires fountains”. Super talented Jus Donovan ends the tape just right with some smooth ride out music on “Average Jawn”. A perfect way to wind down the high intensity of this mixtape.

One way to categorize this mixtape is “inferno”. It’s not often that we find ourselves rewinding more then fast forwarding and this time around it took for ever to get thru this mixtape because it was almost impossible to listen to each song once. K Law enlisted emcees from all over the globe to spit bars and make a compilation that defines today’s musical landscape. In a good way of course. In the golden ages people weren’t complaining for change like they do now. This is the type of change people in 2013 are begging for. Make sure you download this mixtape below and share this link.

This is a free sample from the Texas DJ, when in fact this type of record could have been sold, so make sure you do your part and download that and spread the word. Download it here on Coast 2 Coast, or Make sure you connect with DJ K Law on twitter – and Facebook:

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