Demic – Mad Man


Artist Name : Demic
Genre : Hip Hop
Year formed : 2000
Hometown : Plainfield, NJ
Website :
Myspace :
Label Type : Urban Background Entertainment, LLC
Featured Track : Mad Man

The public always gravitates to the story of David and Goliath. The story of the underdog who no one believes can win. The year is 2010 and in this case the role of David is being played by a young hip hop artist from New Jersey named Demic.

Demic released his first project in 2007 entitled “Walk on water” which received rave reviews for being a retrospective hip hop album which separated Demic from the the other rappers in the industry. While other artists depend on beats rather than rhymes. Demic’s lyrics come from such a humble and true place that make them prevelant over any instrumental. Stand out tracks such as “Material Things” feature clever quotes such as “the glitz and the glam wasn’t all that attract me/ it’s more that the people with it seem so happy/.”

In 2007 Demic started touring nationally with Hot Import Nights after supporting the release of “Walk on Water” by appearing at several local area bars and lounges. In 2008 he formed a group with fellow rapper Bawsten, the two then began to work the New Jersey nightlife. After much success the group began to tour nationally once again with Hot Import Nights, eventually becoming the headlining act.

In the beginning of 2010 Demic decided it was time to release his highly anticipated second project. Because of circumstances going on in his life at the time he decided to name the album “Rat Race.” Rat Race was meant to represent the people who work hard on a daily basis and reap no tangible rewards for the work they put in. To help push the project Demic and video director Dwayne Henry flew from New York to Los Angeles in order to shoot the music video for what was meant to be the albums lead track “Pay.”

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