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Rick Ross 11

Rick Ross Ft. Jay Z – Movin’ Bass

- Brand new music from Rick Ross “Movin’ Bass” Ft. Jay Z .. Produced by Timbaland. Listen..

Jo'zzy Ft. Timbaland & Mase - Tryna Wife

Jo’zzy Ft. Timbaland & Mase – Tryna Wife

- New music from signer Jo’zzy “Tryna Wife” Ft. Timbaland & Mase.. Produced by Wizz Dumb. Tryna..


Timbaland Ft. Jay-Z – Bounce

- Here is an uncompleted Timbaland and Jay-Z record, “Bounce”. The completed version will likely appear..

Attitude Ft. Timbaland & Twista - Stunt

Attitude Ft. Timbaland & Twista – Stunt

- New Attitude titled “Stunt” and it features Timbaland & Twista. Courtesy of #TimbalandThursdays. Attitude Ft...

BK Brasco Ft. Pusha T & Timbaland - Big Spenda

BK Brasco Ft. Pusha T & Timbaland – Big Spenda

- New music from BK Brasco “Big Spenda” Ft. Pusha T & Timbaland .. It’s produced by..


Timbaland Ft. Jay-Z, Drake & James Fauntleroy – Know Bout Me (Dirty Version)

- Here is the dirty version of Timbaland’s “Know Bout Me” Ft. Jay-Z, Drake & James..


Timbaland Ft. Drake & Jay-Z – What You Know Bout Me

- Brand new single from Timbaland “What You Know Bout Me” featuring Drake, James Fauntleroy and with..


Timbaland Ft. Lil Wanye, Missy Elliott & T-Pain – The Party Anthem

- Brand new music from Timbaland “The Party Anthem” Ft. Lil Wanye, Missy Elliott & T-Pain....


Missy Elliott Ft. Timbaland – Triple Threat

- Another brand new Missy Elliott “Triple Threat” Ft. Timbaland.. Also off of Missy Elliott’s upcoming album..


Missy Elliott Ft. Timbaland – 9th Inning (Full Version)

- Here is the full version of Missy Elliott’s latest single “9th Inning” Ft. Timbaland.. Off of..


Missy Elliott Ft. Timbaland – 9th Inning

- Here is an 85 seconds snippet of Missy Elliott’s new single “9th Inning” Ft. Timbaland.. and..


Timbaland Ft. Ne-Yo – Hands In The Air

- New music from Timbaland “Hands In The Air” Ft. Ne-Yo.. soundtrack from the upcoming movie “Step Up:..


Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson, Attitude & Sebastian – Covers Blown

- Some track from Timbaland “Covers Blown” Ft. Keri Hilson, Attitude & Sebastian.. Sounds like a..


Timbaland Ft. Dev – Break Ya Back (CDQ Version)

- CDQ Version for Timbaland’s “Break Ya Back” Ft. Dev… off of Timbaland’s upcoming album… Timbaland..


Timbaland Ft. Dev – Break Ya Back

- New single from Timbaland “Break Ya Back” Ft. Dev… Timbaland Ft. Dev – Break Ya..


Timbaland Ft. Pitbull – Pass At Me

- Some new [pop] Timbaland “Pass At Me” Ft. Pitbull… Timbaland Ft. Pitbull – Pass At..


Timbaland Ft. Tawanna – See You Again (To Aaliyah)

- Here is this week’s TimbalandThursdays track from Timbaland, with Tawanna, entitled “See You Again”.. Dedicated..


Timbaland Ft. Sincere – 90

- Here is another Timbaland Vault Track for this week,  ”90″ Ft. Sincere.. True Timbaland fans will..


Eve Ft. Timbaland – Nothing To Say

- Some unreleased Eve & Timbaland “Nothing To Say”, straight from the Timbaland Vault, this week’s..


Timbaland Ft. Blind Fury – Slow Down

- This week’s TimberlandThursdays joint from Timbaland “Slow Down” Ft. Blind Fury (As Timbaland)…. Timbaland Ft. Blind..


Timbaland – I Won’t Board This Plane

- Brand new Timbaland “I Won’t Board This Plane”, which is this week’s TimbalandThursdays offering… Timbaland..


Timbaland – Not My Happiness

- Brand new inspirational track from  Timbaland “Not My Happiness”, which is this week’s offer for..


Timbaland Ft. Attitude – Fck You

- This week’s #TimbalandThursadays track from Timbaland, titled “Fuck You”, featuring Attitude… Timbaland Ft. Attitude –..


