B.Eveready – I Need A Manager (Hosted by Tha Advocate)

B.Eveready – I Need A Manager

We had the pleasure of reviewing B.Eveready’s latest work, “A Cold Summers Day”, and now he is back with another heat rock. This one cuts right to the chase with the title, “I Need A Manager”. The mixtape is showing a growth in B and is making it known that a dedicated manager is welcomed to the roster. Not too mention this project is hosted by, Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate.

The mixtape kicks off with Advo letting the masses know to open their ears because what they are about to hear is something “Real real special”. Not too mention he makes an energetic plea about B.Eveready needing an official manager on board. After the intro B.Eveready kicks off the project like a lightning bolt sent from the heavens. The breezy smooth beat sets the roadwork for B to deliver that trade mark word play he is known for.

The first track represents that feel good lyricism. Eveready kicks a double time 2nd verse to flex his diverse flows while still maiking it known that “the whole building got they hands to the ceiling”.

B.Eveready spews major jewels on “The Rebel vs. The Hustler”. If you never heard of B.Eveready before this is the record you are gonna want to check out to understand this artists dynamics. All his key elements are there. B bends his comfortable flow on another smooth sampled beat while making that ride out music he crafts so well. B.Eveready spits “I ride with a plan/ freedom fighter with a jam/ and you can blame the hood for making me who I am.”

B continues to mold his masterpiece while he digs real deep on “Soul Stories 2″ and spews some cunning angry bars on “I’m Off”. B.Eveready also finds time to deliver another inspirational record with cross over appeal. B goes in on “1UP”.

B.Eveready has delivered two solid projects from front to back in the year 2012. He was made several appearances on many major mixtapes and enlisted DD creator Tha Advocate to put a stamp of approval on his latest mixtape. Now he is ready for the next step and any label head or manager in the business needs to take time to download this project and listen. After doing so make sure you contact this artist if you can represent his artistry in the right way. If you are going to try to mold him into a Lil Wayne copy cat then don’t even bother. B is in his own lane and we are looking forward to hearing more. Download this project here – http://beveready.bandcamp.com/

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