Angel – On My Way

Ang£l The Artist

Name : ANG£L
Genre : Rap
Year formed : 2004
Hometown : London (UK)
Website :
MySpace :

Featured Track : On My Way

Ang£l the Artist‘ was brought forth into the World in Nigeria, (the west of the Motherland). Before shifting over to London in the UK , at the dawn of his teenage years. His love for music first began evolving when he messed about writing Rap nuggets. (But over time he realised that his stuff was da sh*t). So then the hours that ‘Ang£l’ spent ‘spit-doodling,’ took on the ‘status’ of a full-time job. Although Ang£l resided in London, for much, of his teenage years. The infectious ‘Hip Hop’ culture outta the US imprinted heavily on him. His journey began, as a performer working as part of a duo, known as ‘HIPNOTIC.’ They smashed up much shows throughout London and the rest of the UK. Including them famously, warming up for ‘Ludacris‘ at the Brixton Academy.

Ang£l‘ later decided to work, only, alongside his ‘ruff’ Dj, ‘Marc B,’ hailing from the ‘So So Def Dj Collective‘ (Def Djs). (The only member not from the US, but outta Denmark) Ang£l’s writing and rhyming skills became much in demand. So he began writing lyrics for other ‘spitters’ to perform. While also getting involved in the whole international, underground ‘mixtape’ thang. Appearing on nuggets such as, ‘Marc B’s‘,  ‘Boss of Bosses‘, ‘Marc B‘ & ‘Dj Haze‘ ‘the Executives vol.3‘, (the track from that was played on Atlanta radio by the much-respected ‘Jermaine Dupri.’), ‘Dj Denox’s‘ ‘We Break The Hits Vol.2‘. Ang£l also guest stars on ‘Dj Amnesty’s‘ ‘Uninvited Guests‘, ‘My Boys- Vol.3.‘ While the instrumental version of ‘Ang£l’s banger ‘Fire Fire,’ was creating ‘forest fires’ on top of the illegal airwaves. Check out more of Ang£l’s product, on a globally released Basketball DVD @

‘Ang£l’ continues to push against the ‘walls’ yet further, by writing his own melodic songs.

‘I don’t do singing, but I don’t let that stop me from writing hot songs! My style is very charismatic, lyrical, and flashy with a real ‘street feel’ to it.’

If you’ve got cash in your pockets, do check Ang£l out in shows. You’ll find that apart from his infectious, ‘party-bumping swagger.’ ‘Ang£l’s product holds enough ‘groove’, to make sure that ladies, also get in on the vibe. (But the beats are still tough enough, to appeal to the ‘real’ Hip Hop heads, ya dig!)  F’sure his shows won’t consist of just guys in a corner blazin’ weed. The ladies love this brotha f’real, expect much of them!

Ang£l has recently hit the studios in ‘Texas. Working with ‘BodyRockin‘ Music,’ a production company overseen by ‘Damar ‘D Powers’ Howard’. So expect to hear some nuggets from that link up. Along with some remixes worked from Ang£l’s new album.

His debut album, ‘Soar With Me’ is soon to be released 1st week of July. Be sure to keep your ears to the underground, for a soon to be televised piece of UK TV programming, called ‘the Show,’ featuring ‘Ang£l the Artist‘. All this from an artist unsigned and still completely independent.

‘An Angel is a messenger of the Universe, communicating powerful messages thru word. So as long as people get to hear me, I know it’ll be cool… ‘Ang£l’.

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