DJ K Law – If U Aint Know Now U Do Vol. 10

DJ K Law – If U Aint Know Now U Do Vol. 10 back

If there was a way to describe DJ K Law at this point it would have to be consistent. He has been dropping a new mixtape almost every month and each time it never falls short. This time around we got the email linking us to this new heat. Upon checking out the mixtape we saw Digital Dynasty’s, Tha Advocate, gracing the cover of “If U Aint Know Now U Do Vol. 10″ The unity between a mixtape series like D.D. connecting with K Law’s new brand shows that in hip hop unity can build bridges to victory faster then grinding in solitude.

The mixtape kicks off with the heavy string and synth beat known as “Exodus 23.1″ and has K Law showing his show man ship as he cuts up coast 2 coast dj drops and splices in quotables from the likes of 50 Cent, Scarface and Busta Rhymes. Each snippet is reflecting this DJ’s agenda for the game. The intro quickly slides into the thunderous “300”, which is DJ K Law himself featuring I.U.A.K.N.U.D. regular, Average Joe.

300 shows K Law is more then just a DJ as he spits a double time 16 about the political gridlock we face in this country. K Law doesn’t hold his toungue as he basically tells the Republicans and Democrats to “Get the fuck out” if they can’t help our society. Average Joe follows up with similar agenda as he breezes thru this beat and effortlessly and agrressively drops bars about his grind in this industry.

J Champ and King G Eye introduce themselves on the coinscience “Make Music” record. J Champ spews bar after bar about just wanting to make music while dealing with this thing we call life. Champ spits “no promotion, all I got is my drive and devotion/ motivated by the hate it inspires how I focus/ a nigga got dreams doing shows across the ocean/ some were in Nova Scotia, a fan base of all cultures”. This is truly what hip hop is about.

The mood continues on that real front as Kilo Artefacto and Smooth Vega cook up a Jedi Mind Trick sounding banger called “Redemption”. This record is smooth and cunning and elevates this mixtape even further. Then Tha Advocate brings us an incredible look at the cons of a bad break up. Advo spits 3 16 bar verses that paint a picture of disfunction, relief and a reminiscing. J.D. Artist passionatley sings “What can I do, baby you blamed me, you framed me, you drained me .. so Fuck You” on one of the mixtape stand outs, “So Drained”. Advo also shows what a New Jersey wordsmith he really is on “The Breaking Point” as he spits:

“Watch me turn these 8 bars to napalm and make bombs/
I take thongs from great dimes and finger spin em like a ball/
hey yall, I’m sick of this happy music about getting laid dawg/
half of us is laid off and need to be paid off/
this is a nj boss, comprende yall?/
I dont care about some shallow bitch in fendi clothes/.”

Jon Jon brings us a smooth record called “Candy Leather” for all the car heads out there while Lil Corey brings a dirty south anthem with “Str8 Drop Pt. 2″. Jay Arroya reps his region to the fullest while he brings a classic 90’s New York City nostalgia on “We In Here”. And right before the mixtape closes K Law finds a spot for Twista to show when it comes to that fast spitting he is in his own lane and in his prime in 2012.

DJ K Law is a force to be wreckoned with. This mixtape picks up where the last one left off but with more steam, more organization and no flaws. This is a perfect mixtape for anyone who wants to put there finger on the pulse of that real hip hop. This tape is diverse and full of artists in there developing years showing the eye of the tiger. DJ K Law’s next stop is an official album maybe? Maybe a radio show? An internet show? Who knows at this point, but with one thing for sure, but whatever DJ K Law puts his mind too will find him excelling in that category. Make sure you download this mixtape on Coast 2 Coast here.

And all on the come up artists get at him for a slot for future mixtapes!

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