DJ K Law – If U Ain’t Know, Now U Do Vol. 8 (Mixtape Review)

DJ K-Law – If U Aint Know Now U Do Vol.8 (The 817 Edition)

There is a civil war going on in hip hop. Since the early 2k’s we have seen the game shift from that real organic music to more generic lackadaisical tracks hitting the MAINSTREAM.

That’s not to say real music isn’t being created, but most of these labels are focused on pushing songs that mirror a childrens theme song. In this civil war there are plenty of outlets leading the charge for the now known “underground”, maybe you have heard of DJ Bedtyme, Coast 2 Coast, Digital Dynasty to name a few. Another name that might pop up on your radio is the Fort Worth, Texas representer, DJ K-Law.

K Law is back and dropping a new mixtape filled with 28 heat rocks of unsigned talent. His newest release “If U Ain’t Know.. Now U Do Vol. 8 (The 817 Edition)“, came across our desk and it was something refreshing.

Mixtape kicks off with brief Intro that builds anticipation for what’s to come. The song snippets act as a trailer for the tape and the first up to bat is a track called, “Don’t Touch It”, which is performed by K Law and Average Joe. Law spits with a ferosious double time flow while Average kills them slowly. Joe spits “These rappers horse shit, I should be medicated/ Don’t need no fucking pills, I’m already hella faded.”

As the tape moves on Paul Valentino channels the other Valentino (Bobby) and blazes a smooth r & b track called “Out Of Time”. Paul lays his smooth vocals and sings, “Am I too late to wake up next to you girl”. It’s apparent Paul is schooled by that real R&B and hits them with a 90’s sounding banger. A lot of these records are ushering in the Spring season with trunk music. Records like “Team Work” and “Lookin For Da Freaks” are certified trunk shakers. Bizzy Bone makes an impressive appearance on the K Law song, “H.M.B.”, while new comers Smooth Vega and Soul Native deliver a solid duet and mix rap and rnb the right way.

Most records are on point but the vocals from Jameisha Trice need some work and it’s hard to listen too at times. Not her vocal performance per say, because she definatlety has talent, but the mix and recording quality could have been a lot warmer and suited better for a singer. Lil Corey’s contribution, “Stop Hatin”, was dope and his delivery was on point but the mix down lacked that knock the other records had. A little mastering could have boosted that record up better.

K Law is prooving to be a force to wreckoned with and he is repping Texas the right way. He is leading the charge for his hometown and with a few mixtapes under his belt he is prooving to grow on each one. If you want to hear a slew of new rappers breaking through the surface and delivering solid tracks then download this mixtape below. We look forward to hearing more from the Forth Worth DJ. So just in case “U Aint Know… Now U Do.”

Full Tracklist

01. DJ K-Law Vol.8 (817) Intro
02. Average Joe & K-Law (Step Brothers) – Dont Touch It Produced By Ocean Vue
03. Blacc Jack – Get Blowed Featuring Devin The Dude
04. Paul Valentino – Out of Time Produced By Paul Valentino
05. Art-of-Fact & Molekular – One Mo Gain
06. Smooth Vega – Gotta Have You Feat Soul Native
07. Trinity Music Group- Bottles Of Rose Featuring Dreamer Daze
08. K- Law – H.M.B. Featuring Bizzy Bone & Inertia Produced By Ocean Vue
09. That Boy Salas – Give Him Praise
10. Sin – I Am Mc Loving Featuring F Wellz
11. Da Deputy – David Stern
12. Average Joe – What U Need
13. J Champ – Rep That West Freestyle
14. Blacc Jack – Funky Town
15. Smooth Vega – Not What You Think Featuring Crooked I, Royce & Sinful
16. Jae-D – Like This
17. Royal South – So Throwed Featuring E-dot & Nefarious Lo$
18. Texas Hood Click – She Can Get It
19. Osama The Great – Team Work Featuring Big Hud
20. Connect Gang – Knock It Out The Park
21. Lil Corey – Stop Hatin
22. Smooth Vega – One Hundred Featuring Exstyle R-Kade King Corleone & S Native
23. William $. – Turn To Gold
24. Dat Boy Dstyles – Lookin for da freaks Featuring Young T & Osama Tha Great
25. (Bonus)KPT & Britni Elise – Stronger (PROD BY D-BOYY)
26. (Bonus)E Dott – E!TV
27. (Bonus)Jameisha Trice – On Loud (Prod By Bravo)
29. (Bonus)Gregory Garrett – Hard N da Paint

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