B.Eveready – A Cold Summer’s Day


When it comes to straight spitting with no compromise look no further then new comer B.Eveready. We first heard of the emcee on some volumes of Digital Dynasty and now he is back with some new music for the summer of 2012. He is scheduled to release two works by Mid September and the first of the batchto be released is, “A Cold Summer’s Day :EP”.

The irony of the release is that most of the country has been dealing with record breaking heat waves while global warming has been flexing it’s muscles on the daily… but the one day we decide to review this EP it actually got quite cloudy, cool and set the tone for what we were in store for.

The EP kicks off with Hitchcock sounding string swells and chopped up news footage of a storm that rivals the infamous blizzard of 1978 and then before you know it the monsterous “ACSD Intro” kicks off with electrifying intensity. B.Eveready gets super gully while effortlessly dropping aggressive bars like, “cuz what you talking nothing?, lacking the substance/ the fact your discussion is lacking subjects is rather disgusting/. B.Eveready is a word smith molded from the golden era of hip hop and every song pleases with constant challenging word play and great flows.

B channels his inner Bizzy Bone and goes double time on “She Said I Couldn’t Do It” and gets his Guru on on the smooth “Breakin’ My Heart” record. B. throws out some punches like “Ya girl got a face made for radio/ ya voice made for silence, so how you gonna play me though?/ recognize the flyness, priceless right wrist/ write scripts like this/ your spits like this minus the laryngitis. WOW!!

B.Eveready really takes it up a notch on the “The Last Stand”. Not only is B comparing hunting these emcees like the “rap taxidermy”, he also shows how powerful his artistry can be while painting constant visuals in a battle format. One of the EP stand outs is the up tempo “Hit and Run”. This has “single” written all over it and a video to go with it would be the icing on the cake. The lyrics, flow, hook and production are all on point and truly demonstrate the lane B.Eveready is in.

We have said this before and we will say it again .. if you are into auto tune, swag rap, ringtone music and no substance then do yourself a favor and click out of this review and go listen to Future. If you are into the culture, substance, flows, beats, word play and that ever important “rewind factor” then support this artist! We cosign this material as fresh and you can download it for free here — http://beveready.bandcamp.com

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