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Dee Rockid

His name is Savaughn Wright known in the music industry as Dee Rockid. Born in Ludowici, G.A in 1993 he lived with his Grandma and moved down to Jacksonville, Fl when he was about 10 to then live with his Mom. He had a lot of my people in his family involved in music but Dee didn’t start till making music until the age of 13. “I’m a very quiet person and a good person.

I loved the lyrical side of music more than the beat because you can see the emotion behind it. I started off as just wanting to be a music writer but I chose to become an artist because I felt like the people I give my songs to wouldn’t give the same feelings I put into the songs. The lyrics that I write are me, they show my feelings and my views. But I started off in the secular music and some things just didn’t seem right. So there was a young Christian artist named Jadee The Rapper and was the first Christian artist to give me a chance. So today he is my mentor to help me become a better artist.”- Dee Rockid explained.

Growing up Dee had a lot of bad influences so before he got saved he viewed life as something where you get what you can by any means. But now Dee says that he sees life is more than that and as an opportunity to prove that the things that make you as a person isn’t what you have but how you live. While continuing his musical journey Dee told us that “In my future I want to accomplish all the dreams I have. I want to make my family proud of what I’m doing and who I will become.

I love music and I want to inspire others not to be like me but to develop there own creative ways. I would love to help design things for people to get there music out through Graphic and Web design. I want to live up to the things that God has set before me and when I leave people remember me for something great”. In 2012 he was signed by Gifted Souls Entertainment. In 2013 Dee’s first CD was released “Deeology” and also released my Mixtape “Deescovery”, only to follow it up with “Greatness”.

Dee Rockid has performed at the Soulboxx Cafe in Jacksonville, Fl and C-Room in Atlanta, Ga just to name a few places. During one of his interviews, Dee Rockid says “He loves music and want to inspire others”. To find Dee Rockid’s music go to Amazon, Itunes and Spotify. es and Spotify. Now fast forward in the fall of 2013 HHL sits down with Dee Rockid to pick is brain and it went a little something like this.

HipHopLead- What’s good Dee Rockid, whats popping your way?
Dee Rockid- It’s all good, very honored and amazed to be here and having yall interview me.

HipHopLead- No doubt homie. With your stage name being Dee Rockid can you tell us why you chose that?
Dee Rockid- Basically whenever I do anything I want it to mean something, not deep but something. So when I was thinking of names I was thinking of just using my middle name, Daniel, as it but it was too basic for me haha. So I just took the D threw some e’s behind it just because I thought it was cool. Then with RocKid that came from me just paying attention to how the bible calls all of us child’s of God and God is my rock on which I build everything on so I just combined Rock Kid.

HipHopLead- Even tho you were very young at the time do you have any memories of living in Georgia and the music scene there at the time? If so, can you share some with us?
Dee Rockid- Yeah at a young age I really took in all my surroundings and at the time I was growing up with my aunt’s, uncle’s, and Grandma. My uncle was the one who put me on the legends like Pac and Michael Jackson and my aunts put me on to T.I. and the big Atlanta rappers. My Grandma was the one who kept me in church so I got my spiritual side from her. I saw how music affected them and made them happy and I thought that was cool made me wanted to be like those rappers and singers.

HipHopLead- In your pre teen years you bounced moved from Georgia to Florida. Which state do you hold dear to your heart?
Dee Rockid- I couldn’t choose it might start a war or something (laughs). But really Georgia is were my family is and they support me the most and Florida is my backbone its were I grew into the person I wanted to be and they push me to want to represent were I come from.

HipHopLead- How would you compare the difference in the music scenes from Georgia to Florida?
Dee Rockid- Umm its basically all the same because its all the south, you know that southern sound. You have very talented artist all over and Georgia has like the big labels I will say so you have more opportunity and Florida is like you build from the ground up and just the grind from both is ridiculous.

HipHopLead- Which area would you say reflects the sound of your sound the most?
Dee Rockid- I would have to say Florida just because I didn’t listen to a lot of different music till I came there and just friends put me on a lot of music from all over that I never heard like rappers from the North and the west. It shows because I had like a real heavy country accent I guess its gone now (laughs) so I got that ville sound.

