B. Eveready – 2 Years Later, NY State Of Mind


So its been almost 2 years since we chopped it up with B.Eveready. So if you are looking for an interview describing the basics then check out http://www.hiphoplead.com/on-the-grind/b-eveready-east-coast-up-coming/ to understand Be’s entrance onto the HipHopLead.com platform. Within that 2 year time frame B.Eveready has worked on new material, shot some new videos, started a management company and a lot more.

Now just as the summer is getting started in 2013 we reached out the homie and it went a little something like this.

HipHopLead.com- So whats good bro? This is sort of a reunion for us (laughs)..

B.Eveready- (laughs) Yeah, no doubt! It’s been too long fam. Everything’s good with me, I’m blessed. Hope life’s been good to you as well.

HipHopLead.com- Ok lets get down to it, what made you come to New York City for 2 months to put in so much work?

B.Eveready- I had an opportunity with my 9-to-5 to do some training in NY, and I took it. But I knew if I was gonna be in the Mecca of Hip-Hop, I had to get it in. People always talk about the vibe in New York, I felt it.

HipHopLead.com- Geographically was it better for you? Were there more outlets?

B.Eveready- The outlets are endless out there. I was working from 6AM to 6PM Monday through Friday, and I still got more accomplished in those 2 months than in the last year. Now, truth be told, I’m in a better financial space, which always helps.

But just being around so many people who are interested in the same things you are, the opportunities for collaborations never cease. I was running on 2 or 3 hrs sleep every day & I didn’t care. I was going straight from work to the studio, to video shoots, radio interviews, industry mixers and concerts. I went as hard as I could to maximize the opportunity.

HipHopLead.com- What was it like performing for Coast 2 Coast in NYC?

B.Eveready- Man, that was great. Short set, but we tore it down anyway. Shout to Coast2Coast for giving me an opportunity. The show was at the famed Webster Hall, and I was on the same bill as Red Cafe & Torae. My man Raul got some great footage that night.

HipHopLead.com- We saw you dropped a music video for “Hit & Run”, that was actually filmed in NYC too. How does it feel to finally give the fans a visual into your creative process?

B.Eveready- I feel like it’s about time! (laughs) Naw, but seriously, it feels good to be able to show the fans another dimension of my artistry. I know that’s something that’s been lacking in the past, so that’s something I’m looking to be a lot more active with in the future. We’re already at 25,000 views on that joint, so I know the people are hungry for that real. Shout to MegaMon who directed that joint & PNC Radio who made me feel right at home.

HipHopLead.com- It’s been almost a year since you dropped “A Cold Summer’s Day” EP & “#INeedAManager” project. They both got great reviews and definatley helped elevate your brand. How have you evolved as an artist since releasing those?

B.Eveready- I think I’m more confident in my artistic choices. Before those 2 projects, I was real concerned about how people would react to my music, would they like it? How do I stack up to your favorite emcees? Now, I know that other folks hear what I hear when I make music. My challenge is getting it out there to as many people as I can.

HipHopLead.com- Any new projects on the way? If so, please share some details.

B.Eveready- I was most definitely inspired by New York, and I never expected to get as much love as I did from the whole music community. Due to all that, I decided to make a NY-themed project called “Welcome 2 NYC”.

At first it was going to be a quick EP, but I was able to pull some collaborations together that I couldn’t pass up, so it’s really album length at this point. If everything goes right, you guys will have that project before the end of the year.

HipHopLead.com- How do you feel you can challenge yourself, or artistry, at this point in your evolution?

B.Eveready- I have a lot of conceptual projects lined up that you guys will be seeing from me in the near future, beyond those, I need to link with some talented producers & build a few joints from scratch. I look at an album like Late Registration as the ideal type of situation, if you’ve ever seen the behind the scenes videos on that process. Just having choirs, orchestras, & some dope 808’s at my disposal, that’s my next step.

HipHopLead.com- So we heard you are starting a new management company. Does that have anything to do with your old release saying that you “need a manager”?

B.Eveready- Strangely enough, no. The artist management piece just came about naturally in conversation. I’m still in the market for a manager, but now that individual would be partnering with my company.

HipHopLead.com- What made you take the bull by the horns on this matter?

B.Eveready- It was just in the interest of advancing our brand & making some more money. If you remember our last conversation, I told you I’m not the type to sit & wait to provide for my family by dropping free music & getting hot.

I’m trying to build a legacy of quality music so that as people catch the wave, they can do the research & say, “Dude been killing the game since back then?”. But we getting this money & putting on for our communities by any means, this is just another path to do it.

HipHopLead.com- We heard you are going to represent an R&B singer & actor, by the name of Jason Bowen. For starts what made you want to represent this artist?

