Adam Meyer – Actin Ugly

Adam Meyer

Hiphoplead- For starts where did the name come from, we are assuming it’s your real name (laughs)?

Adam Meyer- If it’s not I’ve got some soul searching to do, for real.

Hiphoplead- Being the majority of music in Hip Hop is coming from the South do you feel like your move to Washington makes it harder for you to get your shine on?

Adam Meyer- Fuck the shine; it’s cloudy most of the year here.. If I make my moves in the shadows, any shade that gets thrown won’t have any effect. Seattle has been home to incredible musicians, and our hip hop scene is expanding. While the south has been relevant for a while now, you’re about to watch my city blow up.

Hiphoplead- What made you pick up a mic and get busy?

Adam Meyer- Voices in my head.

Hiphoplead- Are you doing anything else other then rapping? Producing? Mixing? etc?

Adam Meyer- Drawing is one of my favorite things to do. I also know my way around Photoshop just enough to make my own cover art. Other than art I just work and kick it with my people as much as I can.

Hiphoplead- What are your weapons of choice when making a beat?

Adam Meyer- Guns and knives, brother.

Hiphoplead- When it comes to production, how would you describe your sound overall?

Hiphoplead- Do you like Producing or Emceeing more?

Adam Meyer- That’s a good question. Producing is fun as it’s more of a challenge. The lyrics write themselves once the beat is done, and that ah-ha moment is a surreal feeling. Both are equally satisfying.

Hiphoplead- We heard your song “Summon The Beast” with Petey Sosa, off DD34 (Hosted by ILL BILL). It was dope and you guys have a good chemistry together. How did you first link with Petey? More songs in the works?

Adam Meyer- Shit, I’ve known Sosa for like 5 years. Met him in a high school class. We had some mutual friends so chillin’ was inevitable. Years later I still roll with him almost everyday.. As far as music goes we don’t have anything in the works right now, but it’s only a matter of time before we make something new. We only have one other song so there’s a lot of room to expand. You can find that song on Spitfire Volume 2!

Hiphoplead- You spit, “When will I find peace?/ prolly when y’all stop killing for green/ and diamonds, you know what I mean?/ I’m striving to be a better me.” For one.. that’s real! Two .. I got to ask .. what real life happenings to do you encounter that make you write such transparent lyrics? Is it war, something personal or crooked police that inspire that?

Adam Meyer- I’m saying that I don’t think I’ll ever be at peace with myself. Drugs turn friends to zombies, people work their asses off and still struggle to afford basic necessities, yet our culture teaches us to not give a fuck about it. Unless I’ve done my best to help people who need it most and I’ve sacrificed a part of my soul for the good of the world, I might not feel like I’ve lived a fulfilling life. Only problem is, you have to help yourself before you can help others.. Therefore, “I’m striving to be a better me”.

Hiphoplead- Any plans for a video for that joint or any other songs?

Adam Meyer- Nah but that’s a good idea now that you mention it..

Hiphoplead- You recently dropped a collaborative mixtape titled, “The Village”. Can you explain to us the concept of the mixtape and what made you drop it?

Adam Meyer- This tape is fire. The artists featured on it were connected thru Seattle underground legend Raz Simone who wanted to share his vision of positive change with like minded people. These people, myself included, are plotting on ways to give back in ways that make the people we’ve helped want to go out and help people. On some ‘pay it forward’ shit.

The goal is to get as organized as possible to maximize efficiency, so having a label on the group as a ‘this is who we are’ message that implies that we’re organized as a collective. That label is ‘The Village’, which is where the name of the tape comes from. After being on Digital Dynasty and seeing what it was about, I wanted to bring that type of feel to the Village. This wasn’t too difficult to do as many of the Village members are musicians. So, with influence from Tha Advocate, and made possible by Raz, I put together this tape. Peep it. It’s worth the listen.

Hiphoplead- Is their going to be a follow up to this mixtape?

Adam Meyer- Hopefully.

Hiphoplead- What is your long term goal for hiphop?

Adam Meyer- A while back I wrote, “Money makes the world, it’s made outta gold/ Give a fuck about being big or selling my soul/ I’m about to do this ’till I’m old.”

Hiphoplead- Any new projects on the way you want to share with us?

Adam Meyer- A solo project titled Mandate of Heaven. It’ll be my first full length album and I’m excited as hell for it. I’m planning on putting it out in August. Watch for it. It’s gonna be dope.

Hiphoplead- Is it harder to be respected in hiphop as an artist with actual bars? A lot of people feel like the climate of hiphop is getting well … dumber. Your thoughts?

Adam Meyer- That’s the direction it’s being pushed for a reason. If drugs and senseless violence are pushed on the masses, that has a heavy psychological influence on our culture. I call it music without a soul. It’s designed to raise murder rates, spread drug abuse and increase greed. This kind of music is glorified because the people at the top want poor communities to kill each other off and kill themselves at the same time. They also want the wealthy communities to not care, so they push it onto suburbia. The music industry isn’t getting “dumber”, it’s a tactic used by the corporations in charge of the entertainment industry to keep the poor from uniting and focusing on a common goal to advance themselves and their community. It’s all a tactic to advance economic inequality. It’s the same reason there’s a liquor store in every shopping center. “They still want us all to hang but now they wait us to get the rope.” -Raz Simone… At least that’s my two cents.

Let’s get into some off the wall topics a little bit out of the norm…

Hiphoplead- Is Bin Laden really dead?

Adam Meyer- It doesn’t matter anymore. Someone would have taken his place. Maybe we should be more concerned about the people wearing suits who commit war crimes everyday who won’t ever get punished for their actions than if a rogue CIA agent is alive or not.

Hiphoplead- Your thoughts on the Suge Knight trial going on right now?

Adam Meyer- He got himself into a fucked up situation.

Hiphoplead- Are Aliens really visiting the Earth?

Adam Meyer- I believe modern human achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the help of a more advanced species. From the first civilizations interest in astronomy to our modern weapon technology. It’s all a little fishy. Maybe I’m just paranoid though. – Give us a hidden talent Adam Meyer has..

Adam Meyer- I’m still looking for one too..

Back To The Norm…….

Hiphoplead- Outside of music what is life like for Adam Meyer?

Adam Meyer- Modest.

Hiphoplead- Lastly, how does being a working man and being an Emcee balance out? Is it hard to focus on your dream?

Adam Meyer- Adam Meyer- Not really. I write and think more when I’m working then I do when I’m not. It gets more in the way of producing. Sometimes I just want to make beats all day.

Hiphoplead- Name 1 song you’ve done that will have the viewers hooked!?

Adam Meyer- “Actin’ Ugly”. Shit goes.

Hiphoplead- Thanks for hollering at us and in closing give any shoutouts….links to your sites….F.U.’S or whatever’s clever.

Adam Meyer- Hamm Nation; The Village; Black Umbrella; The Meyer and Davidson families! Whaddup!!

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