Devyn Rose – Want It All

Devyn Rose – Want It All

On a warm Spring day we had a new project come across our desk. This EP was from a rising New York artist who goes by the name of Devyn Rose. After checking out the cover, and her promo picture, we noticed she was a marketable cutie, who is easy on the eyes. The question is, did she have the sound to match the look? The answer was Yes.

The trippy intro gave some warmth into Devyn’s character as we got to hear her croon accapella. It some what reminded us of a little bit of Janet Jackson with a side of Ashanti. The first song up was “Want It All“, and this showcased the hunger from Devyn. Bar after bar Rose gave us a testimony of her struggle and her accomplishments with her silky vocals. Just in time to overlay that with confident lyrics like “I’m a muthaf***in champion”, in a true New York Fashion… love it. Next up comes the seductive “Fu** Me High”, and boy oh boy this is anti birth control. This song would make R Kelly blush. Devyn paints a perfect picture of her mate and delivers her melodic rendition of a verbal fantasy. Great track.

Track after track proves that Devyn Rose has found her own lane. Tracks like “Trouble” and “Who Am I” are just equally impressive. The perfectly planted “What If We” seals the deal and ends this EP the correct way. This record, just like “Fu** Me High”, will be stuck in your head all day. Mission accomplished Devyn Rose, we truly know you “Want It All”.

Devyn is no Whitney Houston and she knows that. She sings within her range and makes it work to a tee. The whole EP from front to back is bump worthy and worth every penny, or in this case every download. Take this product as an appetizer and stay checking out Devyn Rose, because we will be. When her next album drops, cop that. Only thing we would like to see change from this young star is her in a better studio. Even though she sounds good now, if she got in a better lab the sky’s the limit. Some of the mixing and recording quality wasn’t suitable for an artist of this caliber. Make sure you download the EP below and connect with Devyn at these links ..

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