Aayron – Bright Future Dark Past (Mixtape Review)

aayron – bright future dark past

We recently interviewed New Jersey rapper, Aayron. 2 weeks later his new mixtape comes across our desk. With the last few years being dismall in the music business and with the economy, titling the mixtape “Bright Future Dark Past” seems appropriate. It gives a sense of hope in these hard times. Aayron has a new school sound and a consistent flow. While embarking over industry instrumentals and original beats Aayron is ready to let the world know what he is about.

The mixtape kicks off “BFDP” which is the acronym for the mixtape title. Aay spits vividly honest bars showing the dark past like “Been thru some things in my 21 years, probobally cried every day” or the confident “why can’t I stop typing?/ cuz every word that I write, strikes the pad like lightning/,” to represent the bright future. Another track that finds Aayron in the zone is “Gucci”. This song really has nothing to do with bragadocious non substance throw away writing instead it finds Aayron spitting that real with darts like “A nigga crashed his ride, it’s hard for me to survive/ and on top of that my Grandma just died”.

After summing up his pain on each verse he is letting the public know that “he’s Gucci” .. another words “good money” or a “soul survivor”. Aayron shows plenty of versatility while spitting double time on the dirty south sounding “Steve Jobs” and then slows it back down for the inspiring “All Of My Dreams”. Aayron also displays his ability on describing his evolution as an artist on the laid back “Press Conference”. Aayron also spits with an angry intensity on “Thinking About A Murda”. Aay basically takes the term “I wanna kill my boss” to another level. Aay tries to keep his temper while letting the fans know that “all this shit up on my mind got me thinking about a murder.” Only thing missing from that track is a verse from gangsta rappers 50 or Jeezy.

Aay definatley doesn’t fall short of punchlines and wicked concepts on the over all disc, but there was a few things we noticed.A few anchors that weighed down the project a bit was the Autotuned “Smoke N Sex”. If we were sick of rappers singing and rapping in autotune in 08 then now it’s like a near death experience. Autotune went from an unheard of plug in to the annoyance of the industry with the arrival of T Pain.

Not saying T was annoying but all the copy catting turned into beating a dead horse. Another played out concept was “Swag III”. The hook is a repititous ” we swagging, we swagging, we be swagging.” Even tho at one point auto tune and saying “Swag” was the top trend, it fell off to be frowned upon. Aayron is better then falling for the gimmicks in this music bizz.

After hearing “Bright Future Dark Past” we were impressed. Aayron delivered a solid project full of diversity and messages. There was plenty of real life music, party tracks and of course playful wordplay. Even tho we noticed a few glitches this mixtape needs to be downloaded asap! We got our eye out for the 21 year old New Jerseyian and we are eager to hear the follow up. For now support BFDP by downloading and listening to the mixtape here.

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