Bolo – Heart & Soul (Presented By T.N.E.)

Bolo – Heart & Soul (Presented By T.N.E.)

Bolo made an impressive appearance on Digital Dynasty 24 (Hosted by Killah Priest), with his catchy ode to the haters, “I Aint Goin No Where”. Then we had a chance to chop it up with him one on one and interview the young prospect where he told us the amount of work he was putting in. Well he is showing that he isn’t stopping anytime soon and now he is back with a whole album of material to drop in 2013. We had a chance to check out, “T.N.E. Presents Bolo – Heart and Soul“, the album and this is what we noticed.

The album kicks off with hypnotizing “Heart and Soul Intro” and Bolo goes in explaining his agenda for the rap game and lets us know that thru the struggles and the up hill battle he has endured, he doesn’t “have a scratch” on him. Bolo is confident and down for whatever and you can almost picture him with some war paint on ready for the battle as he spits, “I’m as real as they come dog, you better ask around”. Bolo prooves that lyrics come first on this project and he crafts each line to perfection while spitting gems like, “in the club or in the trap/ they know my name across the map/ my team go hard, we going in/ we having it!”, on the hood anthem, “Out Here Getting It”. Bolo directs a track to the females with the seductive “The Way You Move” and keeps the clubs bouncing on “Shake That @zz”.

Bolo continues to show his diversity on his album by making songs for different scenarios and moods. One of the album stand outs is the smooth “Wassup”. This track should easily be the next single off this project. If Bolo was to get a music video to accompany this song then the game has a problem! Everything is on point from the production, verses, flow and of course the hook. Bolo is flexing his muscles by showing he is not only a rapper but a song writer with his arrangements and hook melodies. This track alone is perfect for the fellas and females and appeals to everyone. This is digital gold.

Bolo has a tremendous amount of talent and with the right guidance he can be a force to be wreckoned with. His voice, flows, lyrics, hooks and beat selections are on point and his range of subject matter keeps the listener intrigued. We would like to hear Bolo maybe spitting more about society ills and world politics, but for now we are content with what he is delivering. Only thing we would change on this project is the art work.

To release an album in this day and age, in an over saturated market, you want that face recognition and no picture of Bolo is anywhere to be found on this project. It’s minor in the grand scheme of things but from a marketing stand point featuring his picture could have taken this album into another level as far as branding is concerned. We urge everyone to download this project and share it and support. This is a great addition to any collection. Make sure you follow Bolo on twitter @Mrbolo2u and on youtube – We hope to hear more from Bolo in the future. Wisconsin stand up!

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