Timbaland Ft. Attitude & Short Dawg – All Y’All

- Brand new track “All Y’All” from Timbaland for his #TimbalandThursdays series with Attitude & Short..


Timbaland Ft. Chris Brown – Naked (No Tags)

- Some untagged Timbaland withChris Brown “Naked”… Ehi, this has nothing to do with Chris Brown’s..

Chris Brown2

Chris Brown Ft. Timbaland & Big Sean – Rock, Paper, Scissors

- Another brand new Chris Brown “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Ft. Big Sean & Timbaland.. Stream only,..


Timbaland Ft. Bran’Nu (Brandy) – Whenever You Like

- This week’s #TimboThursdays track by Timbaland is “Whenever You Like” with Ray J’s sister Brandy,..


Timbaland Ft. JRoyal Price & JimmyCodean – Hot Mess

- This week’s #TimboThursdays offering from Timbaland is “Hot Mess” Ft. JRoyal Price & JimmyCodean… Timbaland..


Timbaland Ft. Lyrica Anderson – Mentally

- This week’s #TimboThursdays song by Timbaland is “Mentally” featuring Lyrica Anderson.. Lyrica Anderson is currently..


Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson – You Lied You Cheated

- “You Lied You Cheated” is this week’s track for #TimboThursdays free music release series by..


Timbaland Ft. Sebastian – Wobbley (Remix)

- Some nice remix with Timbaland and Sebastian “Wobbley”, no idea where this is coming from,..


Timbaland Ft. Brandy – 808

- Brand new Timbaland “808″ Ft. Brandy… the fourth giveaway from Timbaland Thursdays, which he dedicates FREE..

the game6

The Game Ft. Timbaland – Get Familiar

- Another New Game “Get Familiar” Ft. Timbaland, off his 2nd new mixtape this year “Purp..


Timbaland Ft. Attitude & 6 Two – Lil Apartment

- Exclusive new Timbaland “Lil Apartment” Ft. Attitude & 6 Two.. released as a Timo Thursdays..


Timbaland – Round Da Way Tim

- New Timbaland “Round Da Way Tim”, produced by himself for his “Timbo Thursdays” series… Timbaland..


T-Pain – Truth Hurts (Prod. Timbaland) (Snippet)

- Some new (preview) T-Pain “Truth Hurts”.. produced by Timbaland…to me its some unknown chick’s song which..


Timbaland Ft. Missy Elliott – Take Ur Clothes Off

- Something new from Timbaland with Missy Elliot “Take Ur Clothes Off”.. a free #TimboThursdays track…..


Missy Elliott – Swat Dat Fly (Prod. By Timbaland)

- Brand new Missy Elliott “Swat Dat Fly”… off the “Timbaland Vault”.. Given by Timbaland as..


Timbaland Ft. Various Artists – Hell To Da Naw

- After Missy Elliott’s new banger by Timbaland, here is another new/unreleased track produced by Timbaland..


Timbaland Ft. Magoo & Sebastian – Fried Chicken

- Timbaland has also started a free weekly song series “TimboThursdays” and this is week 1..

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne & T-Pain – Talk That Ish

- Timbaland releases some unreleased verse of Lil Wayne over the “Talk That Shit” track. Lil..

pete pablo

Petey Pablo – Go (Prod. Timbaland)

- Some new from Freak-A-Leak hit maker, Petey Pablo. Petey Pablo – Go (Prod...


Timbaland Ft. Tyson Ritter – I’m In Love With You

- New Timbo… with Tyson of The All-American Rejects Timbaland Ft. Tyson Ritter – I’m In..


Trey Songz – Take You Home (Prod. Timbaland)

- Brand new Trey Songz… This is not last year’s released track… this is New and more..


Timbaland Ft. Billy Blue & T-Pain – Talk That Ish

- New Timbo… Bangin… Timbaland Ft. Billy..


Brandy Ft. Timbaland – Home

- Produced by Timbaland… Cant tell from which project this coming from, but its a good..


Timbaland Ft. Justin Timberlake & Twista – Carry Out (Remix)

- Twista adds a verse to Timbo and JT’s track… Timbaland – Carry Out …imberlake &..


The Game Ft. Gucci Mane & Timbaland – Krazy

- The Game Ft. Gucci Mane & Timbaland –..


Mary J Blige Ft. Timbaland – Skycap

- Mary J Blige Ft. Timbaland –..