HipHopLead- How are things going for studying at Full Sail? What are you studying exactly that will help you in the music bizz?
Dee Rockid- I love Full Sail it’s like my Harvard of media. I’m studying Graphic Design, it’s not really connected to the music bizz but I get so much out of it that I can apply it to my music. It helps me stay creative, I meet and do covers with other music artist and I design all my stuff for my music. So really I use it as a relationship builder.

HipHopLead- Let’s back pedal a bit. Before you got saved with Christianity what type ills of society lured you into the wrong circles?
Dee Rockid- It wasn’t that anything lured me but its kind of like were I was placed. Moving down to Florida it was murder capital at the time, and I was in Duval, so it’s not the people but the situation and it seem what was going on in the streets was the only way to make it. But I had people looking out for me and even though they were caught up in that life they would keep me away from it. So it was like I was around it but I wasn’t in it and it inspired me to want to show them that there’s more out there and do something for my city so they won’t have to suffer anymore and we gone make it.

HipHopLead- We know that lyrics are important to you. Especially after hearing some of your music. Your world play and flow on “Deeology” was pretty crazy. Being a southern artist and a lyricist at that doesn’t usually go hand in hand in this music game. A lot of southern artists have made it known that “lyrics don’t matter”. What makes you want to keep your pen game so sharp, especially in a climate of music where beats and catchy hooks seems to drive the mainstream?
Dee Rockid- I was a song writer before being a music artist so lyrics have always been my foundation. I was always taught to look past the beat and focus on what people are really saying in their music. So when I rap I can have an ill beat but I always focus on trying to out do the beat and make you pay attention to the beat as well as my words, because your words hold power. And if its taboo in mainstream music to have it hand in hand then I guess I have a game changer on my hand and doing something others aren’t so don’t give away my secret (laughs).

HipHopLead- Who were your influences to get you into music ?
Dee Rockid- It was so many things, just having the love for music first off because I enjoy it so much and effect it has it’s a feeling you can’t explain. My step dad and uncle were music producers. I was always in the studio with people like G.r.i.t.s., Lisa McClendon, and Pettidee as a kid and watching them do something they love inspired me to be an artist.

HipHoplead- Have you ever dabbled into production, or do you just focus on emceeing?
Dee Rockid- I tried but it was an epic fail (laughs). I was so terrible at it there is so much that it was overwhelming and my beats were just terrible. Hopefully one day I can learn but for now I just focus on the emcee part.

HipHopLead- One of your tracks caught our ear. I believe it was “Ocean Soul”, off your “Greatness” mixtape. It almost seemed more like a confessional or journal entry for you. With that said does your art imitate your life?
Dee Rockid- Of course I always put my life in my music just to give people that connection to me and to show that I am not better than anyone and to keep myself humble. I feel that I can only talk about what I have been through and then tell you what I have learned from that experience. That song was to say really that I am a Christian and I am hip hop. People try to separate the two but all things in the earth belong to God.

HipHopLead- In early 2013 you dropped your “Deescovery” mixtape. How would you compare the difference in that tape compared to your most recent one? How have you evolved as an artist over those months?
Dee Rockid- With “Deescovery”, I was just starting out so I had like bad mics, no real recording equipment, and I had no idea what I was doing (laughs). It was like me discovering myself and bringing people on that journey with me to say hey hiphop I’m here. With “Greatness” I did evolve and got a lot better at my craft and try to make something different from my recent projects to show my growth and to show were my mind was. Know that I know who I am let me show you what I am going to become. “Greatness”

HipHopLead- How did you first link with Gifted Souls Entertainment? What is like being apart of their outfit?
Dee Rockid- The Ceo, Ernest Harris, really liked my music and the direction I was going. Really we met through my mom from them being close friends and he saw the potential to take my music to the next level. I am thankful to be apart of it because it gave me a place to expand music bizz wise and lifted a weight off my shoulder of balancing everything myself and on top off that open doors for me and give me opportunities to get my music out to people It wouldn’t usually reach. So shout out to Gifted souls.

