D-Stylez – All About Them Euro’s


Today we are kicking it with a new artist who is just getting started on her musical journey. She goes by the name of D-Stylez. We don’t do much about her, other then her been pushing her new song “Euro” pretty hard. By the end of this interview HHL and our readers are going to know a lot about D-Stylez and her motives for the game.

HipHopLead- Whats good D, how’s things your way?
D-Stylez -Things are ok overseas working on my music.

HipHopLead- Ok lets start with some basics, how did you come up with the name D-Stylez?
D-Stylez -I did not start off with the name D- Stylez when I first started out doing music. My first name was dmistic I use the D from my first name and mistic was the sprit. D-Stylez was born one day in the studio i was recording and I just jumped on the track and yelled it out D-stylez, not knowing this name will fit me.

HipHopLead- Where are you from and representing?
D-Stylez -Memphis , TN rep the 901, East Side.

HipHopLead- How old are you?
D-Stylez -20.

HipHopLead- How would you describe your style of Hip Hop?
D-Stylez –It’s a real type of Hip hop style. I rap on what I know, not what I pretend to do . I don’t rap about the streets because I wasn’t raised in them . I work just as hard to get things I want.

HipHopLead- What made you want to pick up the mic and get busy?
D-Stylez -I was in the 6 grade watching BET and I seen Romeo and Bow Wow on Tv and I was like I want that life. I want to be on tv and years later I finally am going for my dream.

HipHopLead- On your first single “Euro” you were talking about your grind to make that paper. Is the reason you released a record like this first because almost every human being strives for the same goal?
D-Stylez -To be honest I released this single because everyone always talks about money, who talks about EURO? We heard Euro in some songs but most people did not think of making this a whole song. I just wanted to hear my song in the club 1 time so I know how it feels to be the track the DJ plays

HipHopLead- How many “Euros” would it take for you feel to reach your goal in this game?
D-Stylez -I will always strive for harder goals, there is not enough Euro in the world.
HipHopLead- Who are you favorite artists of all time that inspired to pick up a mic and get busy?
D-Stylez -Mostly Old school artists like MC Lyte and RUN DMC.

HipHopLead- Outside of rapping do you Produce or Engineer?
D-Stylez -I attend Full Sail University Online which I am working on my Engineering and Mixing . One day I do want to produce my own album and others.

HipHopLead- What is your long term goal as an emcee?
D-Stylez -Everyone says they try to be the best . I hope by the time my life is over I can say I touched lives with my music.

HipHopLead- Are you on a label?
D-Stylez -I am working with the Indy label of BLASIA’S ENT LLC/SS MUSIC GROUP LLC.

HipHopLead- Are you looking for a Major or Indy label?
D-Stylez -At this time not really but 1 day I hope I can be on one

HipHopLead- What new projects are on the way from you?
D-Stylez –I’m working my album “Off The Ground” . My mixtape “Never Rise” is in the works as well, I’m trying to put a whole new spend on things as an artist.

HipHopLead- Any features worth mentioning?
Right now i have no features.

HipHopLead- Any videos or shows coming up?
My music video euro will be comming soon , as well as my song stright up.

HipHopLead- It was good kicking it with you D-Stylez. Before we head out of here, let the HHL viewers know where they can check you out. Give any shouts or plugs, the floor is yours.
D-Stylez -I want to shout out people that believe in me. Check me out at www.Dstylezlive.com, also twitter @dstylez1993. Thank you for your time HHL.

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