De$to – Taking Louisiana By Storm


De$to, his birth name Modesto Reyes, was born and raised in Marrero, Louisiana. He was born on March 21st 1985. He has six brothers and sisters and is the son of Serella Rowland. De$to is also “the son of the earth, and the voice of the hood”. De$ started making music because of the effect it had on everyone around him and he perfected his craft in the late 90’s. He was 12 years old when he recorded his first song.

Reyes was influenced by the many extra curricular activities in his neighborhood in which ended up having De$to finding a home in the streets to maintain a particular lifestyle. Motivation from an older generation taught him to be different from his peers. Even though post Katrina brought a lot of troubles, which resulted into jail time, he still perfected his gift as an artist. These were his major life changing events between the years of 2006-2012. Upon his release he went full force into his music career. I represent music is now the platform that he builds his foundation on.

Hip Hop Lead – For starts what was childhood like growing up with 6 siblings in Louisiana?

De$to – It was a rough struggle, made me into the man I am today

Hip Hop Lead – It’s been a while since we heard someone bubbling out of the Louisiana area that wasn’t part of Ymcmb. It seems their movement has been quiet on the mainstream level as of late. Why do you think that is?

De$to – I really don’t know why their quiet and I’m a weezy fan, I respect his movement. All I know is I’m trying make some noise, De$to & I Represent Music!

Hip Hop Lead – Is it harder to get on not being from NYC or LA?

De$to – Of course that’s big cities, they have lots more opportunities, down here we have to make it work with what we have.

Hip Hop Lead – It’s almost like you have a real story in your lyrics and you have a strong energy when you spit your bars. You bodied that “O Lawd” track. Is that record gonna be on the new project or is that something you just threw out there?

De$to – Appreciate that, that was a spur of the moment verse, that’s just something that was put out there Sam Freeze on the track, Cineamodona on the video.

Hip Hop Lead – Do you feel like Hip Hop artists should do that more (giving that type of raw energy, like you do)?

De$to – I feel like artists should be themselves, we have too much of artists now trying be someone there not.

Hip Hop Lead – Speaking of crazy records your new single “5 Hunit 4” sounds like a summertime banger. We know that’s the first official release off your “Before The Money”, EP? What inspired you to write this type of record?

De$to – My city inspired me, everybody I named in the song has a New Orleans connection, some type of way I felt it was a great intro for me to introduce myself to the world.

Hip Hop Lead – Lets talk “Before The Money”. What is the overall theme of this project?

De$to – I feel like this is the beginning for me so before the money I’m introducing the world to DE$to, before the money, the tough times, years locked up & the struggle.

Hip Hop Lead – Any features or Producers you want to mention?

De$to – No Features. All me as of now, as far as producers, the homie BlaqNmild with No Limit Forever, he blessed us with 5 Hunit n 4 (504), & Sam Freeze went in on the rest, it’s some crazy heat, cant wait for everyone to hear it.

HipHop Lead – Why is it you think the south continues to make a heavy noise, and a lot of West and East artists don’t go on a mainstream level anymore?

De$to – We all have our time, timing is everything and the south haven’t let up the moment, we were giving the chance and we still making noise.

Hip Hop Lead – You seem to have a sound that can appeal to a lot of west coast listeners as well as East. We can tell that you go in when it’s time to write your bars. How do you feel when you hear artists who “just started rapping” getting on or artists with no real lyrics making redundant songs?

De$to – It use to hurt. But now I look at it like theres enough money for everybody to eat & just do me.

Hip Hop Lead – One of your records sounded all the way real to us. We know a lot of artists extend their truths in music so how accurate are your words on “Cold Cash” and what obstacles and real life experiences made you come up with that gem?

De$to – I was coming home from Baltimore, reflecting and venting over a freeze track, it was many things I seen that made me express them over the track.

Hip Hop Lead – Not for nothing you sounded super aggressive like you were almost getting at someone subliminally, or trying to let someone know about the dues you paid to get here? Correct us if we are wrong…

De$to – Nah, it was nothing like that.

Hip Hop Lead – What is coming from you next as far as mixtapes or albums?

De$to – After dropping this EP I’m releasing 1 mixtape called “How I’m Living”, which is pretty much complete. Then I’ll start working on the album. It’s untitled as of now.

Hip Hop Lead – What is your favorite record off the project so far?

De$to – “Hard living”

Hip Hop Lead – Who were your influences to get into music?

De$to – Tim Smooth, Juvie, Pac, Dro & Gotti.

Hip Hop Lead – If by some chance music doesn’t pan out for you what will you be doing 5 years from now?

De$to – Music is gonna pan out.

Hip Hop Lead – We had a chance to vibe out to a few of your tracks and earlier works. How do you think you have evolved since your days compared to now, as a person and an artist?

De$to – Practice makes perfect. As I matured, my music also matured.

Hip Hop Lead – It seems like artists are flooding the game with mixtape after mixtape and an EP here or there. Is it important for De$to to drop an official full length album? If so, what’s the title and scheduled release date?

De$to – Oh definitely, I’ll be starting it soon and I finished my Ep & Mixtape, so I’m gearing up for the album.

Here at we like to ask our features some questions that really are out of the norm. We do this because it gives the fans a broader outlook on you. So let’s get it cracking….

Hip Hop Lead – What is the dopest city you ever been too?

De$to – Baltimore, MD. Prob cuz it reminds me of New Orleans.

Hip Hop Lead – If you had a chance to go back and rewind time to fix one thing would you do it?

De$to – I don’t regret anything so its hard to say that I would go back & change anything, because I learn from everything I do. I’ll get some of the years back from incarceration and I’d go back & try & prevent myself from making those same choices.

Hip Hop Lead – Where is the best late night food spot in Louisiana?

De$to – Last Call Bourbon Street.

Hip Hop Lead – What do you think about all the videos of Police shooting un-armed people. Do you think it will stop anytime soon?

De$to – I hate to say it but I don’t believe it will stop anytime soon.

Hip Hop Lead – If you could abolish any rapper from the game who would it be?

De$to – Young Thug

Hip Hop Lead – Baddest chick in the game?

De$to – 3D Natee

Hip Hop Lead – Who had the stronger Louisiana movement in their prime…. No Limit or Cash Money.

De$to – In their prime, I think it was Cash Money.

Hip Hop Lead – Esther Baxter or Melissa Ford?

De$to – Esther Baxter

Back To The Norm…….

Hip Hop Lead – Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the viewers hooked!?

De$to – “Still Love Ya”

Hip Hop Lead – Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shout outs….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatever’s clever.. (plug itunes, etc)

De$to – – instagram @ssmafiadesto – twitter @ssmafiahdesto – facebook Desto Reyes 5 Hunit n 4 (504) – Itunes All Red ITunes – Soundcloud irepresentmusic.

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