Da’ Hitman – The Faction (Mixtape Review)


The Faction” is a compilation put together by Da’ Hitman showcasing on the rise talents such as Chi City, Stal, Philos, Gengis Khan, B McCoy, Misss Marianna, Aristotle, Infamous Kaboo, and Mike Gutta. Each artist is extremely different in there styles, lyrics, flow, word play and delivery. Mixtapes like this often make for a mixed review being all artists are going there own directions. A lot of the artists on here sound like seasoned vets in there own lane on there way to make it into the Hip Hop lime light.

The mixtape starts off the first few songs with a similiar dynamic. Chi City, Stal, and Philos are bringing songs to the table that are filled with bravado and womanizing. Being Hip Hop music is known to brag and boast this fits the norm of the present day genre, but doesn’t break any boundaries either. Chi City’s, “Go Getta”, will have you hitting switches in a low rider in Cali or pumping your fist in Jersey, due to the melodic hook and thunderous production. It brings together all the elements that are essential for a feel good summer anthem. Chi spits confident raps like “Slow Motion, fat asses, ocean/ you too far away come a little bit closer/ 3-d stay focused/ whats the difference? I’m chosen/ I talk it you live it .. Oprah/”.

After a while it’s kind of like beating a dead horse when it comes to subject matter. Misss Marianna tells us she is “Flippin and Foldin” her money, Philo’s lets us know his swagger is on “Check”, and the icing on the cake is Aristotle’s poor attempt on the overly used auto tune on “Lose It”. Aristotle doesn’t hesitate to let us know that he”stepped in the club yall know me/ all yall know I got hoes on me”. Aristotle’s contributions were bland on “Lose It”, but were spiced up on “Phone Sex”. Stal makes it apparent that he is aiming for a female core audience. Stal brings a potential cross over main stream record on the mixtape with “Jamaican Girl”, and not far behind is “U”, which features Bobby Valentino.

There are artists who fill that non party vibe void like Mike Gutta, Gengis Khan, and B McCoy. Mike Gutta brings that much needed street record we been waiting for with “Prices On They Head”. It’s kind of like a southern version of Biggie’s, “The Warning”. Mike Gutta stays “Gutta” on “Miss- Mentioned”, and also shows a portrayal of a conscience EMCEE on that song. We heard of Gengis Khan a while ago at HipHoplead.com, and he never disappoints. “Lay Me Down” and “We Rollin” can be certified underground mixtape classics if enough people have the privilege of hearing Gengis records. B McCoy brings “Gone Now” to the “Faction”. “Gone Now” showcases an everyday mans struggle with life.

McCoy has one of the most comfortable flows on the project and almost every line seems effortless for him. Even though Philos brought records with the same type of dialogue, as most of his counter parts, he has a seasoned style that can be a force to be reckoned with.

“The Faction” brings all different elements to the table. Even know the majority of the project is more potatoes then meat, there is enough to satisfy most appetites.
Think of it this way.. if you are the type of person to eat sushi and salads and watch Cnn and the History Channel this mixtape won’t be able to played from front to back for you. If you are the type to eat Doritos on the couch while watching a marathon of “Flavor Of Love” or the “Bad Girls Club” then this will be suitable for your I-Pod.

If you are the type to watch Cnn and still have a few guilty pleasures on VH1, then this will be an instant classic for you. Remember “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and “The Faction” will come down to what you like as consumer. Leave some comments below and voice your opinion.


01 Mihkil – Intro
02 Stal aka Stallion – Dirty Girl
03 Chi City – Go Getta
04 Philos – YO
05 Gengis Khan with B McCoy and Miss Marianna – We Rollin prod by Aristotle
06 Stal aka Stallion – Slide
07 B McCoy – Gone Now
08 Stal aka Stallion ft Bobby Valentino – U
09 Miss Marianna – Flippin and Foldin
10 Philos – Check
11 Philos ft Young L of The Pack – Outer Space
12 Aristotle – Lose It
13 Aristotle – Phone Sex feat Sunni Ali
14 Chi City – What It Is
15 Gengis Khan – Long Time
16 Stal aka Stallion – Jamaican Girl
17 Infamous Kaboo – Money and Chop
18 Mike Gutta – Mis-Mentioned
19 Mike Gutta – Prices On They Head
20 Gengis Khan – Lay Me Down
21 McCoy – Cold As Blue
22 Infamous Kaboo – Godzilla and King Kong

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