Carlos St John – Champagne Spillin

Carlos St John

Artist Name : Carlos St John
Genre : Hip Hop / Rap / Alternative
Hometown : Brooklyn, NY
Website :
Myspace :
Label Type : Indie
Featured Track : Champagne Spillin


Somewhere on the bridge that leads you from Kanye West to Jay-Z there’s a guy named Carlos St. John (that’s his real name). Attitude of a dope dealer, mind of a marketing executive, but music is his hustle.

Looking at him you’d expect him to sing you some diddley about some girl he loves. Don’t count on it. Unlike most straight-teethed well-dressed rappers you’ve come to know, the wiles of women hold no sway, only the lure of success.

A kid from a single mother, absentee father and a bad neighborhood in a NY borough, that’s his story, well at least scene one. Listening to him rap you imagine a child that grew up in an empty apartment with a picture of paradise on his wall. Now 23 years old and either brilliant or even more foolish, he thinks he can make that picture real.

Ambitious to say the least. Charming if you’ve ever spoken to him, composed if you’ve ever been around him. Do yourself a favor, forget what you think you know about rappers, because even if you’ve read this script, you haven’t seen THIS movie.

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