Brothers Grimm – Ambassadors (Album)

Brothers Grimm – Ambassadors (Album)

We interviewed Dus back before the world was supposed to end in December 2012 (see here – ). He told us he was gearing up to drop that “Ambassadors” album and as promised, 7 months later, he did just that. This album was Executive Produced by Dus and his brother Stix, better known as the Brothers Grimm, and is packed boom bap style beats and plenty of raw lyrics from some of your favorite rappers alongside some dope on the come up emcees. First thing we noticed was the comic styled artwork and the Dus sitting in a suit with a crown, mid evil style. Dope. Now time for the action…

Upon clicking play the Jazzy sounds of the self titled “Ambassadors” kicks off with intensity. First up to bat is 90’s word smith, Tragedy Khadafi. He proves that over time, like wine, he has evolved his formula into a better concoction. Tragedy effortlessy spits, “connect the most toxic, verbal fiber optics/ U.F.O.’s Unidentified Flying Objects/ Peep the last of the, streets embrace me like Ambassadors/ what up bredren? Icon, legend, like the Acura.”.

The song is dope, but left us wanting more. While not noted if it’s intro or not, it would have been great if it was a lot longer then a minute and some change. The next two tracks “Truth Serem” and “Run Away” are just as equally impressive and demonstrate Dus making his own signature sound. Both songs have that 90’s street sound with that movie soundtrack type of vibe. I can see a high speed chase in the next Bad Boys movie to these tracks. Newcomers Ceaze, Spit Gemz and Napoleon Da Legend show while they may not be on the mainstream radar just yet, they have the skill it takes to get there.

One of the album stand outs comes from Roc Marciano. Dus is really bringing the streets into your speakers with this one. He crafts such a smooth grimy sound that Roc flows over the Bassline like a fish in water. Marciano spits darts like “Rain from the Tech, left your brain all wet/ and I aint even on your Radar yet/ they all slept..”. Brothers Grimm were smart in picking this gem as there first single. This goes hard, it’s classic East Coast grit right here.

Dus ressurects a classic sample with “Only One” while Ceazar spits his vivid testimony over the foundation Dus has laid. The K.West styled hook adds a lot of personality to this record and there is something about the way the whining strings come in while Ceazar spews bar after bar in his scratchy voice that makes this track a match made in heaven. Wu affialiate, Killah Priest, makes his appearance on this project on the spiritual “Among Us”. Kp does what he knows how to do best, zone out. KP is just verbally sparring with Dus on this track. This is spit game at it’s finest.

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Dus really shows off his signature sound and shows where he is trying to make his mark in this industry, on the “Ambassadors” album. In a world of trap beats, auto tune and songs with ABC lyrics, Dus is creating something that is as far away from that formula as possible. It was refreshing hearing some of these dope 90’s artists in 2013.

Not too mention knowing that they still have that “it factor” really brings light to the fact that Hip Hop, unlike any other genre, is nieve when it comes to an artist’s evolution. There were a few set backs with this project. The fact that this is an album for sale, in an over saturated market, is going to make the sell harder being that this project’s combined length of time is only 26 minutes. Thats 10 tracks for 26 minutes, that’s not even a 3 minute average.

A lot of these gems on this project were like teasers in a sense because we wanted the 3 verses and hooks and instead, on some of these tracks, we got a 16 bar verse and a faded beat intro and outro. The lack of album song structure was present. Now you ask yourself does the good outweigh the bad?, the answer is yes, by a long shot.

Any one out there who appreciates real music and real artistry needs to buy this album. In an era of copy cat clones we need to support those who grind to keep the culture vivrant with the all the basic essentials. With that said Dus is one of the life guards. Make sure you buy this project here – and follow Dus here – &

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