DJ K Law – If U Aint Know Now U Do Vol. 9

If U Aint Know Now U Do Vol.9

Last time we reviewed a mixtape from DJ K Law it was refreshing to say the least. The showcasing of on the come up artists with no label politics was a breathe of fresh air in the current industry landscape. Now a few weeks later the Texas DJ is back again with “If U Aint Know Now U DO- Vol. 9“. This mixtape follows the same formula but with more appearances of radio friendly signed artists and more new artist showcasing there talent. A growth has begun.

K Law kicks off the mixtape with an hilarious skit leading into the first track “All The Smoke”. This track features J Click and That Boy Salas. It’s the perfect way to start the tape with the smooth samples blending into a hard hitting kick and snare. This song is ready to beat out of the car speakers everywhere this summer. Young Skit and Dreamer Daze follow up with a Pretty Ricky sounding slow jam called, “Temptation.”

This track brings back that classic 90’s RnB nostalgia that the game been missing for so long. Auto Tune and Euro Dance R & B copy cats eat your heart out! After the baby making is done the mixtape picks up a rapid intensity with “Can’t Stop”, which is performed by Boye Kenyetta. This track is raw and energized and suits the tape well. We are looking to hear more from Boye Kenyetta in the future.

Sus makes an impressive debut to HHL while spitting like a machine gun on “Tito Lopez Cover” he lets us know his evolution as an artist while stating, “Do this for my momma, finally got my shit together/ back in school I played it cool wanted bitches and the chedda.” There are a lot of other honorable mentions like Menace Out That D, Nina, Average Joe and many many more.

K Law also features some familiar faces like Machine Gun Kelly, Nicki Minaj and Slaughterhouse. While those artists bring a great presence to the mixtape, and increase the notarity in your google searches, the Nicki Minaj songs may not be that tasteful. One thing about a K Law mixtape we are growing a custom too is hearing what we can’t everywhere we turn. Not saying don’t feature famous artists, but right now, Nicki Minaj is on super overload.

DJ K Law is on his way to dominate the industry if he keeps up this formula. With a little fine tuning and reorganization of the tracklist these mixtapes are going to start to turn heads everywhere. Volume 8 and Volume 9 were certified heat and now with 10 on the way the milestone factor is in full force. Anyone looking to be featured on DJ K Law’s tape make sure you check out his links below. For now you can download the project here:

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