HipHopLead- We saw you spitting knowledge in Atlanta when you were performing. It was pretty daring of you to do so in this climate where everyone wants to turn up. When you were prepping for the show were you worried that that type of in depth material might fly over the heads of the people at the venue?
Dee Rockid- I wasn’t worried about being too deep I actually try to do that from time to time because people see me as like this young kid and I guess I have that turn up image so I try to be out of the box. I was going to do reaching for the stars but something in me felt that empty inside was right and people really related to that and I got to show I’m more than just someone who can turn up. I’m not even like a turn up person, people around me know I’m real quiet, but when it come to music you would think I’m the most talkative person ever.

Here at HipHopLead we like to ask different types of questions out of the norm to give fans a broader idea of the person you are. So with that said … lets get it cracking!

Hiphoplead- Ok being a Jacksonville resident, what the hell is going on with the Jaguars this year (laughs)?
Dee Rockid- Next question (Laughs). Naw really I know some of the players personally so I see how hard they work and I’m sure they want the wins more than ever but I guess everything in due time. It looks bad but hey they got to want it. I’m gone to be a supporter all the same I’m a ville kid so shout out to the Jags yall keep grinding. Lets get some wins…please (laughs).

HipHopLead- Favorite Food?
Dee Rockid- Anything that smells and looks good, I’m not a real specific food person. But I will always love cheesecake over everything.
HipHopLead- Better lookin women .. Florida or Georgia?
Dee Rockid- I can’t pick because I been to other states so they would hate me for not even considering them haha. All women are good looking as long as they carry themselves like a boss. Shout out to women for looking so good haha

HipHopLead- It almost been a year since 12-21-12… keep it real were you a bit worried things were gonna end last year?
Dee Rockid- It wasn’t that I was scared, cause no one knows the time or day the worlds gone end, but I was gone be upset because that’s when my music career was just taking off and I was in my second term of college so I was gone be like really I could have been out chilling I’m gonna go out in college (shakes head and laughs).

HipHopLead- Tell us about a hidden talent that you have?
Dee Rockid- I’m not sure I think it might be hidden from me too (laughs). Is finishing your homework at the last minute a talent? I’m like the best last minute home work finisher ever (laughs).

HipHopLead- Why is Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa and A$ap Rocky wearing skirts now?
Dee Rockid- I can’t tell ya, my hope is it’s like they swag or whatever so they can say like “oh you aint on these skirts”(laughs). I hope it’s that rather than I gotta go out and get some skirts to be “cool” in hip hop. I got to compliment a girl on her skirt and she has to compliment mines back (laughs).

HipHopLead- Your favorite chill spot in Jacksonville?
Dee Rockid- I don’t get out much and when I do I just like to kind of go everywhere like the landing, beaches, but I just like to chill with the crew and enjoy having them around

Back to the norm …

HipHopLead- We know you dropped an album and 2 mixtapes. What new projects do you have coming out?
Dee Rockid- I have been thinking about my next move but I don’t want to rush into anything far as a project but I want to get out and meet my fans and focus on my shows and building that connection. Also I’m shooting like 2 videos one of them is to “Everything”, the song off of my mixtape “Greatness”. But, If I have any project you guys will be the first to know definitely.

HipHopLead- Any features worth mentioning?
Dee Rockid- Jadee Lamez, shout out to him out doing his thing. He’s really help to build me as an artist and my sound. He’s my big brother from another mother and just a real great artist.

HipHopLead- It was great chopping it up with you homie. With that said .. the floor is yours .. give us any shout outs, links .. get ya plug on (laughs). It’s go time ..
Dee Rockid- Shout out to Mizz Lovely, that’s my mom’s name literally is lovely, haha she wasn’t expecting that. Shout out to rockidzgang, Live forever. Gifted Souls we out here. Love all my supporters out there yall keep me going. And a huge shout out to Hip Hop lead I never thought I’d see me on here for a long time you guys are awesome. Go cop Deeology and Greatness. This is ya boy Dee Rockid, dueces. (has videos and biography) (this has my full album deeology on here)

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