Codizzle – About Energy And Staying Positive


HHL caught up with Codell aka Codizzle, who is a skilled and talented Harlem born, who started selling custom sneakers (kicks) to promoters, DJ’s and recording artists and this is how his career in the music business started. Get to know him.

HHL: What’s Cracking Codizzle?
Codizzle: Where do I begin, we are cornering the market with all kind of ventures. We mean business is my publishing company which consist of my partner Money Mitch from B-more. We have been working diligently on projects that will be dropping later this year. I recently partnered up with Da Hitman from Lord Gang DJ’s to host my latest Mixtape. “Internet vs Machine” was released in December, since the release we have successfully reached over 30k unique listeners. Who said hip hop is dead, with the assistance of GIGI Capone from Hustle Hard TV and Miss Shani of Stilettos and Sounds my publicist we are reaching new heights.

HHL: As usual we always try to understand names artist use, can you tell us why Codizzle and not something else?
Codizzle: Well my name is Codell and Codizzle represents Energy. The name Codizzle brings forth a ray of positive energy that compliments my music and personality. Plus my Uncle provided me with the name back in the day lol.

HHL: Tell us something about yourself.
Codizzle: I am a Harlem, NY native. My distinguished background is reflected in my music. I have a versatile background in music, and I am successful in whichever lane I choose to sway in. I am very passionate about my music with over 7 yrs in my profession. I have done tracks with billboard top 40 artists and wrote records for artist internationally. I currently have my album and singles in ITunes called the Billionaire Bailout. I am now working on a mixtape with Da Hitman called the “First Quarter” mixtape and the “Board Meeting” We are currently accepting tracks from any producers interested as well as artist. You can send tracks inquire about features to the email

HHL: How did you get into Hip Hop music making?
Codizzle: I got into Hip Hop before the age of a teen. When I turned 15 my cousin introduced me to song writing. They would be in their room rhyming into a little boom box with a microphone on the floor. I used to laugh at them because they were Indian stance on the floor screaming into a little ass boom box. So One day they asked me to give it a try and I came on like DMX they were shocked at what I came up with. They both looked at each other and said who wrote that.

I told them it was a freestyle and after that well the internet will shine light on what we have done lol. I teamed up with a great business partner and friend named Money Mitch. When I first had an opportunity to chop it up with him I knew off the back he was destined for greatness. He has a sound that can’t be categorized unique since of mobility. He knows what moves the average listeners please check him out at

You can also check out Da Hitman at and download The Internet Vs The Machine.

HHL: What are the feedbacks on your music?
Codizzle: We received countless number of fans that all say that we have something. Everyone always says are you guys on! They look to us as we are the stars. That energy helps us to remain humble and focused.

HHL: Can you tell us something about your recent and upcoming works?
Codizzle: The most recent project is The Internet Vs The Machine” which has seen over 30k unique listerners thanks to Ladie Mo$t and GIGI Capone.
We are currently working on “The First Quarter” mixtape and the “Board Meeting”. We got a feature from multiple sites and magazines like Tapwire and Ikandy magazine. Several companies are interested in sponsoring our projects.

HHL: Lyrically, what motivates you?
Codizzle: The People around me, my team and fans provide me with energy to keep moving. We are a movement and you know what they say you can’t be a movement standing still.

HHL: How do you keep yourself still alive in this “new” Hip-Hop Era?
Codizzle: Keep on Moving I write songs on the fly as soon as I get an idea I am hitting up @stushmusic studio. Steve Francis a.k.a Stush can tell you I go in like instrument with a pap smear. He is the best engineer alive I really appreciate his guidance in this business.

HHL: Do you think the internet [mp3] sharing is a good or a bad thing to the game?
Codizzle: I am all for it, this new industry will create young entrepreneurs. We can now do everything on our own instead of a major. Master P style right out to pinto right into the benzo sell your own material 100 percent profit.

HHL: (Laughs)… When and Where was your favourite career moment?
Codizzle: My favourite career moment would be when I was in DC and we perform for a rock band. We did a mash up infused hip hop in rock for the first time and everyone enjoyed it. The look on the crowd was memorable… I loved it.

HHL: Who are you checking for? Besides yourself, in terms of other artists, both mainstream and underground?
Codizzle: I like J Cole, I would like to do a track with him and Twista. Drake has skills and Nipsey Hussle.

HHL: Where can our readers find more about you?
Codizzle: Please check out my site, Google me I’m on a ton of websites. Check my publicist website Miss Shani
You can follow me on and

HHL: Any wise advice to other upcoming artists?
Codizzle: Please continue to stay focused. This business will drain you if you let it. Continue to surround yourself around positive and motivated individuals.

HHL: Would you like to share anything else to the readers of
Codizzle: Yes, thanks to Advocate, please check him out, he’s a great artist.
Please stay tuned for my second album “Outside Looking In” we are planning to shoot a video with a great director in b more named Eric:, check out his work.
We are shooting Addicted to Fresh, which was featured on Mr Break Your Record SeanArcher: This track was produced by Money Mitch and features the talented D Malone, my sis: | Twitter/DMALONE112

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