B.Eveready- I’ve known Jason since my first day of high school. Since that time, I’ve seen this dude star on the stage in Shakespeare plays & melt women with his songs. He is the truth, & he has been since back then. When we linked up in NY & I heard the quality of the joints he was sitting on, I asked him what his plan was. He said he wanted me to help him out, and here we are.

HipHopLead.com- How would you describe Jason as a singer?

B.Eveready- That’s a hard question. I would say he’s somewhere between Trey Songz & Jaheim. We are in the process of mixing & mastering, so you guys will be among the first to get the exclusive. But here’s a clip to give you an idea of his talent:

HipHopLead.com- What is the name of your management company and what is the short term and long term goals of this venture for you?

B.Eveready- We haven’t finalized the name yet, but it’ll be out there soon. In the short term, I want to see Jason get his project out, hit the road & continue his path to greatness. In the long term, I want to Jay-Z the game – why not?

HipHopLead.com- Word is while in NYC you shot a documentary. Was it about you or something else?

B.Eveready- It was about me. I figured I’ve been seriously pursuing this career for close to 10 years, & I haven’t put my story out there as effectively as I could have. I wanted to pull people into my world & get my perspective.

HipHopLead.com- Can you tell us what that was like filming that?

B.Eveready- It was dope! I got to work with a talented filmmaker by the name of Raul Buitrago. Once I gave him the idea, he just developed a vision & ran with it. I followed his lead. It was cool just to be able to talk about my experiences as an artist and have him document my time in NY as well.

HipHopLead.com- Any release date on that?

B.Eveready- I want to release the documentary in conjunction with the “Welcome 2 NYC” project, so I’ll say before 2014.

HipHopLead.com- Now you should know by now this is the part of the interview where we kick our feet up and ask anything we want (laughs) .. you ready?

B.Eveready- (laughs) No.

HipHopLead.com- Ok .. What’s the best album you bought in 2012 and 2013 so far?

B.Eveready- 2012 is a toss up between “Life is Good” & “good kid, M.A.A.D. City”. (Disclaimer: I haven’t sat with “R.A.P. Music” yet & “A Dream Deferred” is close 2nd)

2013? Right now, I’m absorbing “Born Sinner” & “The Gifted”. I’m just coming out of my intense grind, so I haven’t had much of a chance to listen to a lot of new stuff yet though.

HipHopLead.com- Is Hip Hop worse since our last interview, or better?

B.Eveready- I think much better. Ignorant rap is never going to leave, let’s get that clear. But what I’ve seen is more balance in the game, & that’s all you can ask for, because it levels the playing field. Most would agree that Kendrick Lamar had (or is having) the hottest run in a long time. That run doesn’t happen 2 years ago. And he has been that hot for at least that long, but now the game has opened up enough to allow him to be heard. And that’s all any artist wants, to be heard.

HipHopLead.com- What do you think about the NSA spying on our phone calls and emails?

B.Eveready- I’m surprised at the reaction to it. I remember hearing random clicks on our calls for years & my friends & I saying that the call was tapped, let’s talk later. If you think this a new thing, you’re sorely mistaken. No reason to get upset about it, it’s just a fact of life.

HipHopLead.com- Edward Snowden — Hero or Traitor?

B.Eveready- Neither – he’s an idiot. I’m sure some people do think he’s a hero, but realistically, unless you repeal the PATRIOT Act & severely curb Executive Privilege & power, what did you really accomplish?

HipHopLead.com- Lets do some word association–


B.Eveready- Greatest modern poet.

J Cole-

B.Eveready- A leader of the new school.


B.Eveready- GOAT. This is unquestionable.

Riff Raff-

B.Eveready- Entertainment.

Kanye West-

B.Eveready- One of my all-time favorites. The most consistent MC ever.

North West-

B.Eveready- A blessed little girl with a lot to live up to & a lot to deal with.

President Obama-

B.Eveready- Inspiration. He’s done more with what he was given than anybody could realistically expect.

Ok back to the norm…

HipHopLead.com- It was good linking up with you again homie. We are glad to see you are still making quality music with dope lyrics. Keep up the good work. Now the floor is yours. Give any links, plugs, F.U.’S, Shout Out’s.. whatevers clever…

B.Eveready- Thanks to you & HipHopLead.com giving me another opportunity to talk to the people. Check out all of my music @ beveready.bandcamp.com, YouTube.com/bevereadytv, & beveready.tumblr.com. Follow me on Twitter @BEveready & FB. Jason Bowen’s debut single will be dropping soon, be on the lookout for that. Shout to all my folks in NYC who looked out for me & all my BatteryHeadz in BosMoreBurgh. One.

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