Da Hitman – The Faction 2

The Faction 2 Front Cover

When you go to youtube and check out these new flash and the pan “artists” the most common comment you see is about “missing the 90’s”. It seems that authenticity is missing in this era of Hip Hop and R & B. Some of the older artists are scared to speak their frustrations in fear they may be polarized from this new generation. Once in a while they will say something along the lines of music being disposable now or maybe during an electrifying show, when the adrenaline kicks in, they might hint at a name that makes the crowd go wild. Only to find later on they most likely retract their statements.

These happenings alone are reasons that make this next mixtape so special. J Morris and Twomp Dojah Grain provide the hosting and transitioning while Da’ Hitman provides the mixing. This mixtape is classic golden era radio format, before the program directors took money from labels to spin the same 10 songs over and over. “The Faction 2″ has a sense of nostalgia that brings you back to the Clinton era and it boasts 19 tracks of interludes and artists paying homage to the now labeled Golden Era.

J Morris kicks off the Intro letting us know what is in store on this project over classic instrumentals. The project gets real serious when the first track, “Back Where We Started”, comes into play. The Aaliyah sounding Amoni showcases all the classic elements from some of the best singers of the 90’s while gliding over a DJ Quick sounding beat. This record is ride out music and simply smooth. It has 90’s written all over it.

West Coast fire spitter Gengis Khan pays homage over the Pete Rock and CL Smooth classic, “T.R.O.Y.”, for the “They Reminisce” cut. Khan effortlessly pummels the track while spewing bars like “I got love for the hood, aint no need to mention/ from the federal pens to the juvenile detentions/ have repentance, no matter what the sentence/ whether you was dealing, killing niggas or pimpin/ listen to what I’m presenting to your attention” Another lyrical slug fest comes from the Jersey emcee, Tha Advocate. Advo takes on the Big Pun “Beware” beat and clears atleast 80 bars of constructive cunning word play and tongue twisters while letting us know at the end that most of these new artists “suck”.

Funny man James Hannah is part of a series of interludes that pretty much sums up the majorities feelings on the new breed of rappers. While kicking major knowledge and letting us know that basically Drake should be a 1 hit wonder, he makes us smile while talking about the era we miss so much. Freeze Luv and Rodzilla also add interludes to this mixtape that make it come together as whole. They speak about those times and bringing up staples in history like “Ecko” and “Street Fighter 2″. Aghh the god ol’ days.

Stal takes on Usher’s “Nice and Slow” record and provides such a great balance to the song that it almost sounds like an official remix from 1998. With that said, not all people can pull off that feet. Some records should be left alone and Foz Tee proves that while he butchers the Usher “My Way” classic. Foz decided that singing the hook in auto tune and providing some skip worthy verses would be acceptable to the listener, but failed miserably. In a sense the auto tuned hook almost contradicts the basis of “The Faction 2″. On another note Mike Gutta blacks out on “Barz”, while California Fig takes a page from the Fresh Prince and makes us miss the “Summer Time”.

Over all this mixtape does more then provide a temporary soundtrack in our lives, it makes a statement. It shows that we easily went from musical independence and free expression to disposable noise with no substance. This mixtape showed us, while mixing the tape in radio format, that when we tune in into radio now it’s all corporately controlled and there is a reason you hear the same artists being repeated at sickening quantities. This mixtape showed us that we went from a culture that America feared, because of our political views and suburban reach, to a genre of music that is now embraced by the soccer moms when Nicki Minaj makes corny rap pop songs that their 4 year old children love to mimic. Not too mention they even notice their pride and joy is now using the term “menage” in their vocabulary. Take that Go Diego Go! We at HipHopLead personally would like to thank J Morris, Da’ Hitman and Twomp for going against the grain and making a statement with this incredibly dope mixtape!

DOWNLOAD THIS HERE: http://thatcrack.com/mixtapes/da-hitman-faction-2-wfktn-radio/

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